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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
Uh...ahem...hello! by Rusted on 9 August 2003 6:23am

*mary attempts to casually slip into the chatterbox without being noticed*

Oh! Hello. Heh. I'm back.


*sigh* I never was good at being evil.

At any rate...this is by no means an assurance that I'll be here often, but...I've been neglecting this site too much lately. Whoops. Mostly because I'm so busy. And I would like to come back and visit a bit, at least from time to time. Cuz I miss you all. *sniff*

Thanks to Lyn for dropping me a line about Spam and dragging me back in here - that always does the trick! ;O)

When I first got bad about keeping up here, it was because I had finals. Then summer came along, and I expected to have a multitude of free time. Ha! Ha!

I should know better. I NEVER have a multitude of free time.

Anyway...this summer has chaotic and keeping me busy doing 3 different things.

One, I've been working a lot to save up for my trip to CA in October (yes, Patty, I'm still planning on going to that!).

Two, I've been getting way involved in the Rustie Chat I manage (the one for Neil Young...it had a huge surge of activity at the beginning of the summer and hasn't went down until recently; it's kept me busy online!).

Three, the theatre I've been involved in has been struggling to keep the company afloat since the beginning of summer. I may have mentioned this. We're more organized now, but we officially have been theatre-less for over a month and we don't have anywhere near enough money raised to buy the ex-church building. So we're working on getting the paperwork so we can get a loan, but we only have until Sept 1. So...cross yours fingers on that one for me. We've been working like heck for various findraising activities, as well as rehearsing for the fundraiser play going up at the end of August (23 & 24). We're doing "Taming of the Shrew" - I'm playing Tranio, if anyone knows the play and is curious. A fun part, but the first time I've played a male...so we'll see. LOL. We're also planning for a mini-Ren Faire before the performances, so we're so overloaded with things to do it's scary. Yikes!

Urg. Didn't mean to ramble so long. Ah, well. I'm posting this because I wanted to ask...

What the heck's been going on around here lately? Fill me in, fellow Palinites, I'm out-o-the loop! :O)

Yours verbosely,
Re: Uh...ahem...hello! by Miss-M on 9 August 2003 6:50am
Welcome back Mary!!

Oh, you haven't missed a great deal really. Mostly off-topic business. But if you're a LOTR fan then you'll really be in your element here! ;)

I can't wait for Michael to return from filming in the Himalayas. Bring on the new series!!

Michelle :)
Re: Uh...ahem...hello! by Kristine on 9 August 2003 7:04am
Welcome Home Mary! We missed you lots. :)
Re: Uh...ahem...hello! by Diamond on 9 August 2003 12:51pm
OOOH mary

so cool to see you around again

we missed the Big Cheese

i will make certain i e mail you again in the not too distant future


Re: Uh...ahem...hello! by peripatetically on 9 August 2003 3:37pm
Hi Mary, As soon as I saw your updated vital stat, I wondered if you had gone to SF yet. Let me know how it goes when you come back.

And btw, happy belated birthday!

Re: Uh...ahem...hello! by Helen on 9 August 2003 4:06pm
Thank god you are back!! I can't fight the Spam by myself!
Welcome back, missed ya!!!
:) Helen,
Re: Uh...ahem...hello! by Rusted on 10 August 2003 9:55pm

It's good to feel loved.

Now where's that fiend Ellen? I gotta few anti-Spam words to say to that woman! :O)

Yes, please - if I'm not around for awhile, email me and give me a swift kick in the bum. I've likely just gotten so caught up in other things that I've forgotten to check up here.

Thanks for letting me in on the biz, here, Michelle! I do like LOTR, but I don't drool over it (I do drool over Billy Boyd, but THAT you already know) so I guess I'll be alright. ;O)

Any newbies I should be aware of? Make yourself known!

I will certainly let you know how it goes, Patty! I'm very excited about it! And thanks! It was an interesting birthday indeed. (If anyone wants to know how it went, let me know and I'll email it to you.)

Krissy, Helen...hugs, sistahs! ;O)


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