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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Is Jesus a hippie? by kingofgondor on 17 February 2004 2:54pm
Does anyone think jesus is a hippie?
He has a woodstock hairdo aswell as a woodstocker beard! And he is the king of Peace and Love? Weird!
Re: Is Jesus a hippie? by tominator_49 on 17 February 2004 3:08pm
Yeah I agree Ricki,
Jesus is a hippie, I'm sure he was a fan of Judas Hendrix, that's before he took drugs and betrayed him. Didn't Jesus live in the 60's A.D?
Re: Is Jesus a hippie? by George on 17 February 2004 8:11pm
That's always been a very interesting assumption. It is written that He was closest to John, his brother, who was clearly a mystic. John's Gospel is the most metaphysical of the four. He may not have been the most educated, but he clearly understood that Jesus is transcendant through all time and space at once. Then, as now, certain realities keep getting 'discovered' over and over again.
Re: Is Jesus a hippie? by irishmanufan on 18 February 2004 12:07am
also with what jesus preached about loving one anopther all the time yes i would say there is a good chance that jesus was the first hippie
Re: Is Jesus a hippie? by Izot on 18 February 2004 12:59pm
Does that mean Brian was a hippe too?
Oh wait, I'm getting Brian confused with jesus. Lol, wasn't that ridiculous? That's why I'm not going to see Passion of Christ, cos I reckon I'd laugh all the way through the movie. I have a bad habit of doing that. I did it in Gladiator too... it just felt so much like Holy Grail... =D

Anyway, back on the topic, in a sense you could say that, I mean the movie was a complete hippe movie (which rocked by the way, but not as good as LOB)

Re: Is Jesus a hippie? by Helen on 18 February 2004 1:42pm
there is the account in the bible where Jesus loaded up his disciples in the VW microbus and took them to the Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young gig...his treat..what a guy!
and what about the Birkenstocks of Turin? Or was that a shroud? Can't recall. :)
Re: Is Jesus a hippie? by Godfather on 18 February 2004 11:08pm

Well, he spent many years in China, India, Afghanistan and settled in Kashmir. So, in my books that makes him a true hippy.
Re: Is Jesus a hippie? by canaveralgumby on 19 February 2004 3:11am
As a Jew, at least in ethnicity if not in practice, I just want to go on record as saying that I do NOT think the new movie will cause people to dislike Jews, nor do I want to see it banned, and all the Jews I know feel the same.

I believe, as an unrehabilitated conspiracy theorist, that some marketing person at the movie studio (maybe Jewish, maybe not) has this media campaign going, wherein it is repeated over and over that anonymoous "Jewish leaders" are up in arms. So everybody's talking about a movie that nobody's seen. Kind of reminds you of something... Oh yeah, "Life of Brian." Sort of.

Anyway, yes, Jesus was a hippie, and that's a compliment from me! My husband's mother used to get on his case to cut his hair, and he'd just point to the picture on the wall!
Re: Is Jesus a hippie? by sminobe on 19 February 2004 10:24pm

Don't forget the Miracle of the Loaves & Macrame Owls, the Resurrection of the Lavalamp & Wedding Feast of Cana where he turned water into Nehru jackets...
Re: Is Jesus a hippie? by George on 20 February 2004 9:33pm
Only idiot fringe groups like the arian brotherhood, the KKK, & others of their ilk could possibly use Mel Gibson's newest film as an excuse to hate Jews. And they already do.

Obviously there is some kind of negative knee jerk reaction in some quarters every time the death of Jesus is brought up. Or else, somebody is just trying to get their name in the news as being a "leader" of some note.

I feel it's worth mentioning, too, the long accepted use of the term 'Passion Play' is NOT code for any type of anti-Jewish display. It's roots come from the Cycle Plays which were productions dating back to the Middle Ages which were designed strictly to bolster the faithful. To be vehicle for anti-semitism would be strictly a perversion.
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