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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Owwee..... :( by Izot on 28 June 2004 7:26am
I have callouses on my index and middle fingers on my right hand from playing too much bass.

It hurts to type, and it hurts to grip a pen.

Oowwee... and it hurts to play bass too...

:( Funny thing is though, they're not forming on my left hand. Strange...
Re: Owwee..... :( by Helen on 28 June 2004 2:01pm
finger and bass story-- got one.
I had broken my index finger on my right hand. I slammed it in my truck door... anyway...
My right index finger is very important for bass playing. VERY important.
Anyway, we had a Lead Singer From Hell-- she had LSD. LSD= Lead Singer Disease.
Anyway, i told her I broke my finger and needed at least two weeks off from practice and gigs to let it heal.
But we HAD to record our demo for the "Battle of the Bands' she whines.

To make a long story short, I recorded that demo with my broken finger. As I was playing, my fingernail fell off.
Our Lead Singer looked pissed that we had to take a break while I wailed in pain.
We paid for the studio by the hour.
Lead Singers!!! ARGH.
Re: Owwee..... :( by Sophie-Louise on 29 June 2004 1:01am
poor you helen! you have all my sympathy! i broke my finger playing hockey. i was tackling a girl and she slammed her hockey stick against my hockey stick... unfortunately my finger was inbetween! i actaully screamed! i felt sick with pain! people think it's not bad cos it's a finger! but believe me it's bad! stupid lead singer!

p.s. my finger nail also dropped off, it also turned blue before! ;)
Re: Owwee..... :( by Izot on 29 June 2004 9:04am
Ow man!

You mean you dealt with the singer? =D

Fingers hurt, you don't really apreciate how much you really need them until you hurt one - update on my middle finger, it wasn't actually a callouse - it was a blister. And what did I do? Pop the damn thing. The what did I do? Can't remember, but all of a sudden there isn't any skin on the blister and there's a gaping whole where three layers of new skin should be.

Want photos? lol!

Re: Owwee..... :( by Helen on 29 June 2004 2:09pm
Photos! yes!!!!

Lead singer joke time!

how many lead singers does it take to screw in a light bulb?
None. They get their band to do it for them.

Why did the lead singer cross the road?
To play air guitar and do splits and yell to the crowd "hellooo Cleveland! we love you!"
Re: Owwee..... :( by Helen on 29 June 2004 2:11pm
oh, and this one:

a lead singer walks into a bar and says,
"hey I'm a lead singer! Now kiss my ass!"

can you tell i just made this up and it's early and I have not had breakfast yet?

and Sophie Lou-- OUCH!!!!! That's brutal! Hockey is one rough game.
Re: Owwee..... :( by peripatetically on 29 June 2004 4:06pm
Oh dear, Finger Stories!!! I can contribute too! I broke my left pinkie finger playing dodge ball. Yep, I was in 6th grade and a ball was thrown at a player who had a broken arm in a hard cast. I stood behind her trying to catch the ball and throw it again, so I was poised for trouble. She tried to avoid being hit with the ball, swung herself to the side and her arm came bounding back and pushed my finger straight back to my wrist. It was crushed and powerfully painful alright, so I know how bad you both feel.

And, speaking of digits.... I broke my 2nd toe on left foot diving into a swimming pool in 11th grade. I dove too deeply and kicked the concrete bottom hard as I tried to push toward the surface. OUCH! Black and blue and I limped for months in oddly matched shoes!

Re: Owwee..... :( by sminobe on 29 June 2004 6:21pm
The trick to playing bass without getting blisters is to scale them first. Then, hold the head in your *left* hand, hook your thumb behind the gill cover, with the dorsal fins *down* -- most people make the mistake of holding it by the tail & putting the dorsal fins *up*. Strum just behind the pectoral fins, but do not strum beyond the lateral line....

If you're a beginner, start with a large-mouth bass & then work your way through the groupers up to the Peak of Bassness, the Hawaiian Hapu’upu’u.
Re: Owwee..... :( by Helen on 29 June 2004 7:07pm
good advice. I started with a guppy and worked my way up.
Re: Owwee..... :( by Diamond on 30 June 2004 1:00am
ha ha ha ha ha ha sminobe - well done!!

I broke my toes once - wasnt that daft to do it again!!!

I was watching tv and wrapping up xmas presents for my little ones - this was a few years ago!- and of course with my legs folded under me that meant the cirulation went without my realising - got up to do something and crack!! i landed face down on the floor couldnt get up for ages - went to the docs the next day and was told oh well toe bones arent important - hmph they are to me !! took 6 weeks to heal too

sympathise with you izot and take care

hmph lead singers hey helen - sound like a breed of their own!!
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