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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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4th in the pecking order by RichB on 18 December 2002 4:05am
Here's a question I keep forgetting to ask. When I first discovered this great website a few months ago one thing struck me in Michael's introduction to '80 Days'. He said that THREE people had turned down the trip before him. Obviously we're all extremely grateful to those three or Michael's journeys would never have existed. However, can ANYONE tell me who the three wise monkeys were, I'd be very interested to know.
Re: 4th in the pecking order by ellenpc on 18 December 2002 6:09am
I know Noel Edmonds and Mr Blobby, believe it or not!!

Could you imagine Mr Blobby on the Dhow???

"Blobby! Blobby! Blobby!"

Another was Alan Whicker I think........

Ellen x (still laughing at the thought of Mr Blobby........... :-} )
Re: 4th in the pecking order by nottlob on 18 December 2002 6:50am
Who are these people? I've never ever heard of them. Imagine if Michael never got the chance to do it! He wouldn't have done Pole to Pole, Full Circle and Sahara! And Hemingway Adventure! OMG! *shudder* Ugh! Bad thoughts, bad thoughts. Wow, I never realized how important 80 Days was to Michael's traveling series...wow... O_o
Re: 4th in the pecking order by Rusted on 18 December 2002 7:57am
Not to freak you out more, nottlob...but going further...we wouldn't be here writing on this board, either...

I also have no idea who 'Mr. Blobby' is, so clue us in, please. :O)

Re: 4th in the pecking order by ellenpc on 18 December 2002 11:09am
"Right. Ahhh........" how to describe Mr Blobby.........???

Well... Noel Edmonds started out as a radio DJ in England, then he was co-host of a kid's Saturday morning T.V. show and then a while after that ended he hosted a show that was pretty similar to the kids show only for grownups called "Noel's House Party". It had weekly "Games" with audience participation (live and phone-in), special guests and Mr Blobby who was this large and very clumsy creature, that was pink with yellow spots. It's head and body was roundish and bald and very squishy, as the 'suite' seemed to be made of a foamy plastic. All he could say was "Blobby!" and would always end up messing up anything he came near or touched.

That only begins to describe him....but could you imagine the BBC suggesting these two to go around the world in 80 days!!???

This is all of Noel and blobby I've seen on NZ telly and may not be accurate, so could the UK residents among us help me out please??? Ta :-}]]
Re: 4th in the pecking order by little-peep on 18 December 2002 12:39pm
You have GOT to be kidding....i'm sorry, i could have sworn i read that Noel Edmonds and mr. Blobby were asked before MP.
ARRR! Deja-vu of being 6, watching (with horror) the stupid, pointless antics of those two. my God! had the bbc lost their mind? peeps always complain bout bbc being strange....now i can too!
who's alan whicker? ive no idea, but im sure MP is better than him....
god! still can't get over Noel Edmonds! the freak!!!!!
luv little-peep xx
Re: 4th in the pecking order by JenJen on 18 December 2002 3:55pm
Blobby going around the world!! That's a shuddering thought! so who was the 3rd behind Noel/Blobby and Alan Whicker?

Nottlob & Little-Peep - Alan Whicker used to be a well known (if old) British globe trotting journalist who did many documentaries for the BBC (he's probably got 10-15 years or more on MP. Used to do a programme called "Whickers World" in the 70s and 80s about situations/people and stuff he encountered on his travels. He was not a particularly interesting or inspiring person to watch (I remember thinking he and his programmes were deadly dull when I was a kid) and not at all as exciting and funny as M. Imagine a dull 80 days with Alan Whicker. I think Blobby would have been preferable (almost). Although not sure how he would have got thru passport control. And Ellen, yes that is a pretty good description of Blobby. And yes, I remember Noel Edmonds and those stripy jumpers on the TV in the late 70s. Ah the dayz of one's yoof...

and no I hadn't realised MP was 4th on the list either. Glad he didn't turn it down, and he probably wouldn't have won his comedy award either because he wouuldn't have been in the public limelight so much. And he definitely deserves it for his comedy - and I think he definitely deserves another award for his wonderful travelogues.

I wonder if The Reform Club ever offered him membership after they stupidly refused to let him thru their portals following his return to Blighty after his 80 day trek (or perhaps they offered it and he turned it down heh heh!)

More to the point, if he wasn't a member, how did he get into the RC in the first place in order to start his journey cos he seems to begin his book by describing the inside of the gaff so one assumes he must have been in it.
Re: 4th in the pecking order by Louise on 19 December 2002 1:12am
Alan Whicker, Noel Edmonds, Miles Kington.
Re: 4th in the pecking order by Rusted on 19 December 2002 7:34am
And who is the latter, Louise?

As long as we're asking...

Re: 4th in the pecking order by ellenpc on 19 December 2002 12:38pm
Hiya JenJen,

Ahh, nostalgia.........."Swap-Shop" on a Saturday morning for 3 hours........bliss......Noel, Maggie Philbin and Keith Chegwin.
Do you know I've got the '45 record of the "Swap-Shop" theme music and on the B-side Noel, Maggie and Keith pretending to be a band singing "I Wanna Be A Winner"! It came all the way to NZ with me along with my "Fame" double LP and Python soundtracks.

I should get them out and play them to my daughters. Well, perhaps not all the Python soundtracks just yet.........they're a bit young!!!

Ellen x

P.S. sorry to be a nostalgia bore to all you non Brits...:-{........I promise not to do it too often..:-}
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