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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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palin on dvd by philholding on 14 January 2003 9:45pm
can somebody suggest to the bbc that the other journeys made by michael should now be on dvd as my video versions are getting worn out , got sahara on dvd brilliant as usual plus great extra bits

best wishes phil
Re: palin on dvd by ellenpc on 16 January 2003 1:25pm
Hiya Phil :-}}

Apparently they are coming soon. :-}}

We've got the Sahara DVD too and it is amazing isn't it. :-}

Re: palin on dvd by rowan g on 17 January 2003 11:55pm
Hi Ellen just read that you think the rest of micheal palin's travels are coming on dvd ,can't come soon enough.Do you remember great railway journey's if you do,do you know if you can get hold of a copy.I hope one day i will be able to meet the great man himself as i am a great fan especially since he started doing the travel programs. Bye for now .Andy
Re: palin on dvd by ellenpc on 23 January 2003 3:07pm
Hiya Andy :-}}

I think you can get a copy of Great Railway Journeys at Amazon.co.uk or possibly the BBC shop site.

Do hope this is helpful and that you find a copy as it's a really entertaining journey to watch. Very interesting and sad following Michael looking for any record of his greatgrandmother in Ireland before she sailed to America.

Best of luck for your search. :-}}

Re: palin on dvd by rowan g on 7 February 2003 12:37am
Hi Ellen i have just had an email from the bbc which said that at the moment their are no plans to put any of Michaels other travels on dvd maybe we could sort out getting everybody to email the bbc to see if we can get them to change there minds
Re: palin on dvd by RichB on 7 February 2003 4:10am
A quick click on the 'bookshop' icon Andy will reveal Michael's Irish Railway Journey for sale. So sad to hear the BBC STILL has no plans to release the other journeys, especially as Amazon.com has 80 Days and Pole to Pole listed as 'coming soon' on DVD. Perhaps they are being released in the US by PBS, but not in the UK by the BBC. I think we need our 'American Friends' to keep us posted.

Amazon also say that they will tell the studio how many people are waiting for the title, so if we all register our e-mail addresses on there it might give them the necessary push to go ahead and release it. Don't forget this is Amazon.com (the US site) not .co.uk, so get out there and register.
Re: palin on dvd by Rusted on 7 February 2003 9:11am
Yes, Rich, I noticed that on Amazon, too - that's why I have yet to buy any of his travel shows on VHS. I keep hoping that if I wait *just* a little longer they'll put them out on DVD for me. I would hate to buy it on VHS and then have it come out on DVD a few months later!

I'll definitely keep you updated on how PBS and Michael DVD releases stand, as I'll be checking it out often myself!

Re: palin on dvd by RichB on 7 February 2003 7:27pm
Thanks Mary, intriguing isn't it.
Re: palin on dvd by ellenpc on 8 February 2003 1:35pm
Well it seems I've been talking out of a hole in my colander!!

Perhaps I dreamt I'd read that the DVD's were coming out of sheer hopefulness.

Or perhaps I'd posted just to be sociable and am really a compulsive fibber crying for attention.............

Perhaps we'll never know.........

Perhaps we didn't care in the first place......................

Perhaps we may have another look if it was pointed out to us by a persistant person................

Perhaps not.................

Perhaps I'd better stop now.............













made you look!
Re: palin on dvd by Dianne on 8 February 2003 4:07pm
Ooooo, someone's in a silly mood.

Ellen - if you dreamt it, then I was there in the dream with you. I remember webmaster mentioning it to us or was it Michael? No, it wasnít Michael so it had to be Webmaster. Unless it was a dream after all. Perhaps Iím dreaming right now. Perhaps youíre all a dream?


Who pinched me!

Di (thinking it is time for bed because she is being too, too silly)

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