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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Sir Philip Sydney... by Rusted on 6 February 2003 9:39am
Michael Palin is Everywhere!

In weird, odd, semi-related ways. Well, okay, only if you're a fan of Python and/or Michael, but...

I was in English class this morning, listening to my teacher give a lecture on the history of literary criticism, when we got to the 1700's and he started listing off names..."Philip Sydney...that is, SIR Philip Sydney". By that time he'd already lost me because I was thinking of Michael in tights. LOL.

I had another bizarre Pythonesque moment when I was backstage tonight and heard someone say, "Your life or...". Now, normally this line has no effect on me, but the unintentional pause was nearly too much for me. However, I did manage to keep the automatic finish, "your lupines", to myself. ;O)

Re: Sir Philip Sydney... by Miss-M on 6 February 2003 10:02am
LOL Mary! In which sketch did Michael appear as Sir Philip Sydney? I remember seeing him in tights a few times during his Python years! ;)

Michelle :)
Re: Sir Philip Sydney... by Helen on 7 February 2003 1:36am
That's funny Mary! It is great how Python just kinda sneaks into every facet of our lives....
(Michelle-- it's from the Tudor Employment agency sketch) (nice tights)
I love it when he gets all "mad' in that sketch...
I had a craving to see my beloved spanish inquisition last night-- so I just plopped it in the DVd palyer and VOILA! It's so great! Gone are the days of fixing the rabbit ear TV antenna late at night just to catch a glimpse of Python. DVD is so glorious.
It's super super super!
Re: Sir Philip Sydney... by nottlob on 7 February 2003 2:57am
Hehehe, Michael in tights :D, lol. Do you remember when Michael wore this pink cardinal suit with the pink little cap (I think it's what it's called....) and he started lip syncing "Don't sleep in the subway darling, don't stand in the pouring raAaAaAin..." It was so funny!!! I laughed so much and kept rewinding it, lol!

Thanks for giving me the idea of thinking of Michael whenever I'm down or bored in class! Hehehe.
Re: Sir Philip Sydney... by Miss-M on 7 February 2003 4:55am
That character is so cool, nottlob! I love the episode in the courtroom where Michael is accused of being a Cardinal Richelieu impersonator. Dressed in those lovely robes, he's kind of strutting around with a microphone and appears to be chewing gum while he's giving his testimony! And his French accent is so cute! "I sure did that thing." *LOL*

Michelle :)

P.S. Thanks Helen, I do recall seeing that sketch!
Re: Sir Philip Sydney... by Rusted on 7 February 2003 9:24am
Indeed - Monty Python seems to creep up everywhere.

Or at least we're obsessed enough to make it SEEM like Python is everywhere. ;O)

Michael is hilarious when he gets mad in that sketch. I love how he changes his mind after awhile.

"You are Sir Philip Sydney?"

"...possibly...but I may be Superintendent Gaskell of the Vice Squad".

LOL. That moment where you can just *see* the wheels in his mind turning as he realizes that being Sir Philip Sydney might not be a bad idea after all is *great*. Michael's always been really good at creating humor with his facial expressions.

Ah, yes, I've only had a DVD player for a couple months but I too see how nice it is in comparison. No more fast-forwarding or rewinding just to get to a specific sketch that I really want to see, it's all right there, quick and easy. And then they add in Michael in lady's lingerie. LOL. YAY.

Heh heh, Judy. I have a friend who likes Petula Clark so I always think of her when I see that skit. Michael as Cardinal Richelieu as Petula Clark. LOL.

Agreed, Michelle - his "oui" cracks me up every time!

Re: Sir Philip Sydney... by MissFruitcake on 7 February 2003 10:43am
"Oui... That's what they say..." *chew chew grin grin*
Re: Sir Philip Sydney... by nottlob on 8 February 2003 7:19am
Lol! Yeah Miss-M! When Graham starts singing and then John comes in and he sort of stops, something like "Oh, I'd like to be a truck driver (something something), with a chugg chugg chugg and a chugg... chugg... ..." I must go to the library again and borrow the videos...
Re: Sir Philip Sydney... by Miss-M on 8 February 2003 7:26am
LOL nottlob! Some of you have probably already seen this Monty Python page but for those of you who haven't, check it out:


It contains lots of images, and scripts for all their sketches and films! Now everyone can learn their favourites by heart. Yay!

Michelle :)
Re: Sir Philip Sydney... by Dianne on 8 February 2003 4:13pm
If I were not before the bar
Something else I'd like to be
If I were not a barr-is-ter
An engine driver me!
With a chuff chuff chuff
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