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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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GLOBAL THREAT by dr snow on 6 January 2005 8:18pm
Are we destroying our planet to live our lives as we want,which we have destroyed threw our own selfishness
Re: GLOBAL THREAT by Godfather on 7 January 2005 1:10am

I always look at this in a different way. I always remove the words "Our" and "Destroyed". Because one,i dont see this planet as ours. We're simply guests. Renting some space. And two,we cannot destroy this planet no matter what we do. It has lived for millions of years before we arrived,and it will exist long after we're all gone. We often think far too highly of ourselves (imo). In reality,we're insignificant parasites who can be shook off at a moments notice (the Tsunami reminded us of that). All we can end up doing,is destroying our own habitat for living. That is our own stupidity. But what annoys me, is that destroying our own habitat also tends to destroy the lives of other innocent creatures. Animals, Birds, Insects.

That's where we get selfish (imo).

Personally,i dont have much respect for our 'mighty' Human Race. We think too highly of ourselves,and this has caused our imbalance of living with nature. We've lost the art of being humble (western societys more so) with nature. We have little respect for it. We think we can dominate it and use it. Victorian thinking really got this idea in it's head. "Ruling the Waves". "Conquering mountains". It may seem just like language. But it's a mind set. We've come to resent being helpless before Nature. So we've tried to treat it like it's something we can keep under the thumb. We can never rules the waves. The waves rule us. Every so often, Nature snaps back and puts up back in our place about this misunderstanding.
Re: GLOBAL THREAT by Sky on 7 January 2005 11:40am
It's interesting that this issue came up. I'm doing a Greenpeace project at college, advertising the main issues that are the forest, the ocean and climate (global warming and so on). I agree with GF, we don't own the planet. It's an awful thing to say but the recent disaster in Asia proved it, we really are small and, in a way, a little insignificant ...
However, while the Earth may survive, it's still suffering, as are it's plants and animals. They are equally important yet some people just don't see. Our rainforests are disappearing, our oceans are polluted and our climate is heating up. Sure, it'll live, but it won't be such a nice place to be.
More annoying is the fact that there are a lot of important people out there with the power to stop and do something about it, but they don't. They don't listen.

Re: GLOBAL THREAT by Helen on 7 January 2005 3:50pm
we weren't here first.... indeed.

anyone read Julia Butterfly Hill's Legacy of Luna???

This thread has reminded me of it. I am going to read it again.

Re: GLOBAL THREAT by Godfather on 7 January 2005 4:03pm
I would say all countries are part of the problem really.Oddly enough, the worst are developing nations because in their rush to catch up with the west,it has meant they're steaming ahead with little thought of the consequences.

Illegal logging in the Amazon basin etc,is shocking. The amount that is hacked down per day is mind boggling. China,is also a big polluter in terms of un-regulated industry. East coast cities there can be fossil fuel chugging black industrial revolution throwbacks. Cheap and sometimes poisonous materials and fuels are used, because they're cheap. Local populations suffer from nasty skin conditions and bronchial ailments because the ruling party just sees them as "Human resources" in a literal sense. Just hands. Not important.

And in other ways,a domino effect of problems occurs. For example. So much over logging in Nepal over the last few decades,has meant that the slopes do not hold together in monsoon times anymore. Nothing to bind the ground together. So it just falls apart in heavy rains. That's why they have so many damn landslides there during monsoon. It's crazy. Whole roads are washed away from existnece, and they wonder why. The lack of roots binding earth together now, means that as a domino effect Bangladesh gets the brunt of even more flooding than usual.

As bad as we in the west are in terms of being very wasteful (we certainly live in a "use once and throw away" culture, unlike other regions),we are one of the most regulated. We're over using our fuels i agree. But we do seem to have more concern at this time than other countries,about the long term effects. We're doing something. It will take many many years before developing countries develop any interest in that. To them at this time,they're steaming full ahead regardless of what it does to their environment and the long term health of locals. It's totally understandable. Poverty does not consider environment important. Our concern over the environment is actually quite a luxury. A luxury that comes from existing wealth. Otherwise we wouldn't be caring about it at all.

Re: GLOBAL THREAT by KateC on 7 January 2005 7:15pm
Talking of animals suffering reminds me of this fox hunting ban, go ahead with the ban is what I say... poor foxes...
I know they can be vermin to farmers but surely shooting them is more humane than having a dog rip them apart after a long chase of the poor thing being petrified, being chased by 20+ dogs and 20+ people on horseback.. Anyway thats just my 2.....pennies? :D
Re: GLOBAL THREAT by dr snow on 7 January 2005 9:30pm
Re: GLOBAL THREAT by kazzzz on 7 January 2005 9:38pm
Wot was that Doc???? ;)
Re: GLOBAL THREAT by Wild in Africa on 8 January 2005 4:08pm
While most of us understand the importance of rational environmental management it is easy to slip into an 'I hate humans' mentality.

We though are not apart from the problem, we are both part of the problem and part of the solution. Every decision we make however small makes a difference. The difference therefore is in the decisions we make about how we live our lives, what food we eat, what transport we use, what we do with our waste products. And I mean all this at a personal level. Until we get that right we have no right to preach to the poor of the developing world about how they are managing their environment. They make the decision they do because of poverty and the rich nations are still far and away the greatest polluters of the planet and the greatest consumers of natural resources.

If it all seems too much and beyond your capacity to influence just look at your daily decisions regarding how you live and see what you can change for the better, join a campaigning group that is trying to change things at a bigger scale, and remember we are animals too and an integral part of our environment and nature is us and not apart from us.
Re: GLOBAL THREAT by canaveralgumby on 8 January 2005 9:35pm
George Carlin said it best. We were put here to make plastic. That's the purpose of our species on earth. Now that we've made enough plastic, we can go extinct.

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