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  The Chatter Box : Travel
SE Asia ideas and travel log by chipmunk on 8 February 2005 1:11am
Ive decided to head over to SE Asia on the 5 May until the end of Aug.Im having difficulties putting together a rough itinerary. I fly into Bankok and my return flight is from Hanoi.I would like to travel through Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnem.Other possibilities include Singapore, Macau and Hong Kong.Money and time depending i might also look into cheap flights to India for a couple of weeks(Calcutta) or take the train further into China.Is this worthwhile?

Bit all over the place at the minute.

Can anyone advise me on what to take in, what to leave out, or particuler routes people enjoyed.I would also be interested in past experiences of this area.

Also, I plan to keep a diary type record af my travels.Is there any good quality travel logs (or will an old A4 pad do?).I notice also MP uses a voice recorder, any opinions on these?
Re: SE Asia ideas and travel log by Godfather on 8 February 2005 1:58am

Hi. For a free Blog, try :


It's free and one of the most popular blogs. It's so well established now you can be sure it wont just dissapear overnight. I'm currently making pages on it, and find you can customize even the free accounts with a little HTML. Give it a shot.I think you'll like it.

As for South East Asia (Although i prefer the term Indochina for the countries you mention) i'll be different and advise that you "dont" start the major travelling in Thailand first. Because, it's a trap. Thailand is a semi travel/semi holiday experience and it's very easy to get caught in the later and spent far too much of your money (speaking from experience here of going there many times). But it's good to start there (because flights going there are cheaper). But move onto Laos or Cambodia first, and then come back to Thailand later on for your chill out "section". Just my suggestion :)

There are no "particular" must sees in Indochina. Although places like Angkor Wat are certainly silly to miss if you're in Cambodia, for example. Best just to make it up as you go along. It's much more fun that way,and you wont end up following the herd.

From Bangkok you can get cheap flights to India, with Biman (Bangladeshi) airlines for about B6,300 one way.

It usually stops in Dhaka (Bangladesh) for a few hours en-route. Or, in some cases stops there the night (basic hotel is included in the price).

Keep in mind,that you need to get a Visa for India, in advance. You can either get that at home,or in Bangkok. 6 months multiple entry is given. Usually about $40 or so for most nationalities. But it can vary.

Other airlines doing that route, are Druk (Bhutanese) for a similar price. It's this price if you fly to Kolkatta (previously Calcutta). If you want to fly to Delhi,nearly double that price.

Hong Kong is interesting. But staying there can be very pricey (although there are ways to keep the costs down). Getting onto the Chinese mainland from there is easy. Every little old woman in Hong Kong can get you a Chinese visa with a click of their fingers. And the good thing about HK, is that it's the best place to get a Chinese visa. Because they can also give you visas of a very long duration if that's what you seek.

The sound recorder thing would be an excellent. I rarely take photographs, and i never write down my travels. I've never regretted it. But i have deeply regretted not taking some kind of small audio recording device. Travelling is such an auditory experience. And i wish i'd recorded many of the things. Such as the Indian Chai Wallah's mantra on the trains.

Re: SE Asia ideas and travel log by xine on 16 February 2005 5:38am
Hello Chipmunk,
If you are here in Singapore in June, I could be your guide.
Singapore has budget airlines - TigerAirways, Valuair and Jetstar Asia. Tiger flies to Bangkok, return airfare is only about S$110.
You'll enjoy Thailand, good food, nice people, lots of shopping, very affordable prices.
It will be easier to plan your route if you know what you want to see and experience.

Re: SE Asia ideas and travel log by chipmunk on 17 February 2005 1:51am
There's some excellent advice in there Godfather, thanks. I think i will purchase an audio recording device.
Hi Christine,
Im arriving in Bangkok 0n 5 May and meeting 2 friends in Ko Samui.After some relaxation time we plan to head South towards Singapore.Its hard to say exactly when we'll be there, I would think the end of May would be realistic.If your about that would be very helpful.I was looking at Tiger Airways who have some very good deals.Singapore to Chiang Mai for 32 euro.One of my friends wants to get the boat just North of Singapore to Cambodia, I might propose these flights though.
I think i might make a lot of my plans when i get over. apart from 3/4 major sites my itinerary is pretty thin.
Whats Singapore like?
Re: SE Asia ideas and travel log by xine on 17 February 2005 7:50am
Singapore is a city-state, island-city. we are very small, very urbanised.
Many people like it because it's safe. The place is clean. plenty of creature comforts. proper systems in place, efficient.
But there are also many people who dislike it because it's too proper, no grime and dirt, too rigid, too many rules, insipid, boring, it's like any other city etc.
It's a multi-racial society so you can find Chinese temples, Hindu temples, mosques and churches, great variety of food. There are restaurants and eateries. Few tourists know about our coffeeshops in the housing estates, I think it's something the Tourist Board should market. You can get a very decent meal for under USD2.

Work for me is always extra hectic & busy in May until the last few days of May.
Do e-mail me: [email protected]
we can continue our discussion via email. hope to hear from you.

Re: SE Asia ideas and travel log by Ageless Backpacker! on 14 March 2005 6:06pm
Ooooh! How exciting! If you go diving in Na Trang go to a secluded spot because the normal places are busy and not really worth it. The beach at Hoian is gorgeous and far more beautiful and quiet than Na Trang. Do a motorike tour in Hue rather than a boat trip - so much fun!
Re: SE Asia ideas and travel log by xine on 11 May 2005 10:45am
Chipmunk -

how's your SE Asia trip. I didn't hear from you after the last posting.
I was in Bangkok in March. Noisy busy place, but nice place nevertheless.
Re: SE Asia ideas and travel log by salty underpants on 15 July 2005 5:41pm
There are a few sites where you can post travelogues.


Those are two that come to mind. I think they're free. Or you could make your own web site. I've been working on my own site to chronicle my travels and to have a place to put my own travel writing. It's not finished and I'm just adding stuff as I have time, but it only costs me $4 per month for the server space and I can write and post whatever I want since I own the site.

Re: SE Asia ideas and travel log by orit on 5 August 2005 8:54pm
chipmunk is supposed to return at the end of the month. We await your travel tales!

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