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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Expat Pom In Foodie Heaven by ellenpc on 12 February 2003 3:57pm
Oh joy!! Oh happy day!!

First the English Marmite, now this!

I've just had a very exciting afternoon, as I've just discovered a shop in Christchurch selling English 'Jaffa Cakes', 'Walnut Whips' and 'Fry's Peppermint Creams'.

Do you know, It's been 21 years, 21! Since I've tasted a 'Jaffa Cake', licked out the middle of a 'Walnut Whip', saving the walnut till last of course and savoured the dark chocolate/minty loveliness of a 'Fry's".

"Ooooo yeeeeeeessssssssssss!!"

I just hope it isn't another 21 before I can munch on a 'Wagon Wheel', chew on a 'Curly Whirly" and sneeze into a 'Basset's Sherbert Dip'!

Please tell me you can still get them.............

Ellen x
Re: Expat Pom In Foodie Heaven by risible-phyll on 12 February 2003 4:44pm
Ellen I am soooooooo happy for you, you sound very pleased and hovering at least 2ft. off the ground,..funny how we all have little oddities about how we eat walnut whips, Strangly i like my nuts at the finnish..oooops am i allowed to say that!!!!!!!!!! do they sell the coffee ones as well????

Ellen YES you can still buy the other sweeties you mentioned, but i and sure others will agree, curly wurlies ain't so tooth filling extracting as they used to be and have shrunk in size as well, why do the powers of chocolate heaven not leave things as they were?.
Ellen if you are DESPERATE i could post on if you like?

Do you get Walkers cheese & onion crisps over there???? MMMMMMMMMM yum!
Re: Expat Pom In Foodie Heaven by Eloise on 12 February 2003 10:51pm
Ellen!!!! I've just re-discoved jaffa cakes in Waitrose on Saterday!! Coinsidece?!
I used to eat the orange top first, then the sponge that reminds me of carboard last.......anyone else do this? or is it just me?
Do you want me to check the shops to see what sweets you can remember? Or is that too much torture? ;)
Enjoy this new found Nostalga.....I think it's sweet. (no pun intended!)
Re: Expat Pom In Foodie Heaven by Piglet2 on 13 February 2003 2:44am
Wagon wheels now come in packs of six! and they do jammie ones and double chocolate - tempted? shall I pop to the shops for you

Re: Expat Pom In Foodie Heaven by dangermouse on 13 February 2003 5:51am
The one thing I'll miss when I move to NZ is Weetabix (no, not Weetbix) - you can get it in Australia, but not NZ (unless anyone knows differently ??)
Re: Expat Pom In Foodie Heaven by MattD on 13 February 2003 7:20am
/me thinks ellen is just a tad homesick lol :)

dangermouse, nope i dont think we have weetabix here, but we have other brands which are more or less the same.
Re: Expat Pom In Foodie Heaven by Rusted on 13 February 2003 8:20am

I've never heard of any of these delights that you folks are discussing. I'm just an ignorant American... ;O)

Re: Expat Pom In Foodie Heaven by MissFruitcake on 13 February 2003 11:03am
How do you eat your wagon wheel? I nibble around the whole edge then split it into 2, then eat the 2 halves.
Re: Expat Pom In Foodie Heaven by Dianne on 13 February 2003 11:35am
Okay Ellen, explain these strange, but heavenly sounding foods you have mentioned. I have not come across any of them.
Re: Expat Pom In Foodie Heaven by Quaylemonster on 13 February 2003 11:43am
I'm afraid I'm in the company of Dianne and Mary and I must say that my interest has been peaked, so I would love an explanation as well.

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