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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Chat Room improvements and update by Webmaster on 12 February 2003 6:18pm
Hello everyone,

Just a quick one to everyone who managed to join the virgin voyage of the Palin's Travels Chat Room last night. It was, as many of you mentioned, a rather hectic affair, but just went to prove that chaos can be enjoyable...!

We hope everyone managed okay, but we do understand that there will have been some teething problems. If you experienced any directly, or can think of anything that would make your experiences on the Chat Room more enjoyable, please tell us here.

Now you'll just have to sit back, think of some great questions, and get ready to chat with Michael on the 19th (5:30pm GMT). These details will be confirmed later in the Chatter Box and the homepage.

See you then,
Re: Chat Room improvements and update by Helen on 12 February 2003 6:25pm
Hi Webmaster,
Techno phobe Helen here--- is there a link to the chat room? How do we log in, etc.? Sorry to be so naive, but I still own a typewriter. Still learning, but aren't we all...:)
Thanks much!
Re: Chat Room improvements and update by Webmaster on 12 February 2003 8:30pm
Hi Helen,

Never apologise for being a technophobe - it's a quality we should all hold onto!

There is a link to the Chat Room, but it will only appear when the Chat Room is actually online. We'll announce, both in the Chatter Box and in the news section on the homepage, when these times are.

But, when there is a chat session on Palin's Travels, you'll find a link in the Community section (in the left-hand menu) to the Chat Room.

Click on that, and you should then find all the instructions you need on the right-hand side of the page. Logging in is exactly the same as you've done previously in the Chatter Box.

Hope that helps and that you're able to enjoy the next chat session on 19 February at 5:30pm (GMT), but if you're still not sure how the Chat Room works, please be sure to post another message here, and we'll give you clearer instructions...

Happy chatting,
Re: Chat Room improvements and update by Helen on 12 February 2003 8:36pm
I will be there, chatting away on company time. What a wonderful thing.
Looking forward to it. Thanks for your help!
Re: Chat Room improvements and update by Kristine on 13 February 2003 2:33am
It's lovley that there's a chat room being created for the website, but it's sort of a drag that while Michael and Palinites in the UK and areas close too it are chatting away, while unfortunate, North American's like myself (and I'm sure I'm not alone on this) are either stuck at work or falling alseep during enlgish class during the late morning/early afternoon hours. Let's not forget our poor friends in OZ and Kiwiland who have to end up waking up or staying up till 3, 4 in the morning. I hate the fact that many people on this website will be missing out on an oppertunity too talk with fellow fans and pitch a few Questions to Mr. P himself. And since Michael has already arranged to pop in around 5:30 pm GMT, I wouldn't want to push to have it start and hour or two later. So possibly, could there chat sessions held in the future which have a more acomidating to other time zones and not Just GMT and the other surounding time zones? Or could the the chatroom just be available 24/7? I don't mean to nag or anything, but I just don't want to miss out on these sorts of things.
Re: Chat Room improvements and update by Piglet2 on 13 February 2003 2:33am
see you there helen!
Re: Chat Room improvements and update by MissTrixiB on 13 February 2003 4:12am
Hey there-
Though I feel Kristine's pain (I would prefer the oppisite and have it sooner so that I can actually get 'on-line' from home), I understand the difficulties of running a world-wide chat. If not in 'person', I hope to be there in Spirit at least. I will look forward to reading the 'notes' afterwards if nothing else. I just ask that everyone mention my name AT LEAST 3 times each during the chat. Like "That MissTrixi certainly likes your travelogues, which was YOUR favorite to film?" or "From what vantage did you enjoy a sunset them most, because MissTrixi has always enjoyed a good sunset" or "That MissTrixi certainly is a striking woman, isn't she?" (well, it IS a question!).
Great....thanks kid's....I REALLY appreciate it.
Re: Chat Room improvements and update by Rusted on 13 February 2003 8:15am
So, Trixi, I was wondering what I should ask Michael... ;O)

As to what Krissy was saying - I don't know if it would be at all possible for Michael or for you, Webmaster, but if it is, please consider moving the chat back an hour or two in future, as it is *really* early for the Aussies and it'd be nice to give them a chance to chat with other Palinites and Michael, too. :O)

Thanks for making the chat available to begin with, though - I'm really looking forward to it, as it sounds like everyone who went last time enjoyed it thoroughly. :O)

Re: Chat Room improvements and update by xine on 13 February 2003 8:28am
thanks to webmaster for arranging all these. (i had fun chatting- palinites are a nice warm bunch.)the website is already a really fabulous effort! am thinking of how I can join in the chat on 19th. it will be 1.30 am here on a Thur morning and thur is a working day. but this is Mr P's event and the time should fit Mr P. - it's a star's priviledge, a fan's fate. could i ask that the chat data/info be posted on the site so that we all can read the exchange between Mr P & the fans who joined the chat? it would be really enjoyable even if it's just reading Mr P's response to all the interesting questions from the Palinites. :)
Re: Chat Room improvements and update by Dianne on 13 February 2003 12:38pm
I would like to see the 'script' after the event too please, if that is at all possible.
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