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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
Terri Shiavo, your opinion by George on 22 March 2005 8:09pm
As you may know, there is a 35 year old Florida woman who had been in "persistant vegetative state" for 15 years. Her husband is trying to get her feeding tube removed, so she will die. He is trying to have this done through the courts. The woman's parents fiercely oppose this and the woman left no written instructions as in a "living will" to order her doctors to discontinue her treatment under these circumstances, if she wished.

This whole issue comes up again every few years. Right now it seems to be a raging controvery. Your thoughts?
Re: Terri Shiavo, your opinion by harvey123 on 22 March 2005 9:56pm
i can see it both ways..it must be devastating for the husband to see his wife the way she is and especially for 15 years. But removing her feeding tube and i presume her starving to death is slow and not a nice way to see your wife die either. Can she speak or Communicate someway? (i dont know)so how do they know her wishes. I suppose she should have written a 'living will' Its a frightening thought to have control over someone elses life like that. I can see it from the parents side aswell..to actually know your daughters is going to die..if it is removed (despite of her condition) is horrid. Most people loose relatives , friends etc by fatal accidents or diseases and like us dont know when or where its going to happen. i lost a friend through meningitis within 40 hours..she was fine one minute then within 2 hours in hospital on life suppourt..she was also braindead and the parents knew that obviously there was no come back for her..so they switched of her life suppourt..but they always question themselves what if/ and the guilt that they feel is tremendous.
I guess we can never know how it feels until it happens to us. All i can say is that if i was in the husband positions and that was me turning off my parteners life i dont know what i would do..
Re: Terri Shiavo, your opinion by pollyanna199 on 23 March 2005 4:16am
I have been listening to this case, and it is so sad! My opinion is to remove the feeding tube. While I can see the parents' side, and who wants to see someone die, I cannot imagine that being in a vegetative state and being in a hospital on a feeding tube is really "living." Also, I find it sad that it is being dragged through the court system. the poor woman!
Re: Terri Shiavo, your opinion by peripatetically on 23 March 2005 2:41pm
If you listen to the experts in the medical field, she is not conscious of her surroundings but appears to be awake. This is not uncommon and a lot of people don't understand how the two states can coincide. There's virtually 0% chance of recovery. With her being unaware, I see no way of her suffering if the tube is removed. She would die, hopefully, in peace, if the experts are correct.

But I'm no expert. I'm just telling it like I hear it.
Re: Terri Shiavo, your opinion by bsh1878 on 30 March 2005 3:50pm
I've been keeping my eye on this. They should let the poor lady die as peacefully as is possible. Nobody should suffer like that.
Re: Terri Shiavo, your opinion by harvey123 on 30 March 2005 3:53pm
i have also been following and the effects the starvation is having on her body is severe and horrifying to read..i'm not a massive fan of euthanasia BUT this woman deserves the lethal injection and deserves a quick, painless dignified death..
Re: Terri Shiavo, your opinion by bsh1878 on 30 March 2005 4:02pm
I wouldn't let my worst enemy suffer that. I totally agree with you harvey.

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