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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Not so hot by CraigStanton on 19 February 2003 10:12pm
Frankly that sucked. I guess the server got over loaded, I was trying to connect for at least 40 mins and it wouldn't happen. Even the www.palinstravels.co.uk page wasn't loading. I think the chat server should have been on a different machine/connection to split the traffic up a bit.
Then when I finally got on, the chat program didn't work. On one browser (Safari for OS X) I could press the links to send a private message "/msg Passepartout" would appear in the text box, but clicking send just cleared the message and didn't send it. On another browser (Internet Explorer 5.2 for OS X) I had to type in the "/msg..." but it did send.

In the future I would like to see the chat system move to a standard system, compatible with everyone. IRC (internet relay chat) is one such standard, everyone who can connect to the web can connect to it. It can habdle hundreds if not thousands of simultaneous users without taking down the web server.

The use of propriety chat software may be cutting edge and innovative, but I don't think it has been checked on enough operating systems to be used publically.
Re: Not so hot by saz_blink on 19 February 2003 10:20pm
I think the one thing they should have done is made it so that people couldn't post things in between what michael was saying. I've been to other celebrity webcahts before and you could only send a question to the webmaster... it was impossible to type into the actual text window. Just a suggestion :)
It was nice to chat to you all though! Can't wait til next time!
Saz xxoo
Re: Not so hot by Webmaster on 19 February 2003 10:31pm
Hi guys,

You're both right - this first chat session was a bit... frustrating. We're really sorry that you experienced all of the difficulties you did.

But the problems were ones we can deal with. It was only a question of underestimating how many "Palinites" there are. So, if you could have a little patience, continue to suggest constructive options, we'll do all we can to make future sessions more enjoyable and more accessible.

Sorry for the tangles - but a little patience, tolerance and understanding goes a long way...!

Re: Not so hot by CraigStanton on 19 February 2003 10:43pm
I'll definitly be back for the next one. If you need a tester for Mac browsers just email me, I'll be glad to do anything I can to help more people enjoy the Majic of Michael?
Re: Not so hot by saz_blink on 19 February 2003 11:04pm
I will definitely return for the next one aswell... I understand that it was kinda a test run, and hopefully the next one will run smoother.
Had a great time though (even though I did get up at 4am :p)!
Saz xxoo
Re: Not so hot by rumblefish on 20 February 2003 2:20am
thats a good point by sazblink It was good considering it was the first and its encouraging to know that the web site is so successful that the response overcrowded the system what would have been worse if there was no interest
but not allowing people to free text seems like a good idea because quite frankly there imature inane dribble was
giving me a head ache.
Re: Not so hot by MissTrixiB on 20 February 2003 3:32am
At least you got to see all of that 'imature insane dribble'. I was stuck in the internet void and finally had to give up because I could only take a 1/2 day off work ;-) This will be the third time that I say this, but I think a Saturday morning GMT would be ideal. It would be very late night here, but who cares since it's the weekend (could probably 'have a few' first.....but then it would be even more insane dribble....and from AMERICANS! EEEK!!). It wouldn't be so painfully early for our friends Down Under. But, I guess someone would have to suffer somewhere. Guess I just don't want to have to use vacation time for nothing again. I'm just being selfish. Selfish, selfish, selfish!!!
Re: Not so hot by Miss-M on 20 February 2003 3:43am
I'm so sorry you missed the chat this time, Trixi. It must have been even more enfuriating since you took time off work especially for it! It was nice of you to consider we Aussies who had to get up at 4.30am to participate, but like you said, "someone would have to suffer somewhere" - I figure having the chance to join a live chat with Michael is worth the effort of getting up at such a ridiculous hour! *LOL* Anyhow, I wish you better luck next time. From what I've heard, I think everyone experienced problems logging into the chat room. I'm sure the Webmaster will do everything he/she can to iron out all the problems before the next chat. In the meantime, just being there for the first live chat was enough for me! Many thanks to Michael and the Webmaster for this wonderful event!

Michelle :)
Re: Not so hot by nottlob on 20 February 2003 3:54am
Oh, it wasn't my school??? It said firewall something, something! I should've kept trying!!! WHY DID I GIVE UP??? Oh well :) Maybe I'll make it to the next one, hehehe...
Re: Not so hot by saz_blink on 20 February 2003 5:30am
I know I was complaining about getting up so early at the time (lol), but I AM thankful that I actually had the chance to join in - i'd rather get up early than have the chat in the middle of the day during work etc like others arund the world did - us aussies/nzlanders were lucky in a way! Hopefully they will make it a bit later GMT next time (I think this would help.. or is it earlier? I dunno, but you get my drift!).
I'm pretty sure next time the site will be easier to get into, aswell, because now I think they know how many people to expect!
Better luck next time trixi, nottlob and everyone else who missed out!
Saz xxoo
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