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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
Hitchhikers' Guide - Post 1 of many by canaveralgumby on 1 May 2005 5:11am
Liked it! canaveralgumby.com gives it 7 1/2 out of 10. Of course that means absolutely nothing!

From the moment he came on screen, I thought that the character "Slartibartfast" was meant to be played by MP. Before he took the hood off his face, I thought it WAS him! He was played by an actor named Bill Nighy, whose picture you can see here:


Anybody else see that?

I guess they kept this whole production seperate from anything or anyone Monty Python, so it wouldn't distract the audience.

It was fun and cute and respectful of Mr. Adams and the book, and you can bring the kids. :^)

Re: Hitchhikers' Guide - Post 1 of many by Helen on 1 May 2005 2:42pm
thanks for the review-- it's good to know it was respectful of the book....

I will be going to see it, cuz I trust your opinions, Cori-- you are a Yes freak and you love little dogs.
Re: Hitchhikers' Guide - Post 1 of many by Ahren on 1 May 2005 10:59pm
i loved it!!!! I thought it was SO funny! My mum was laughing so loudly it was really embarassing! I loved the mice at the end- "oh bollocks!!"
Re: Hitchhikers' Guide - Post 1 of many by julwis on 1 May 2005 11:56pm
I got to see it friday too, I think my vote is still out on this one and I will have to see it again before I finally decide on how much I liked it. There were moments in it that seemed like edited moments from the TV show, which I guess was inevitable but I kept hearing and waiting for the original lines, having been a fan of the original show. Inevitably some lines were omitted, sometimes annoyingly. Then there were the bits that were added to make the plot work better as a movie. It took a few minutes for these bits to sink in for me and make any sense whatsoever. Maybe I was just tired after a busy week but some bits seemed decidedly disoriented. Some of the new Vogon scenes were quite inspired and I guess nobody missed seeing the orignal Marvin too! I really liked the design of the new Marvin too, hes based on an abstract Japanese design apparently. I am rather glad to see that it did well at the box office in the US, I had feared that it might be a little too eccentric to appeal to the mass US audience. Dont get me wrong, having lived there, Im well aware of how many people there love UK comedy, but Im aware of how many who dont get it too! Anyway as I said it was good to see it did well and even better to see XXX2 do less well. All the characters worked well, and even the decidedly Hollywoodesque ending managed to stay fairly true to Adams' original characterisation. I wont say what happens but it was appropriate. I also liked some of the new additions too, especially the point of view gun. I also feel that time has benefitted this story well because the book was essentially the internet before anyone had heard of it, now people have a much better understanding of what the internet is. Also special effects have advanced a long way and made the Magrathea scenes staggering. Ultimately though, in this period just before the summer movie season really arrives, I fear this is a curious movie that will be squashed flat in a week or two when the really big movies like Star Wars start to arrive on the scene. Still I saw in HMV that itll be on DVD in September!
Re: Hitchhikers' Guide - Post 1 of many by julwis on 2 May 2005 5:41pm
OK I wont go on as much as before, but did anyone else stay through the end credits and see the extra scene from the book about the two warring nations uniting to fight earth and then end up being eaten by a small dog? Most people had left the theatre by the time this bit appeared.
Re: Hitchhikers' Guide - Post 1 of many by Ahren on 3 May 2005 10:46pm
Yeah, i did! Me and my friend wanted to be the last out of the cinema, and we were rewarded with an extra snippet of humour!! (Not nigget!) My family had left by then so they missed it!

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