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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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I have crossed the threshold at last... (Exams!) by Palinite14 on 4 May 2005 11:49am
Sorry, I just feel the need to shout this from the rooftops: I have just taken my first public exam ever. The beginning of a lifetime of 'Turn your paper over and begin!' I know that most Palinites have probably been through all their 'real' exams and will sympathise. It was Standard Grade English Writing, so not so much of a baptism of fire as Physics or Maths would have been, thank goodness; English is my favourite subject.

Strangely, we have done so many mocks, preliminaries, internal exams and past papers that I had to keep reminding myself that THIS WAS THE BIG ONE; maybe the nerves are going to kick in later. It is a very hot day here. I woke up at 5am this morning, and am in uncharacteristically high spirits. This worries me slightly. I feel like I should be a panicking wreck by now, seeing as I have my bete noire this afternoon, the English Reading (comprehension); grappling with these things is not at all easy for me and I am always disappointed with my marks for them.

Is anyone else doing exams at the moment? There must be some people; or are they all hiding away in cupboards revising, as I should be?
Re: I have crossed the threshold at last... (Exams!) by KateC on 4 May 2005 3:05pm
Well done, and good luck ! :)

Did you have any stupid pages that say 'This is a blank page' or 'This page has no writing on'? Even though they actually have to write text in order to say there is no text... hmm..
Re: I have crossed the threshold at last... (Exams!) by purple on 4 May 2005 3:30pm
Well, it only seems like yesterday when I did my final exams in high school - it was actually 6 months ago! Now, I'm in university and preparing for my semester exams or "concept tests" in 5 weeks. Wish me luck.
Good luck in your exams, fellow Palinite!
I was so scared of failing my TEE (the teritary entrance exams), I almost had a panic attack during my first one, as I built myself up. But I got over the first one and though, "too easy" and ended up doing really well. There was a bit of a disaster when my calculator froze in my last exam, which was chemistry, in the dying minutes. Luckily I got another one from the moderator but it was almost too late!
If anyone else out there is doing their exams, I hope they do better than I did. Don't panic!
Re: I have crossed the threshold at last... (Exams!) by Katie J on 4 May 2005 3:31pm
One of my A-level lecturers once told me about an exam paper he marked....

It was based on the political ambition of Caesar...but the student writing the paper was clearly traumatised about his girlfriend dumping him, so he wrote the whole essay on how his ex-girlfriend was like Caesar and Hitler (!) and how much he hated her!

Apparently it was a rather good argument, but he failed to get any marks !!

KateC - I remember those 'blank' pages...but to be fair i'd probably have got confused...doh! I always like the bit at the bottom that tells you to turn over for the other questions! I've heard of people missing out half an exam because they didn't realise there were more parts to it!

Good luck Palinite14!!! Sounds like you're pretty sorted though.
Re: I have crossed the threshold at last... (Exams!) by KateC on 4 May 2005 3:43pm
If you want a funny exam answer, try:
I think its called 'Hell - Endothermic or Exothermic' I'm not sure if it is a real answer or not, but its pretty good fun anyway :)

Theres a lot of other humourous things on that website too, have a look when you have some spare time.

Edit: The exact link is:
Re: I have crossed the threshold at last... (Exams!) by JF on 4 May 2005 8:49pm
More years ago than I care to remember I used to do battle with the examiners of the Institute of Chartered Accountants (I won!). These nice chaps had an unofficial quota that they would allow to pass. I will never forget the following:
1) Being told by a lecturer about the way to throw up before exams. "Do it in front of as many people as possible, you will feel much better and they will feel much worse".
2) The horror of an examination that contained 75% ultra-fringe topics. Only 6 people actually passed before they fiddled with the pass mark - then 114 passed.
3) One of my fellow candidates completely freaking out hysterically after 5 minutes of the exam, but not being allowed to leave until 30 minutes was up, as per the rules.
4) The absolute best. The exams were invigilated by people who were old enough to have known Noah. On one occasion one of them keeled over and started making gasping noises. One of the students leaped up from his desk, rushed over and gave him the kiss of life whilst yelling for an ambulance to come. He saved his life, according to the ambulanceman. He then asked the chief invigilator for an extra ten minutes to complete his paper, seeing as how he had just interrupted his efforts to save a man's life.


And people wonder why I think they are a bunch of scumbags.
Re: I have crossed the threshold at last... (Exams!) by Ahren on 4 May 2005 10:01pm
lol thats really harsh!!

I know its not the same, but were doing our SATs this week. Its not that im worried or anything, they are just so boring!!
We were talking to one of my teachers yesterday and he was telling us about the games they play while invigilating. The most obvious one is trying to get the most papers in 1st, but they also play stuff like stand infront of the person you'd be most likely to fancy if you were 15. Or stand behind the person you think is the most likely to be in prison in the next 3yrs!! Also trying to spell a swear word with peoples names. So standing infront of Fiona, then Una, then Charly, then Katherine would give you a point! And these are the only ones he could tell us! im really worried!
Re: I have crossed the threshold at last... (Exams!) by odd_un on 5 May 2005 12:37am
god A levels, jesus, have only just recovered and now am into 1st year uni exams. my life scarring experiances include - getting the wrong paper but taking 5 minutes to work out why i and everyone else in the room knew nothing on the paper.
- teachers who sniff THROUGH THE WHOLE EXAM
- missing my seat on the way in with nerves
- always that one person sitting just in the corner of your eye kicking thier leg
- getting the wobbly desk
so happy i dont really have to do that again
hmm was gonna say its not as bad as it seems, but have just remembered, oh yeah, it really is. good news- its nearly over
Re: I have crossed the threshold at last... (Exams!) by Lucid on 5 May 2005 6:17pm
I ALWAYS get the wobbly desk!! ive got my A level exams coming up, so hopefully i wont get the wobbly desk again! Good luck with your SATs Ahren, my brothers doing them this week too, and he is also very very bored with them!
Re: I have crossed the threshold at last... (Exams!) by harvey123 on 5 May 2005 6:34pm
just reading those makes my heart thud..it was soo terrifying doing my gcse thank god i never went on to uni it probably would have given me heart failure! (not to mention a rather hefty debt!)
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