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  The Chatter Box : Travel
poland by zaff on 9 June 2005 12:49am
Anyone have any experience travelling
here, particularly southern poland?
Best time of year? what about female
travelling alone here? Zaff
Re: poland by chrirons on 9 June 2005 1:39pm
I was there two years ago. We were in Krakow, Katowitze and Zakopane (sorry for the name writing mistakes).
Like anywhere else you have a few freaks, but don't worry too much.
This vision you may have of "cold, grey, ex-communist" country is very wrong.
Poland has done much over the last 16 years to get away from this image.

Krakow is gorgeous! The old city - next to the train station - is a dream. You can also visit the outside of the Schindler factory (though you can't go in).
Katowitze... well appart from the Spodeck concert venue, not much to see.
Zakopane... the mountain toursit par excellence... and the cheese!!!

In short, enjoy. Poland is superb.
Re: poland by Katie J on 13 June 2005 3:46pm
Poland is a great place to visit and I agree with Chrirons - the idea of a bleak ex-communist country is outdated! You can get anything you need there and getting from A to B is realtively easy.

I went a few years ago now and thoroughly enjoyed myself. My grandfather is Polish so we spent a bit of time seeing the part of the family in a small village. It was summer and Poland can be VERY hot! There are beautiful forests and hills with rivers flowing through them. You can also horse ride (if you like it) all over Poland and I think this gives you a nice feel for the countryside.

Krakow was fantastic. The square in the middle is a great place to have lunch and a drink. The architecture is interesting too and there are so many different places of historical significance to visit. If you like looking at churches, this is a very good place to see some beautiful ones!!!

The people are very friendly and helpful. Learn a couple of phrases before you go and this will really help you! "Your health!" is always a good one, "Na zdrowie!" when making a toast! (spoken - "Na strovie!"...that's how I pronounce it anyway....).

I went with my family but I don't think you'll get any hassle as a girl alone. I probably got more unwanted attention in Italy than Poland!

Have fun!!
Re: poland by jasmine on 23 June 2005 3:51pm
I'm currently living and working in Warsaw as an EFL teacher.
I've lived in Poland for the last 4 years and can strongly stress the fact that in terms of travelling in Poland. I'ts cheap, with well structured and generally punctual transportation services. I don't think you will come across any hostilities....(unless of course you happen to look a lot like Osama Bin Laden).
Good luck!
Re: poland by KathrynMarie on 25 June 2005 1:17am
Poland is wonderful. I have visited Krakow twice and love it. Also a must is Warsaw and Wraclow, and Zakopane. Spring & Summer nice time to go.
Re: poland by salty underpants on 15 July 2005 5:37pm
My girlfriend lived in Easter Europe for two years while in the Peace Corps and Poland was one of her favorite destinations, particularly Krakow. I've heard many people rave about Krakow actually. I have yet to go, but will try to go soon since I keep hearing good things about the city, the country, and the people.
Re: poland by Ken Dunn on 26 July 2005 8:33pm
I read an article about a scotsman who travelled to Poland for dental treatment. The cost of his flights and the treatment were very low and it he enjoyed the experience and not having to wait as long for his appointment if he had stayed in Scotland. He met up with friends in Poland.
Re: poland by tucsonmike on 28 July 2005 7:21am
I was in Poland in October, 1999. I had an advantage. I was hosted my friends of my parents in Warsaw and Krakow. Warsaw has huge open spaces and looks like photos you see of Russian cities. (Poland was divided between Prussia, the Habsburg Empire and Russia from 1792-1918, so much of the style depended on the conqueror).

Keep in mind with Warsaw, most of it was destroyed in World War II. The "old town" was painstakingly rebuilt from old plans and photos. I found most of Warsaw kind of grim.
Krakow on the other hand, is vibrant and fun. There the old stuff survived.
I also saw the grim stuff like Auschwitz. A must just to show how rotten folks can be.
My next goal is to hang out at my surrogate Uncle Piotr's country house near the Ukrainian border. I can see it now, cowboy hat and boots.

The people were great. They have come a long way. Well worth the visit.

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