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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
Email SCAM may be heading your way ~ Harvey123 by harvey123 on 16 June 2005 9:34pm
I was looking at one of the threads earlier and for the life of me cant find it but i remeber Perfectbitch saying something along the lines of

'i got an email from e-bay saying my account was going to be suspended and i havent ever used it'

thats the jist of it anyway and it made me alittle suspect as i have heard about scam emails and how they try and obtain your details an i'm not certain but i think PB got one an i hope she hasn't responded.

Anyway i was checking my mail an low and behold i had an email saying that they need to update my account details and to follow this link or it will be suspended..well i know e-bay dont do that so i reported it.

You could be next

It all starts with an email that looks like itís from your bank, eBay, PayPal, America Online, or some other upstanding institution. Note the official letterhead and the urgent words warning you that anything but instant action will result in dire consequences. Pay particular attention to the convenient link back to the companyís web site. It looks completely normal, but beyond that link lurks fraud, identity theft, and worse. Should you click on the link youíll find yourself on a web site that looks just like the real thing. You may even be tempted to fill out the form, after all the continuation of your account is at stake. But beware, itís not the site you take it for, and when you press the submit button all that precious personal information is sent directly to a criminal who plans to use it to steal and defraud, not to mention, ruin your credit and your reputation.

How can you protect yourself? The most important rule is to never click on a link in an email. Very few financial institutions will contact you via email these days, but if youíre concerned that an email youíve received is the real deal open your browser and enter in the web address yourself, by hand. Remember these scam emails often look completely genuine - even an expert may not be able to tell the difference. And the web sites they link to look equally official. They may even be secure sites with the padlock on them. Donít click - itís a trick. Say it with me. Donít click - itís a trick lol.

for the lastest email phishing scams going around visit this link.


sorry to bang on about it but i thought i woul;d give you heads up as i was at the receiving end of one!

Re: Email SCAM may be heading your way ~ Harvey123 by harvey123 on 16 June 2005 9:36pm
Heres th e-bay scam email just like the one i got......


An heres another which Sounds like the one Perfectbitch got ...

Re: Email SCAM may be heading your way ~ Harvey123 by bsh1878 on 16 June 2005 9:38pm
thanx Nicola
Re: Email SCAM may be heading your way ~ Harvey123 by CheekyTraveller on 16 June 2005 9:54pm
There's another variation on this - an email proportedly from ebay says that your account has been suspended after they detected some potential hacking attemps - they then ask you to log in to check your account is ok and hasn't been abused, only the login site they direct you to isn't the real one. I was almost taken in by this - it's a new twist
Re: Email SCAM may be heading your way ~ Harvey123 by bsh1878 on 16 June 2005 9:57pm
thanx I'll be aware as I have an Ebay account
Re: Email SCAM may be heading your way ~ Harvey123 by perfectbitch on 16 June 2005 9:59pm
I clicked on the link but although I gave my name, I got "this page cannot be displayed" and I left the link. As Ebay have never had any of my details, I suspect this was a blanket mail sent to anyone whether they had used Ebay or not. I hope so anyway. Thank-you all very much for the info. Linz
Re: Email SCAM may be heading your way ~ Harvey123 by julwis on 16 June 2005 10:17pm
Ive had some of those, I just ignore them. One that keeps trying purports to be from the Abbey, and starts everytime by saying "Last night there was a software failure....", well whod bank with a place that had that many failures!
The best advice is to ignore them and delete them. Even if the link looks genuine, there are techniques that can spoof a real address and redirect you to a bogus site. Some of the less sophisticated phishing links are easy to spot. The links are very similar but not the same as the company they claim to be from. Also when you mouse over the link (DONT CLICK IT, but look at the grey bar at the bottom of the browser) you will see the destination of the link, if its a series of numbers such as http:// 34.234.321.344/ weblink.runetc (for example) then this is a connection to a specific computer, and should be considered highly suspect in this case. The numbers refer to the computers location over the internet (its IP address). Any corporation would use a web address that wouldnt reveal those numbers, since by revealing the computer IP address the hackers are themselves potentially leaving themselves open to attack, should someone be technically skilled enough to use the info to crack the offending machine. Its not quite that simple but most people dont know that such things are possible since theyre distracted by the email message.
The bottom line is to ignore the emails, most of which are sent as bulk emails and not directly addressed to you. There tend to be two main types of phishers, one is whats called a "script kiddie", which is your average teenager/troll who surfs the net looking for automated hacks to run online. These people dont really know what the code does but they run the code because the forum they subscribe to says its cool. The other class of hacker, probably better known as a cracker, does know what theyre doing and go quite a long way to covering their tracks. These characters are more than likely working for groups who are involved in fraud and scams.
Re: Email SCAM may be heading your way ~ Harvey123 by kristinekm on 17 June 2005 12:51am
It wasn't really scam mail but I once got a fake invitation to join sms.ac (a mobile community) supposedly by a friend of mine. They had got her full name right and my email. Neither she nor I had ever joined or visited the site - scary.



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