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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Book Signings in America? by Noell on 22 June 2005 9:58pm
I'm sorry if this has been asked before, but I couldn't find any reference to it. Is Michael going to do any sort of book tour/signing in the US for his Himalaya book? I know he was (is?) here already, doing publicity on Conan, but is there a list somewhere of the public appearances he'll be making?
Re: Book Signings in America? by peripatetically on 23 June 2005 2:05pm
I haven't seen anything mentioned or listed either. It wouldn't surprise me if he skipped us. They sure are taking their time letting us know anything, if he is.
Re: Book Signings in America? by Noell on 23 June 2005 10:16pm
I'm thinking not, since the show is already airing, and he did Conan. AND because his show is on the Travel Channel (sorry, but I'm a still a little bitter about that). Who does publicity for a Travel Channel show? Just thought I'd ask to make sure...
Re: Book Signings in America? by Dr. Piglet on 27 June 2005 9:26pm
you missed it. michael has already completed the U.S. book-signing tour.

fyi, he was in new york city twice (once back in march, and earlier this month as well)

to see the regularly updated schedule of his appearances/signings, you need only check the front page of this site.

Re: Book Signings in America? by peripatetically on 28 June 2005 12:18am
Gee...... the same old place each time. Whoopee.... I wish he'd remember there are other places in this country besides the Big Apple. I'm sure he must've been here for other reasons and merely decided to do a couple signings while on this side of the pond. I hardly consider 2 or 3 days here, (and not even consecutively) a "TOUR"!!!!!!
Re: Book Signings in America? by Dr. Piglet on 28 June 2005 3:53pm
um - people - this is supposed to be michael's year OFF.

so far, he's been to Amsterdam, Auckland, Tasmania, Australia, Belfast, Dublin, Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Carlisle, Oldham, York, Chesterfield, Lincoln, Nottingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Worcester, Solihull, Milton Keynes, Norwich, Cambridge and Oxford (and that just in 2004) as well as everywhere he's been so far this year including New York (twice). what do you expect? he's british. it stands to reason that he would prioritize his british fans.

as well, himalaya has only just hit TV screens over here - why should we (by which i mean, north american residents) be complaining already that he hasn't toured every city in the entire continent when (1) he's supposed to be taking a year off and (2) the series has barely even started here?

i'm sure he will do a U.S. tour - but i think we have to at least do him the courtesy of allowing him his year off.

Re: Book Signings in America? by bsh1878 on 28 June 2005 4:19pm
totally agree with you Piglet, saw him on Jonathan Ross on Friday and thought that he looked tired and drawn.
Re: Book Signings in America? by pollyanna199 on 28 June 2005 4:42pm
I would have to agree. His U.S. fans, including myself, as much as I would love to see him, I would much rather that he not overextend himself. I do, however, wish that the Himalaya series on the Travel Channel had been much more publicized. I think we need to remember that, like Dr Piglet said, it IS his year off, and that he doesn't have to do ANY book signings if he doesn't want to.
Re: Book Signings in America? by peripatetically on 28 June 2005 7:13pm
Piglet, first you say he ALREADY did a USA tour. Now you say you're sure he WILL do a USA tour. Why be ambivalent?

I don't mind him taking a year off. He should take more than that if he so desires.My point is...a 2-day signing in the same city doesn't comprise a tour. In the past he coincided his tours with premiers of the series. He was on tour in this country in 2000 before "Hemingway" even aired!!!!!!! In fact, it was the exact same night he spoke in Washington, D.C. when I met him near the END of that "Hemingway" lecture/signing tour.(May 3, 2000). It became a question of whether to stay home and watch the series or meet the man himself. I did the latter, of course.

And I never said he should tour every city on the continent. Geesh, don't make mountains out of molehills. It's just that one city isn't a tour , and I merely wish he would visit other places besides the same few each time.Unlike in the UK, this is a huge country and the majority of people don't fly between towns to meet him as much as those in UK are able to do.

Also, for saying he wants to take a year off, but then appearing in the myriad countries you stated, makes one wonder when that year off will begin. It's not a very good start. I would think his year off would be AFTER the business of Himalaya is finished.

Re: Book Signings in America? by Dr. Piglet on 29 June 2005 5:41pm
the myriad countries i stated were visited by michael in 2004. his year off is supposed to be 2005 - although he obviously still has to do book-signings, lectures etc. - he did say that he was taking a year off from making travel shows, not from work (and his signings, lectures etc. are work)

sorry if you thought i was making a mountain out of a molehill. i was just trying to point out that we shouldn't expect him to dance to our tune. strange as it may seem to some, but the united states is not the centre of the universe.

and when i said "you missed it" - i was being flippant. the british sense of humour doesn't always come across in this medium - sorry, i meant no offence to anyone.


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