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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
Geldof in Africa by Wild in Africa on 23 June 2005 4:38pm
Anyone watching the BBC1 series, 'Geldof in Africa' and any thoughts and impressions?
Surprised myself at Sir Bob's eloquence although it can verge on flowery and pretentious at times. A long way from 'Looking after Number one"

His images of Africa are sublime although the snapshots are too brief. His choice of countries to visit though is surprising and refreshing. How many times have Somaliland and Benin featured on British TV? Very few as far as I'm aware.
The purpose of the series seems to be to present a different side of Africa to the common images of war and famine or of leaping Maasai and Lions in the Serengeti that we are all too used to. In that to an extent he succeeds but he still manages to slip in a few stereotypes and hackneyed phrases.

Enjoying what I have seen generally although having also lived and travelled extensively in Africa it's easy to be too critical.
Re: Geldof in Africa by Ken Dunn on 23 June 2005 10:54pm
I did catch a clip of him walking along a beach making a statement and I was impressed by its content. Can't remember when I saw it so it is unlikely I'll see any more of the programme. I did see an advert tonight with him in it which ended with the 'Make Poverty History' slogan. That was very impressive with no sound.
Re: Geldof in Africa by Wild in Africa on 24 June 2005 11:33am
It's on every Monday and Wednesday evening at 7.30 p.m. on BBC1 so not too difficult to catch.
Re: Geldof in Africa by beccles on 24 June 2005 3:34pm
I haven't seen the series but I saw Geldof on Parkie and he appeared to have a refreshing sense of humour, now all he needs is a haircut...
Re: Geldof in Africa by Ahren on 24 June 2005 9:41pm
and some new clothes......
Re: Geldof in Africa by Wild in Africa on 5 July 2005 1:32pm
Despite Bob's rather bizarre choice of song to play at Live8 (how inappropriate is a song about a schoolgirl who went on a killing spree and why the hell did he choose that one?) last night's Geldof in Africa was close to my heart as I have spent the last few years travelling in and out of southern Sudan via Lokichoggio in northern Kenya.

The real tragedy he highlighted though was the ongoing conflict in northern Uganda and the unspeakable brutality of the Lords Resistance Army of Joseph Kony. This rarely makes the news in Europe, and neither does the war in Congo featured in an earlier episode in which at least 2 million (I repeat that TWO MILLION!!!) people have died in the last 4 years.
If this series achieves anything may it be that some people will wake up to these horrors and make enough noise that this abomination will be stopped.
Re: Geldof in Africa by perfectbitch on 6 July 2005 12:57pm
There is a history if ignoring atrocities and genocide in Africa - especially in countries without natural mineral and oil resources. Think back to Biafra and Nigeria. Western political cynicism regarding Africa is deeply entrenched.
Re: Geldof in Africa by Wild in Africa on 6 July 2005 4:02pm
The sad thing about Congo is that it is precisely that Congo is so mineral rich that this war has been so bloody and prolonged. Much of the conflict has been over those very resources.

The discovery of oil in Sudan in the late 1990s was another catalyst to prolong the war there with the connivance of oil companies from France, Canada, Austria, Sweden, China and India not to mention the provision of pumping machinery by Rolls Royce UK.
Re: Geldof in Africa by DorsetBadger on 6 July 2005 9:16pm
I saw the episode on the Sahara - very interesting documentary - pity I missed the earlier ones but I'm going to try and watch the rest
Re: Geldof in Africa by DorsetBadger on 11 July 2005 9:15pm
They are repeating them as signed editions (i.e. with a character in the corner doing sign language) late at night on BBC1 - there's one on tonight at 01:30am

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