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  The Chatter Box : Travel
Allergies by russtymettle on 26 June 2005 1:01pm
Hello all Palin Fans,

I'm incredibly interested in travelling and world culture. I've never done much traveling, but now I'm 20, I'm starting to work out what I want to do with my life, it's not easy. :p

I'm just wondering if anyone else here suffers from severe allergies, of any sort. I suffer from a nut allergy (I'm fortunate enough to be able to eat peanuts and almonds, but not brazils or hazelnuts etc..). I also have asthma, and a few other minor allergies. I'd love to travel and fullfil my dreams, but it puts me off. I see everyone doing all these wonderful things, and I don't know where to start.

I'd be interested if anyone had any stories to share. Or maybe some support would be nice. :)

Re: Allergies by Helen on 26 June 2005 5:18pm

Find a doctor well versed in travel medicine, and go for it! I would say with those severe food allergies that you are very careful anyway--but a good travel doc can tell you what to look out for, etc.

My barrier is anxiety/fear of the unknown. But I am getting better about it...

good luck and happy travels.

Re: Allergies by Ken Dunn on 26 June 2005 7:09pm
I have an allergy which is treated with medication and my daughter suffers from hay fever which can be controlled without medication. As Helen says check with your doctor.
Re: Allergies by Godfather on 27 June 2005 11:31am


The Nut allergy may be a problem because what often goes into food in other countries is random. On the Asthma front. Well, i've nto suffered from Asthma per se. But a form of it. When i travel i never have any problems with it, and it clears up while i'm away (along with a pretty much continous sinus stuffiness which i usually live with here in the UK). Even in the most polluted cities in other countries, my breathing is at it's best. I guess i'm just be allergic to Britain.
Re: Allergies by kristinekm on 28 June 2005 1:12am
Godfather, I wonder if you have any pets you leave when you travel? You might be allergic to them or something you have in your home you don't take with you when you travel! It could help if you gave it a thought :)

All the best,
Re: Allergies by ma bee on 1 July 2005 6:12am
I suffered from asthma as a kid but thought i'd grown out of it until i was in rwanda recently when it returned with a bang!! found the counrty quite hard going psychologically but managed to get my hands on a few different types of inhalers in chemist there, (inflated prices as they recognise desperate travellers when they see one).I'd say go for it, bring medication with you including your emergency shots in case you are caught out but you may be surprised at how little your allergies will effect you.
Re: Allergies by Ken Dunn on 1 July 2005 3:06pm
Our daughter has been suffering from hay fever symptoms recently and she asked us to get her something from the chemist while we were out shopping today.
I went into the chemist and right at the door were about 6 different makes of hay fever and allergy relief medication.
One of them was quite expensive for 7 tablets so I sat down to read the back of the packet.
One of the notes on the packet said, "If you suffer from an allergic reaction to any of the ingredients in this medication consult your doctor."
Should I post this in 'the big green joke book' as well?
Re: Travelling with nut allergies or other food allergies by louiser on 12 July 2005 8:44pm
I think that getting a nut allergy translation card for chefs from www.dietarycard.co.uk (it could specify all tree nuts or just Brazil nuts, hazel nuts and the other nuts you avoid on there as it would be personalised for you) might put your mind at rest. There is also advice on travelling with food allergies on the website and some stories from travellers who've eaten in restaurants abroad with the Dietarycards. The cheapest (and most effective) antihistamine I have found is produced by Galphram and I've only found it in select Boots (bigger stores - you'll never find it on display as its so cheap so check behind the counter).

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