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  The Chatter Box : Travel
Tunisia by james_crutchfield on 5 July 2005 11:51pm
I'm heading there at the end of the month, but only for a week and really want to make the most of it. Does anybody have any "must sees", "does/don'ts"?
Re: Tunisia by alexpike on 6 July 2005 10:19am
Went there last year! We went on a 2 day tour of Tunisia. This included an overnight stay in a hotel just on the edge of the Sahara.

Go camel riding in the desert (very touristy I know but the desert people are so friendly and always offer to take your photographs for you!).

Also make sure you visit the colluseum (sp). I cannot remember exactly where it is in Tunisia but if you look up on a map you should find it. This place is so impressive and was also the place that a few Life of Brian shots were filmed and the Gladiator.

This is my first post! (be kind)
Re: Tunisia by Spursfan on 6 July 2005 10:52am
Well, it's 25 years (!!) since we visited, so some of the things may be, shall we say, slightly different!

We stayed at Sarah Beach Hotel in Monastir, but travelled to Kairouan (sp, can't remember - but it's where we get the word caravan from)on local buses (quite an experience) and to Tunis on the train (luxury class which was cheap to us. They put someone off who hadn't paid in the middle of nowhere in the dark!!).

Try to see El Djem (a well preserved Roman amphitheatre) - but beware you don't get much time there if visiting with a tour. We found that there was not enough time to walk round it - but we insisted and kept the bus waiting!! Tut tut I know, but it was too good to take 5 minutes on!!

Can't remember anything else at the moment - we did go to see, in Kairouan, a famous camel (it was in all the guidebooks at the time) which was kept at the top of a building, going round and round pulling water up from a well, but don't know if it is still there.

Hope this helps, enjoy your holiday. The Tunisians are very friendly and helpful.

Re: Tunisia by Treelooney on 7 July 2005 9:45pm
Go south! This is the key to seeing the real Tunisia.
The northern areas next to the med are a bit touristy, and you don't get to know the real character of the country.
Definitely take a tour of the south. There is a good 2-day tour which takes in El Djem (Roman amphitheater, amazingly-well preserved), the troglodyte people who live in caves in the hills, the place where they shot some of Star Wars (can't remember what it's called - actually yes I can, it's Tatouine) and then you visit desert towns like Douz for a camel ride, and Islamic cities like El Kairouran (sp), said by some to be the 4th holiest city in Islam. At one point on this tour I was only 5 miles from Algeria.
Tunisia is the most moderate country in the Islamic world, and I had a good time there. Best wishes.
Re: Tunisia by Spursfan on 7 July 2005 10:09pm
Oh yes - I forgot the troglodytes - you can go in the hotel where they shot the bar scene in Star Wars iv (the first one!).
Re: Tunisia by james_crutchfield on 13 July 2005 11:11pm
Brilliant, just what I needed. Thank you for your help
Re: Tunisia by Spursfan on 14 July 2005 11:02am
I've just reread my first post on this thread and noticed I put "Sarah" Beach instead of "Sahara" Beach Hotel!!

I don't know who Sarah Beach is, have never met her, and don't know why she turned up on my post. lol.

(No Sarah Beachs were hurt in the writing of this post).

Re: Tunisia by Friggya on 2 August 2005 10:36am
Try to see Sousse, there are very nice musea in the medina (the house of a well-to-do Tunisian of the early 20th century is very fine, and you can have a drink on the roof terrace!) Also the archeological museum in the outer walls is worth seeing. Such splendid mosaics! Of course, the largest collection of mosaics in Tunisia are to be seen in the Bardo museum in Tunis. The medina there is also the biggest, very interesting, but take your time!
Re: Tunisia by mythicbadger on 2 August 2005 12:17pm
You'll love it fanstastic country but here are a few tips my friend and I didn't have. Avoid Gsfa and never go anywhere with the middle aged men who seem respectable and talk to you in train/bus stations offering assistance. If you find yourself in any of the charming bars/tea houses etc and friendly boys come a talking, pay for your drinks after each one or how soon they go to the toilet after a few hours leaving you with a bug drinks bill! Very clever and long running tourist scam. That said it really is wonderful and its true just keep heading south and you'll have a blast x

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