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  The Chatter Box : Travel
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Time travelling by Mr. Anchovy on 8 July 2005 8:51pm
I was just wondering that if it was possible to travel back or forward in time, which age or which historic event you would like to witness.
As for my part I always thought about how it would have been like in the middle age, living in castle. On the other hand I would also like to experience some events not so far back in time such as the 50's and 60's. I just love the music of these decades. Would have been interesting to witness the rock'n'roll era and the beatlemania.
I was also wondering what it must have been like to see Neil Armstrong set his feet on the moon on TV in 1969. By the way, would be amazing to experience life without internet and mobile phones!
As for the future I would like to travel forward some 200 years and see how life would be. I'm wondering if mankind will have colonised the oceans or other planets by then due to overpopulation. Will humans be living as in science-fiction movies such as star wars, the fith element???
Re: Time travelling by Godfather on 9 July 2005 1:41am
The Sermon on the Mount. I'd like to stand in the crowd and see if Jesus really did say "Blessed are the Meek" or "Blessed are the Greek". I'd like to witness some "Big Nose" scuffles.
Re: Time travelling by George on 9 July 2005 5:36am
Endlessly fascinating topic. Last week Ringo Starr appeared on TV here again to launch his latest American tour. It was on the same stage where the Beatles made their first American appearence in '65. It always seems absolutely surreal.

Even though I was just a kid, we all knew in 10 seconds the Beatles were something very great and wonderful. The two leaders, John Lennon and Paul McCartney, along with George Harrison and Starr were pure genious, if not just "in the right place at the right time", as they say. We really expected them to be a joke. The Beach Boys were the top American band, so I actually felt a little sorry for them at the time.

As for Neil Armstrong, his walking on the moon was kind of an anti-climax to the actual landing. There was a lot of specualtion at the time the spacecraft was going to crash or there was going to be some kind of terrible malfunction, like losing their oxygen.

To me, the internet is as big an innovation as television, or radio was to my grandparents.
Re: Time travelling by perfectbitch on 9 July 2005 9:16am
I would love to experience the finding of the earliest dinosaur fossils. Also I would like to have been around for the publication of Darwin and Mendel.

In the future, I'd like to immerse myself in a holosuite.
Re: Time travelling by Spursfan on 9 July 2005 1:41pm
I'd like to have fought beside Che Guevera!

Or to have been romanced by Lord Byron!

Re: Time travelling by kristinekm on 10 July 2005 1:50am
1. The ancient Egypt
2. The ancient Greece
3. The ancient Rome
4.In connection with the "Da Vinci Code" it would have been interesting to take a peak in Judea abut 0-33 AD
5. Being a Dane it would have been interesting to see how "we" the Vikings concoured Britain - nah just kidding I would anyhow like to travel to that period in Danish history. (All British towns/cities that ends on -wich originates from "vig" wich means cove/creek (Harwich = Haralds's cove.))Facinating time, people and religion.
5. To see the Pythons perform live

I would like to travel back and prevent a couple of evil things from happening in our history, but isn't such an action going cause time chaos? - the movies told us so...
Re: Time travelling by Wild in Africa on 11 July 2005 12:34pm
Cripes! Am I that old that someone is dreaming of travelling back to that ancient era when I was a kid. I do remember getting up at 4 in the morning to watch the first moonwalk, and I remember the 'Swinging sixties' and the early days of the Beatles. Also it does not seem long ago at all in the days before Mobiles and e-mail.
Oh blessed time!

In many of the countries I have worked or visited there is still a sense of going back in time. I used to work in Papua New Guinea in the early 1980s and I trekked into mountains and jungles in which stone age peoples still resided and who had really never experienced anything of the modern world.

Even now in parts of Southern Sudan where I visit fairly regularly there is virtually no sign of the 20th, let alone the 21st century (apart from David Beckham t-shirts!). So you don't really have to go back in time but simply open your eyes to what is already here in this time period.

Anyway the old 'what if I killed my grandfather' dilemma stills precludes the possibility of time travel.
Re: Time travelling by Spursfan on 11 July 2005 1:53pm
I too can remember the moon landing/walking. I was in the 5th form (now Year 11!!)at the time and had been able to watch on TV at the school Charles investiture as Prince of Wales at Caenarvon (whoopee do-dah-day!!).

However, I was very interested in Space at the time, I thought "I'm not going to school on such an important day" so I pretended to be ill, and therefore stayed up all night and watched it all day (I had a TV in my room).

When I went back I found that they'd been watching it at school all day anyway!!

Happy days!!

Re: Time travelling by Wild in Africa on 11 July 2005 2:48pm
Despite the fact that Palin's travels website would not be possible without the internet, not having the internet was not such a difficult time.

Everyone just accepted slower forms of communication and information sharing. We did not even have a house telephone until I was 17, had only two channels on TV until I was 16, and even when I went to University to study for my first degree, computers were bloody great big boxes filling half a room which used punch cards. We did not even use electronic calculators until I was in my final year and they cost about a hundred quid each for something you can get for a fiver now.

In my first job in New Guinea I wrote all my reports by hand, sent them across town to the typing pool, who got them back to me about a month later, full of typos...which had to be corrected and then sent back etc etc so that a normal report which I could knock out now in a couple of days took a month or two. But no one minded the delay because it was normal and the world kept turning and there was certainly less pressure and stress in my job than now where everthing is on a 24 hour turnaround.

There was also no stupid crazy frog ringtones driving you nuts wherever you turned!
Re: Time travelling by Tusker on 11 July 2005 3:28pm
I spoke to my kids from the 2nd millenium while they where still in the 1st! And hey - they where in the so called "developed world". Does that count as time travel?
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