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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
Another day of chaos in London by perfectbitch on 21 July 2005 3:26pm
I have just returned from the hospital appointment that was abandoned due to the bombs to find that there is a huge alert on. This state of affairs was always going to happen especially when our government, despite overwhelming public opposition, decided to join forces with the evil Bush to invade Iraq.
Imams have been a constant presence outside the gates of educational establishments preaching vile rhetoric and back in 1995, I was concerned enough to draw this to the attention of the dept. of Education but was accused of racism. How can this be a racial issue when Islam is practised by so many different races?
Re: Another day of chaos in London by Helen on 21 July 2005 4:28pm
Prayers going out to London again...

Evil GW Bush? Hell, yes.

Be well all.

Re: Another day of chaos in London by Spursfan on 21 July 2005 8:51pm
Not wanting to cause an argument (ahem!) but the Iraq war WAS a just war!!! WMDs or not, Saddam was an evil tyrant who needed getting rid of, and his followers the same. Shame - innocent people got killed and are still being killed BUT innocents were already being killed by Saddam if they didn't agree with him or if they just happened to be in his way.

We were quite right to join the US in the fight against this evil.

Now we need to get rid of Mugabe...

Re: Another day of chaos in London by JF on 21 July 2005 9:18pm

"overwhelming public opposition"?

You might be asked to provide some evidence for that.
Re: Another day of chaos in London by Ken Dunn on 22 July 2005 12:23am
It might help at this time for palinites to read Michaels 'Letter from London' dated Sept. 2003 in his Messages from Michael.
One thing I think we all must remember is that probably about 1% of the population get 100% of the mass media publicity and the other 99% are getting on with their lives as best they can.
Inciting hatred cannot be allowed in any form and people with a bit of decency will not be taken in by any extremists trying to do so. We must be wary of the small minority of troublemakers and the police have done an excellent job recently in taking control of the situations very quickly.
The world is a wonderful place with very many cultures and it is good for everyone to learn about these cultures so that the different characteristics and conditions that other people live with are better understood and that will help everyone to live with tolerance and more happily together.
Re: Another day of chaos in London by perfectbitch on 22 July 2005 1:37am
I would like to clear up a few points without offending anyone. I do believe that there was and is enough public opposition to this war to warrent examination of our motives for our offensive action in Iraq. I do agree that Hussein needed to be ousted and I did not call the war unjust. I also agree about Mugabe as well as the militant regimes in Rwanda, Nigeria (remember Biafra), Zaire and you only have to read Wild in Africa's postings to discover the extent of evil and oppression all over the world. But Iraq is oil rich and it's resources needed to maintain the lifestyle of the west. I do not believe there will be any military action against Mugabe.
I was not happy about going to war on the dubious intelligence reports about weapons of mass destruction. I believe we should have got UN backing before taking action.
I deliberately chose to live and raise my children in a multicultural environment. For 2 years, while at secondary school, my daughter was the only "white" pupil in her class. I am in no way racist. I am opposed to those who deliberately flout the laws regarding incitement to violence etc.
It is such a difficult area. I signed a form to withdraw my daughter from assembly, as the school required, to ensure a "more secular and tolerant environment." I was happy to do this but was rather alrmed that her humanities coursework contained several componants about Islam and the Koran but other religions, including Christianity were paid very little attention. It is just my opinion and I have no wish to cause anger. I hope you understand.
Re: Another day of chaos in London by Wild in Africa on 22 July 2005 3:55pm
We saw this coming a long time ago and now we are having to deal with being a target in London following on from New York/Washington, Bali, Casablanca, Madrid, Istanbul, Nairobi etc.
Jack Straw's statements about there not being a link with Iraq is patently ludicrous and most of the British Public in a recent opinion poll showed how unconvinced they are by this blatant disinformation.

I was on the Tube yesterday in London and actually may have been sitting near one of the bombers earlier in the morning. At least a guy closely matching police descriptions with a large black back pack was sitting close by. I was very relieved to get off when I did.

I also feel though we can get paranoid about any young male of middle eastern/Asian appearance now and we must guard against that as paranoia can quickly lead to lashing back without due care and attention. Remember in the 80s how many Irish people were arrested and locked up who were subsequently shown to be innocent.

We are on the front line now and must all be on guard without giving in to the terror they are trying to provoke. I fully support the 'We are not afraid' campaign and website and we must try and adopt this attitude however much fear we may feel inside.

I am off again to Kenya and Sudan later next week for three weeks and despite being robbed at gunpoint in Nairobi a year ago I now no longer will return to England with such a sense of security at my homecoming.
Re: Another day of chaos in London by George on 23 July 2005 6:53am
I don't want to argue the elections all over again, but it was a virtual referendum on the war, and it passed. Not by much. I truly believe after Hussein's trial, where all his cruelties will be revisited, public opinion may shift in its favor and hostilities may diminish significantly.

The issue of oil keeps coming up again. All oil, as it comes out of the ground, is not the same. Most all American refineries are designed to process what is called "light sweet crude", which is heavy with sulpher. The oil produced in Iraq goes elsewhere.

Re: Another day of chaos in London by Godfather on 23 July 2005 4:46pm
>Jack Straw's statements about there not
being a link with Iraq is patently ludicrous

Yes. They live in denial. It may not be the sole reason, but it is "undeniably" linked to those events. Any fool can see that. For Tony Blair and Straw to come forward and insult our intelligence like that, is well..insulting our intelligence. Furthermore, Straw has to learn how to say Sallam Aleikum properly when meeting Muslims, if he wants to be taken seriously. On one news video report, he stood there and said "Ally-Like-Um". I almost laughed, but felt someone had set him up and was giggling behind the scenes at their prank.

At this time, i do worry about the future of freedom in this country. There has been little outcry so far in Britain regarding all these folks popping up wanting to push through "emergency powers". At least in the U.S, there was more quick outrage about it, despite that things have gone ahead regardless. Here in Britain, i can see many people here being too lethargic to question what is soon going to become a police state for citizens, due to some nutters with Bombs.

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