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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Katrina by Ellerd on 29 August 2005 5:27am
Hope everybody gets through it alright.
Re: Katrina by pandab on 29 August 2005 6:24am
As Hurricane Katrina nears landfall, please keep the people of the US Gulf Coast in your thoughts.

Katrina is now Category 5 with top winds of 160 mph and is headed straight for New Orleans.
Re: Katrina by canaveralgumby on 29 August 2005 6:51am

No joking. This IS the doomsday scenario for New Orleans. For those who aren't familiar, the city of N.O. sits slightly lower than sea level. See:


MSNBC said today that Katrina is only the 4th category 5 hurricane to make landfall in the US "since they started keeping records."

I've personally witnessed about 120 mph winds, FROM INDOORS, when we lived a few "ticks" north of ground zero for Hurricane Andrew (1991). Andrew never reached more than 145 mph, and left vast areas in matchsticks. Last yr. when Jeanne came, we didn't evac because we had done so for Frances 2 wks. earlier and were bloody exhausted. It reached about 90 mph where we live - minimal damage. I stood outside the next day in approx. 60 mph winds, and THAT was difficult! You could lean on the wind like it was something solid and not have to hold yourself up.

When these Atlantic storms get over the Gulf of Mexico, it seems to make them truly monstrous. Katrina passed over South Florida last Thurday-Friday as a "tropical storm" - winds not strong enough to qualify as a Category 1 hurricane (75 mph).

I can't even conceive of 175+ mph winds. That's probably like tornado winds.

My prayers for everyone in the path.
Re: Katrina by canaveralgumby on 29 August 2005 7:11am
Well, afeter writing the above, I found myself plagiarized on Yahoo News:


Okay, maybe not, but there are no other words for this...
Re: Katrina by peripatetically on 29 August 2005 11:08am
Yes, this one will definitely be catastrophic and I feel really awful alrady for the people and animals who are being affected. May God keep them safe.
Re: Katrina by perfectbitch on 29 August 2005 12:29pm
Thinking of you all in Katrina's path. Hang in there as best you can. Linz
Re: Katrina by George on 29 August 2005 5:55pm
Oh, Yes! But, by the grace of God, it would be our turn on the Texas coast. Maybe our turn next. Our thoughts go out to the folks in LA & MS right now. The Superdome would definately NOT be a cool place to be right now.
Re: Katrina by jojochick on 29 August 2005 7:17pm
My thoughts are with everyone in New Orleans right now - I been playing my late father's Louis Armstrong records and sending out positive thoughts.
Re: Katrina by canaveralgumby on 31 August 2005 3:20am
Not to be unsympathetic, but now many of those who stayed and did not evacuate, despite being told a thousand times, are fatalities. I am sorry for them, and really very sorry for their loved ones. However, I don't want one rescue worker to lose his/her life because someone didn't take this seriously and thought they could stay and just use their cell phone to call for help and someone would come in the middle of deadly conditions and bail their stubborn asses out.

Glad to get that off my chest. (Yes, I have friends in all aspects of emergency services!)

Having said that, I am so very sorry for the victims. Bringing some of my copious emergency supplies to the Red Cross.

The utilities in three states will be wiped out for some time. They REALLY need drinking water. Even if you can only spare a few bucks, please buy some bottled water and bring it to your Red Cross center - all centers in the US will be getting supplies to the areas that need them.

Let's not forget by Ellerd on 31 August 2005 5:14am
An equally powerful typhoon is expected to hit Taiwan in a couple of days. Hopefully they fare better than it seems the US Gulf Coast has.

Hasn't been a good couple of weeks, has it? Hurricanes in the US, typhoons in E Asia, floods in Central Europe, fires in Portugal...

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