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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
Rita by canaveralgumby on 21 September 2005 6:15pm
(or, "Katrina, Part 2") I thought we should continue on with a new thread for a new "lady."

Tuscon, Florida is okay. This year, it's been ---- nope, not gonna say anything to jinx us.

Rita brought more rain than wind. The wind "only" reached about 100 mph. That's very uncomfortable, but not really dangerous. I know that sounds weird...

That will NOT BE THE CASE when Rita hits Texas, so don't anyone be complacent there.

Your friend in the Keys might be incommunicado for the time being. If there are spotty random power outages, or damage to a few radar dishes, the phone/internet system may not be working, even though there may be nothing wrong in his/her immediate vacinity.

DON'T PANIC. Where have I heard that before? :^)

George, keep us posted regularly, will you? I kind of wish you wouldn't stay in Houston. The Jewish mother in me...

- Cori

Re: Rita by George on 21 September 2005 6:59pm
Thanks, I just posted on the Katrina thread. You're right, I think we've all heard enough of Katrina for awhile.

I was just listening to one of my fellow teachers who owns 3 horses. She was calling all over the state trying to find a ranch or someplace where she could take them to get out of the storm. Now, that's something you don't hear every day.

My daughter takes riding lessons at a stable where they have about 30+ horses. It would have never occured to me to wonder what they are doing in preperation.
Re: Rita by Ellerd on 22 September 2005 1:00am
Just read on the news that Rita has been upgraded to a Category 5 storm. George, are you still staying in Houston? If so, good luck!
Re: Rita by canaveralgumby on 22 September 2005 2:32am
Here's a helluva thought.

How would you feel if you had evacuated from New Orleans and found shelter in Houston, and 3 weeks later, another category 5 is headed for Houston? If that were the plot of a movie, no one would believe it.

THOSE people are going to need mental health care when this is over.
Re: Rita by tucsonmike on 22 September 2005 7:51pm
That's for sure, Cori. I can already see the following:
Papers by anthropologists and sociologists about New Orleans people. The anthropologists about the culture and where it may go. The sociologists about the problems they are having with so many moving into one city. One Sociologist thinks, because so many fled New Orleans to certain cities, you may end up getting "New Orleans neighborhoods." Almost as though people from there because of the distinct culture and accent will end up like a separate ethnic group. Others who fled to Houston may become almost like nomads at this stage (not permanently)...

The Psychologists will probably have a separate study of the ones who fled from New Orleans to Houston and have to flee again. This will fuel academic books and papers for years.

My father-in-laws second wife was named Rita and she was not a nice person. My wife has been going around mumbling about how Rita is still at it...

I couldn't believe what I saw on the news last night. 175 MPH winds. It is considered the third strongest hurricane in history. There was a computer model of it hitting Galveston head on at present strength. Galveston is eight feet above sea level. According to the model, there would be a nineteen foot storm surge and the entire island would be under water.

I am at the library, before I go to my museum stint. I have Time Magazine at home and will post some (hopefully) useful stuff from that.

A Book Idea.Re: Rita by tucsonmike on 22 September 2005 7:59pm
Before people think I am looking for a way to get rich off tragedy, hear me out.
Because I do write, I thought of something mainly about New Orleans. Probably an ebook, a New Orleans history. Not the complete history of New Orleans, but the following:

The founding: Why Bienville planted the French flag there.
The Battle of New Orleans and the coming of the Americans. This would include the founding of the Garment District.
The culture. Why is it special?
Race and New Orleans.
How it ended up so poor.
Finally, how this all added up to the tragedy.

I like the idea of proceeds going to some future form of assistance. I am just brainstorming and looking for opinions. Because we posted so much, I am sharing this. I want people to go in on it with me and don't want to hog it... Opinions are sought and are gratefully valued. Thank you.


Re: Rita by suzulu on 23 September 2005 3:17pm
George, being an animal lover (especially horses), I hope the horses are OK too.
Re: Rita by tucsonmike on 24 September 2005 8:08am
On PBS, David Brancaccio is still doing his show NOW from Baton Rouge. They had a segment about rescuing animals stranded in New Orleans.
Re: Rita by tucsonmike on 24 September 2005 4:26pm
I meant to post this Thursday but better late than never. Time Magazine had an article about a family in Attleboro, MA that took a Slidell, LA family in. They were brought together on a website


It was started by someone in Arkansas.


Re: Rita by suzulu on 24 September 2005 7:12pm
How's it going, George?

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