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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
Not again... by Ellerd on 2 October 2005 12:45am
(CNN) -- Terrorists brought death to Indonesia's Bali paradise for the second time in three years Saturday, as blasts killed at least 36 people at two resort spots.

Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono condemned Saturday's bombings as an act of terrorism. There were no immediate claims of responsibility.

In addition to the 36 fatalities, hospital officials said 103 people were wounded. A journalist said a hospital emergency room resembled a war zone.

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Re: Not again... by tucsonmike on 2 October 2005 3:26pm
I saw the New York Times headline. I had the same reaction.
Re: Not again... by suzulu on 3 October 2005 1:28pm
Where will it all end? There is nowhere safe in this world any more.
Re: Not again... by LynneD on 3 October 2005 2:02pm
It is despicable and beyond my comprehension. What are these factions hoping to achieve? What kind of world do they hope to "rule"?

My thoughts and prayers are with everyone involved in this atrocity.
Re: Not again... by intrepid on 3 October 2005 3:09pm
The big question for me, though, is this: As a result of this weekend's headline, how many people here would knock Bali off their list of places to visit?

Call it bravado, but after some consideration, I don't think I would, and I'm guessing a lot of the people on this website wouldn't either.
Re: Not again... by dr snow on 3 October 2005 6:53pm
i dont think i would knock travelling to bali,well look at this for the troubled world/palestine/iraq/kuwait/afganhistan/madrid/turkey/france/england/america/ireland/mexico/brazil/nigeria/angola/africa/australia/columbia/ to say would you knock places of your list of travelling is wrong these people did knot asked to be killed or seriously injured,and they need our support in this struggle against terror,and we should not let them down or you are giving into the terrorist,who have no place in society.this is a saying from ireland [it is not those who inflict the most,but those who indure the most shall win]and you know why we will win because we all stand united and will not let them destroy our lives here is a saying from ireland [TIOCFAIDH AR LA]which means( our day will come, and please dont take this out of context,to the people of Bali and the rest of the world who are suffering at the hands of terrorists or other form of torture,god bless and may god take you in his arms,and feel no pain take care DR SNOW
Re: Not again... by Godfather on 4 October 2005 11:47am

It's simply incredible that tourist areas in Thailand have not been bombed yet. In 2002 i was on a Thai Island and picked up the Bangkok Post to read about the Bali bomb on Kuta beach. Made it all seems pretty close to home for me. Thailand is "the" perfect target for anyone who wanted to take out packs of tourists in clubs or bars or whatever. Luckily, the Thai authorities and intelligence services have been good at sniffing out plots and things. Hanbali was caught coming in from Laos the other year, and had intentions to do something major in Thailand. Yet it's still amazing that nothing has occured. Many people think it's just a matter of time before it does.
Re: Not again... by edmo1960 on 5 October 2005 1:02am
Lets not give these lunatics any ideas.
Re: Not again... by tucsonmike on 5 October 2005 1:21am
Something tells me these lunatics don't need our help.
Re: Not again... by Dominic on 5 October 2005 9:22am
I agree with your comments on Thailand Godfather. Given that they are fighting an unknown group fighting for an independant Muslim state in the South. I was there this year and it seems to me a perfect target for terrorists, and there are people already there capable of carrying it out. It is only a matter of time I think before Thailand becomes another terrorism statistic. At the end of the day, violence solves nothing. Given that the only peace to come out of N.Ireland and Palestine has been through talking, this to me is the only way forward. Communication is a powerful weapon, yet many countries choose not to use it.

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