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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Setting Up A Profile Area. by tucsonmike on 17 November 2005 6:19pm
I know we have Welcome and Introductions. I was thinking about the following (OK I have too much time on my hands).

1. What would other people on the board like to see in a members profile?
2. I know I would be curious about:
A. How did you find the site? I found it because I blog and typed the following terms into Google: "Michael Palin Blog," in that order.
B. Since travel is much of the purpose, a line about where you traveled.
C. One line to put where you live now, another to put where you are "from." For example, in my case, I live in Tucson but grew up in Brooklyn.
D. Maybe a line for hobbies and interests. I would not have thought of that, except Mr. Palin has put up his interest in the Danish painter Hammershoi.
Oh BTW. I checked in Google. 2,050 pages have links to palinstravels. Just FIY.
If my fevered brain thinks of more, I will let you know.
Re: Setting Up A Profile Area. by peripatetically on 18 November 2005 12:48am
Way back when the site first started, there was not even a statistics section. A few of us got together and decided a list to keep track of people would be a good idea. I volunteered to keep it. It grew by leaps and bounds so I decided to write Webbie, suggesting he make a special section. He did but so many people wrote things in it in addtion to what we wanted, thus the statistics got messy and lost in the shuffle. Even with stern reminders, people ignored them. No problem, as Webbie made it a READ ONLY section, thus, I still keep the list, but update it through him.

Another updated section where people could fill-in-the-blanks with additional information, like you suggested, Mike, would be EXCELLENT and I wouldn't have to sit and take notes and send emails to the webbie to add and update. lol. It sure would make my life easier, but of course, it takes some work for webbie to get that set up!

A little more history:
As you can see from some of the statistics, Mike, I did try to keep track of who was born where and where they are now. Not everybody is forth-coming with those things,however. Also adding all that information takes a lot of time for one person (ME). Because it IS a lot of work, I suggested only 3 pieces of information be required to be a part of the list to make it worth my time and they included username, real name, age and/or location. But as time went on, people wanted more and more added to their listing and I tried to oblige them.

Your suggestions sound ggood to me. Ihave no objections whatsoever. Good luck in getting it.

Re: Setting Up A Profile Area. by tucsonmike on 18 November 2005 1:50am
Thanks, Patti. This at least gives me an idea. I figured at least this way, poor webbie could set up some radio bars that would act as drop downs and make everyones life a lot easier.
Re: Setting Up A Profile Area. by bandgeek512 on 18 November 2005 2:37am
Sounds good to me! I've not been here long, but it'd be nice to see how other people have found the site without having to search through intros to find it.
Re: Setting Up A Profile Area. by jaime on 18 November 2005 2:40am
haha it seems like you have a bit too much time on your hands tusconmike! (I've been reading all your other postings) I think they're actually pretty good ideas. either way the webmaster will probably consider them through sheer exasperation. thats the way to go! :D
Re: Setting Up A Profile Area. by tucsonmike on 18 November 2005 5:12am
And I've been mispelling your name all day Patty. Sorry, long day. I was looking at the Vital Statistics and realized if someone hadn't been here for a while, they may be "gone" but they are still on the list.
LOL! Jaime you made me laugh. I can see it now, have me as a contract worker to suggest indexing ideas or I shall taunt you a second time!:-)
Actually, my aim was to come up with indexing ideas to make the webmasters life simpler. Well face it, he knows which city I live in and from some of my posts, where to find me, LOL! I am not exactly anonymous.
Re: Setting Up A Profile Area. by peripatetically on 18 November 2005 1:34pm
Yes, Mike, people come and go from the site all the time. And many return later just to pop in and say hi or just to read. And then there are those people who are busy with their lives and just don't have time. For whatever reason, I have no way of knowing if and when they leave for good or will return. It's just much easier for ME to just keep the list going...
Re: Setting Up A Profile Area. by kazzzz on 18 November 2005 4:54pm
Mike it's a good idea but as much as I hate to say it I think the site is past it's heyday..it used to be very busy and sadly is no more. Profiles could be good but I've found most people that have met here usually use yahoo or MSN to keep in more regular touch.
Re: Setting Up A Profile Area. by peripatetically on 19 November 2005 12:22am
I absolutely agree, Kaz. It will surprise me if this site ever gets as busy and crazy as it was originally. It used to be that pople couldn't stand not being in the chat room or blathering away in the chatterbox. Everybody was considered family there for a couple of years. I miss those days.

Re: Setting Up A Profile Area. by tucsonmike on 19 November 2005 2:41am
Patty and Kaz, I appreciate it. I can see your points.
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