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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Soggy in Virginia by pandab on 29 June 2006 2:06am
It is now official. I'm sick of the rain.

It has rained for almost four straight days in Roanoke. Monday and Tuesday were the worst. Yesterday, it rained nearly non-stop all day. And I'm not talking a little sprinkle either. I mean serious RAIN.

And guess what? It's raining AGAIN. This time, the storm moving in is supposed to contain hail as well.

Streets are closing here and there due to flooding. You can't walk on the grass without squishing. I think my shoes are in a state of permanent waterlog.

Now, don't misunderstand me. I don't want a drought, but sheesh! Enough has become enough!

I feel bad for the folks with serious flooding up north of us. All in all, we've been pretty lucky here. The flood prevention measures the city and county took after the monster Flood of '85 (when the Roanoke Valley submerged ... literally) are working so far, thank heavens. Still, we've got a lot of creeks and streams in our area, and they can only hold so much.

Think about us. And pass the towels. :)

Re: Soggy in Virginia by tucsonmike on 29 June 2006 2:10am
I am thinking about you. It is a mess back there. I hope you are working on building your ark (if you can find wood dry enough).
Re: Soggy in Virginia by Ken Dunn on 29 June 2006 10:02pm
And some of our friends in England have a hosepipe ban because the weather has been so dry. Is it correct that Virginia gets the moisture fall out from dying hurricanes moving north from the Gulf of Mexico?
Re: Soggy in Virginia by tucsonmike on 29 June 2006 11:59pm
Partly true, Ken. This seems to have been a storm front that just stayed there and would not go out to sea.
Re: Soggy in Virginia by peripatetically on 30 June 2006 12:48am
Much of the east coast gets the remnants of hurricanes. SOmetimes it's worse than others. I'm in Maryland and we don't get much often these recent episodes of torrential rain had nothing to do with a real hurricane. Severe tropical weather, but not a hurricane.

We have a water ban on all summer this year due to water main repairs. usually it doesn't happen that we are banned until mid to late july, fr the duration of the summer. Grass begins to get like straw and crunches underfoot. That's hot much of a drought we usually get each summer.

Speaking of the recent probelms, I forgot to emtnion the many dams that are overflowing or leaking due to stress. One which was finally opened due to a leak and stress on it's structure, only flooded towns below it. Those people had to evacuate. Sunny skies today, but still the gloomof clean-up looms for many.
Re: Soggy in Virginia by peripatetically on 30 June 2006 12:50am
Opps, double post again.
Re: Soggy in Virginia by pandab on 30 June 2006 1:56am
Bless ALL the Powers That Be! It hasn't rained today! The forecast looks good. Except for an isolated cloudburst here and there, we're looking at sunny days ahead, so we can start drying out a bit.

Ken - Like Mike says, although this particular deluge was due to a "regular" stormfront that stalled over the area, the East Coast does get hit with the remnants of hurricanes quite often during the season. In my area (southwest Virginia), the danger is flooding from the rainfall, not usually the winds.

Where we get hit and how severe kind of depends on where the hurricane makes landfall. Gulf of Mexico storms are usually tame by the time they reach Virginia. The same goes for Florida storms. We get their weather, but it's normally not too bad. It's the storms that land at the Carolinas that hurt us worse than the others.

At our Staff conference call meeting Tuesday, our team leader, who is in Richmond, asked us if we were breaking out the rafts yet.

In reply, one of my co-workers asked, "What's a cubit?" To which I added, "And where can we find some gopher wood and pitch?" At the time, it did look like Noah's Ark might be called for. :)

Re: Soggy in Virginia by Clare on 1 July 2006 12:47am
I'm sorry I'm missing the point, four straight days is bad???? Have you ever been to the north of the UK???!!!!! It rains all the time here in England, please do not ever tell the Scottish that it's considered bad as they will have a riot!!!!!
Re: Soggy in Virginia by peripatetically on 1 July 2006 1:35am
Yep, the Scots get plenty of rain, but I don't think they have homes destroyed and floods where people are killed like this event, Well, occassionally maybe, but not usually.

Two teens from Maryland were found yesterday many many many miles downstream after having been missing for 4 days. They were carried away in the swift currrents. Another family was swept away and killed when in a truck bed. And the number of other lives and himes being compromised right now, even after the cessation of the rain, is unbelievalbe here in Maryland. I guess it seems worse because the population is so dense in the USA and the building industry has ruined so much of the natural land that absorption is slow and just not happening in many areas. Therefore more people are affected.
Re: Soggy in Virginia by tucsonmike on 1 July 2006 2:32am
Clare, this isn't a drizzle. This is where it pours and there may be thunder and lightning.

Last night, it poured here. Driving, you have to be wary not to drive through certain low lying places, or it may be the LAST thing you do. It is still worse on the East Coast.
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