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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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St George by Spursfan on 5 July 2006 8:16pm
Most people on this site, whether or not they come from the UK, will have heard of the patron saint of England, St George. They will recognise the red cross on a white backgound that is his (and England's) flag, even if they don't realise that St George's Day is April 23rd (my birthday).

(I'm doing this in instalments as there is thunder about and I keep losing connection for some reason!!).
Re: St George by Spursfan on 5 July 2006 8:21pm
Some of the clergy in England are trying to replace St George with St Alban. The reasons they put forward for this are:
1. St George is too bloodthirsty for THE MUSLIM COMMUNITY. (Excuse me - we live in England)

2. He may not have existed. Ok, well then the first reason doesn't exist either then!!

Anyway - I am not anti-muslim (my husband's father was muslim) but I do get sick of this sort of thing.

Can you imagine Iran, Iraq or any other muslim states being careful not to upset English christian ex-pats, and giving up muslim festivals because of this??!!
Re: St George by Spursfan on 5 July 2006 8:24pm
I welcome people from other countries who are willing to work and who do something for this country that they have adopted.

However, they should integrate as much as possible. Yes, they should be able to continue with their own religions, but the main festivals in THIS country are christian ones.

Before you think otherwise, I am in fact atheist, but I was born christian as was my husband. Like it or not, England (and the rest of the UK) is a christian country - NOT a muslim one.
Re: St George by Spursfan on 5 July 2006 8:29pm
Anyone agree?

I mean its like the councils who ban christmas and call it Winter Festival.

Just pathetic.

And I bet most of the (normal, sane) muslims would think it was stupid too!!

Re: St George by perfectbitch on 5 July 2006 9:30pm
With you wholeheartedly Anne. I could never understand why the extremely fundamental muslims in my old uni decided to come to a college that is funded and, to a certain extent, adminisrated by the C of E! And then have the cheek to complain!!!

Re: St George by Ken Dunn on 5 July 2006 11:47pm
I sometimes think political correctness has gone too far these days. There is nothing wrong with accepting that cultures are different by religion, colour, habits, climate or anything else that is different from place to place.
This is why the world is such an interesting place.
I remember in days gone by I heard the phrase, "When in Rome do as the Romans do." A lot of people went to Rome from all cultures and liked it and stayed. The ones that didn't like it moved on.
Re: St George by tucsonmike on 6 July 2006 2:07am
More politically correct stuff. Other cultures should add to the mix, put this is taking PC just a bit far...
Re: St George by peripatetically on 6 July 2006 1:07pm
I've always been sick of political correctness, right from the start. It has caused way too many problems and has become unfair to many others just to pacify some. It seems it was created by politicians for their own gain and not much more. Not very democratic in my opinion.
Re: St George by peripatetically on 6 July 2006 1:53pm
Re: St George by intrepid on 6 July 2006 3:31pm
I got a few questions. Before I call it "politically correct",I'd like to know what is it about St. George that people object to?

The subject of political correctness is something I've thought about a lot, because I think the term can be used both fairly and unfairly. Anyway, here are some questions I want to ask and thoughts I want to stick "out there":

How would the people here define "political correctness"? What makes a mentality a "politically correct" one?
Is it a term we ever apply to ourselves, or just to other people? Does anybody actually overtly SUPPORT politically correct behavior?

I think the term "politically correct" is always a reaction, a label which- correctly or incorrectly- is only applied by someone to somebody else's behavior. When I say that something is "politically correct", what I'm really saying is "this is an idea some oversensitive elite came up with, and I'm calling it politically correct to show that I'm not in that group."
Often I think that it IS the case of people being oversensitive, but there have been times when I think that the label can be used to dismiss and ignore what might be a legitimate greviance.

Thoughts please?
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