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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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W T F ?!?! by canaveralgumby on 12 July 2006 10:29pm
Do we have NOTHING better to worry about? Does our government have nothing better to spend out taxes on?

Re: W T F ?!?! by Helen on 12 July 2006 11:22pm

F@#$#@&$%^$ing hell.
Re: W T F ?!?! by perfectbitch on 13 July 2006 12:05am
Yet, some of these people don't worry about "Jesus Christ", "Christ Almighty", "God!" etc. which I believe is true blasphemy in the biblical sense.

I have no problems with indecent words with one exception.

Re: W T F ?!?! by sighthound on 13 July 2006 12:42am
Well, spending your time searching for "dirty" words lets you distract yourself from having to deal with, poverty, racism, sexism, child abuse, etc., etc. which are the true obscenities IMO.
Re: W T F ?!?! by tucsonmike on 13 July 2006 2:25am
I am not surprised Cori. For the benefit of our non American friends. Especially in an election year, Americans have become famous for worrying about stuff like this, or Gay Marriage, rather than the bread and butter issues. Here in Tucson, the big battle is over filtering computers in the Library.

Re: W T F ?!?! by pandab on 13 July 2006 3:24am
I don't appreciate foul language, but going to these lengths seems rather silly to me.

Remember, a while back, when Saving Private Ryan was being broadcast? TV stations were so worried about getting fined because of the opening battle scene that a few refused to air it. They had gone to the FCC to get a pre-ruling (I suppose you can say) about it, but the FCC played coy. "Oh, it might be obscene," our FCC said, "and it might not. We won't say. You'll just have to air it and find out if we fine you later." Stupid.

We have our own silliness here in the Roanoke Valley, too. The city infrastructure is crumbling around people's ears. The housing situation is deplorable (unless you make wads of cash). Downtown looks like a ghetto. The city schools rank durn near the lowest in the state (oops, I said "durn").

But what are our city fathers concerned about? Whether a 50-odd-year-old stadium (that no one uses) should be torn down or repaired. Making sure a multi-million dollar art museum (that's ugly as heck ... oops, "heck") gets built with no parking or viable audience. Building something (no one is quite sure what) on the Civic Center parking lot, thereby rendering the CC unusable because no one can park for any of its events.

Sigh ... At least we have this consolation ... The zaniness is nationwide. We're equal opportunity nuts.

Re: W T F ?!?! by tucsonmike on 13 July 2006 7:48am
Gee, Pandab, did you say durn? LOL! I would rather save foul language for something extreme, (like dropping an anvil on my foot). If you use foul language all the time, it becomes meaningless and what are you going to use when you really need a choice cuss word. Plus, if your vocabulary is that limited. As a kid, I thought cussing made me cool. It just makes you look ignorant.

One of the members of my Toastmasters club is an attorney who grew up in Lexington, Massachusetts and gave tours of the battlefield as a young man. We all moan about things being "unconstitutional." Remember, the constitution is a relatively small document. The Founding Fathers would shake their collective heads if they returned to earth today. We have these debates in a nation that is not the agrarian nation we were founded as.

So we get to debate the grand issues of the day. Cursing, keeping the fifty year old stadium no one uses etc.
Welcome to democracy. Sometimes, it is not great, but it sure beats the alternatives!
Re: W T F ?!?! by Spursfan on 13 July 2006 9:16am
Crikey if they want to see profanity they should watch the present Big Brother !! They use the f-word as if it would disappear if they did not mention it at least once in a conversation !!

I sometimes think they are using it for effect - or perhaps they haven't the vocab to be able to discuss things without it?!!

(And does anybody else think that the burping contest was on the edge of being vulgar - or is it just me??)
Re: W T F ?!?! by perfectbitch on 13 July 2006 9:48am
Yes Anne, it was right in the middle of being vulgar. My daughter is addicted to the show, so I usually see bits and pieces of it. That was one bit I could have done without seeing.

Re: W T F ?!?! by kazzzz on 13 July 2006 2:58pm
I don't need this sort of eggrivation.
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