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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
Happy Planet Index by julwis on 16 July 2006 8:35am
Just found this online.....


It would be interesting to see who lives in the happiest place on the planet?
Re: Happy Planet Index by Ken Dunn on 16 July 2006 10:01pm
Our local Sunday newspaper (The Sunday Post) had an item on this today. The happiest place on earth is apparently Vanuatu for a number of very good reasons. Vanuatu is a group of islands in the Pacific Ocean.
The item featured a Scots lady who lives there with her husband running a diving business. A couple of facts that I thought unique are that you can post waterproof postcards in an undersea letterbox and you can also post fireproof postcards in the postbox at the top of a local volcano.
The islands expect an increase in tourism because of the accolade.
Re: Happy Planet Index by tucsonmike on 17 July 2006 1:03am
I just bookmarked it. Very interesting!
Re: Happy Planet Index by Ellerd on 17 July 2006 10:45am
Haitians are happier than Australians, NZers and Americans? Surprising...
Re: Happy Planet Index by tucsonmike on 18 July 2006 1:01am
Many poorer people seem to be. In the second book John Cleese wrote with Robin Skynner, Life and How to Survive It, they discussed Ladakh as the happiest folks they had ever met...until more Westerners came in and they were made to feel poor.

I am not an Anthropologist or Sociologist, but I wonder if you are extremely poor and see no way out, your priorities change greatly. Also, do they see themselves as "poor?" Those questions would have to be answered.
Re: Happy Planet Index by Ellerd on 18 July 2006 3:01am
Tells you something about our lifestyle then, doesn't it Mike. Money doesn't buy happiness - indeed!
Re: Happy Planet Index by tucsonmike on 18 July 2006 7:19am
Trust me Ellerd, it is true. I had that "highfalutin" existence. I am poorer economically now, but a lot less stressed. and enjoying life more. Some of the people I saw, money just made their lives more grasping and miserable. Was pretty sad. Now you understand why I see my present life as I have been given a second chance at being young. No, it is nice to have money, but money can add other stresses.

Re: Happy Planet Index by George on 18 July 2006 9:13pm
Let me ask a basic question taken from some of MP travels. Would anyone seriously want to trade places with someone from The Sudan or the Sahara Desert?

Less than 10 miles from here is a ranch and museum. Part of it is a working farm set up to resemble Texas in the 1830's, when Texas was a Mexican colony. As you might imagine, virtually everything is handmade, and so people are welcome to come plow the field, feed the hogs, make bread, spin yarn, etc. A lot of people come away with the idea that life was better then. What do you think?
Re: Happy Planet Index by Spursfan on 18 July 2006 10:25pm
No ta!
Re: Happy Planet Index by julwis on 18 July 2006 11:07pm
The happy planet index wouldnt recommend the Sudan or Sahara as being an ideal location either.

Obviously being based on statistical measures, one has to wonder how the figures are calculated and weighted. Bigger countries may bias the results to a greater extent than smaller ones do. Data might be overfitted to a model and give exactly the result you expect....... or maybe theres some truth in it. I have to say that having lived stateside, and moved away again, Im finding the rest of the world a far more interesting challenge.

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