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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
Palin signifance by macauley on 26 August 2006 5:27am
..any of our US folks notice that a Palin is in the running for governor of Alaska?.... she is the current mayor of Wasilla and defeated some awesome competitors as in the current governor.... will be in the election this November... Palins are everywhere so to speak...do we have to make campaign donations or is good will enough ....have not a clue as to what she supports but a Palin she is and single so she cannot register as a married with name candidate!!????
Re: Palin signifance by canaveralgumby on 26 August 2006 10:08pm
I looked at her site. First thing that struck me is that Sarah Palin is very pretty. Not as pretty as Michael, but then, who is?

Nowhere on the index page does it indicate her party. However there is a photo of Mayor Palin with Laura Bush at the bottom.

The following are excerpts from her position papers (or blogs, I guess they should be called if they're online):

"Gun Rights
Sarah is a life-time member of the NRA and is an avid hunter and shooter. She supports our Constitutional right to bear arms and is a proponent of gun safety programs for Alaska's youth."

"Pro-Family, Pro-Veterans, Pro-Seniors, Pro-Life
Sarah respects all Alaskans, at every age. She honors those who have fought for our freedoms. Sarah knows our veterans and State elders have given us the opportunities we're so blessed to enjoy today. She believes in showing that respect by making sure we return to our veterans and seniors the necessities they deserve for all they provided as they built up this Great Land. Sarah respects the sanctity of life, and she appreciates the rights and responsibilities that parents have to raise their children."

She may very well represent the concensus of Alaskans, I don't know. After all, Senator Ted Stevens, one of Congress' most arch-conservatives, is from Alaska.

Wait! From her bio:

"Sarah's Biography

Name : Sarah Palin

Office filed for : Governor

Political Party : R

Year of Birth : 1964

Place of Birth : Idaho

Spouse : Todd Palin

Children : Track, Bristol , Willow , Piper

Occupation : Former Mayor; Former Chairman, Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission

Length of Residency in Alaska : 42 yrs"

Re: Palin signifance by macauley on 27 August 2006 12:54am
..guess that a Palin spouse is ok...interesting names for the kids?! ..as to the NRA, guns, etc. we have travelled to Alaska and have friends there and quite frankly the population is armed! ..lots of hunters and those just protecting themselves from critters that eat you (and destroy property that might be in the way)... except for Anchorage, it is pretty wild open unpopulated country. except for the bears of course .. and great for fishing...no guns for me thank you, but out in the wilderness all our friends packed weapons for protection and hunting during the various seasons to stock their freezers for the long cold winters...great place to visit in the summer but cold and dark in the winter... and yes, Michael is much better looking of course....
Re: Palin signifance by tucsonmike on 27 August 2006 6:37am
Oh she definitely represents Alaska. No question. Alaska is still very much a frontier.
From Wikipedia

Her Official Site.

Re: Palin signifance by Spursfan on 27 August 2006 11:46am
Interesting names Macauley?? Downright weird if you ask me!

But then - each to their own. Just wouldn't want to grow up with the moniker 'Track'!
Re: Palin signifance by sighthound on 27 August 2006 11:45pm
Well, since so many people in Alaska still hunt to feed themselves (hence the need for all those guns), to
"track" is still a very useful skill. Track as a name probably doesn't sound as weird to native Alaskans as it does to us who get their meat neatly wrapped in plastic. Any Alaskans out there who might care to comment?
Re: Palin signifance by canaveralgumby on 11 September 2006 4:49am
Uh oh! Mayor Palin has competition!


magazine article:
"Could a dog become governor of Alaska? Probably not, but Brinkley is going for it anyway.

It's part of a campaign to get out the vote, and Brinkley for Governor signs have popped up all over the city sporting the slogan: "Get off your tail, hit the campaign trail, vote."

Ruth Sisk, the 2-yr-old golden retriever's person, started the campaign as a joke, but it's become the talk of the town. Sisk has turned the campaign into a fundraiser, selling t-shirts and buttons, with 75% of the proceeds going to local rescue groups.

Brinkley isn't expected to win, but if he does, free dog biscuits for all and mandtoary spay/neuter may be on the agenda."

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