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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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University Drinking Culture by Sophie-Louise on 12 October 2006 12:21am
i've just started at uni of lincoln and i have to say that i'm disgusted at the behaviour of many of my fellow students...especially their drinking habits, their aim is to go and get drunk!!! i really don't care what they do, it's up to them! but i don't drink alcohol and i feel like such an outcast here!!! when i tell people i don't drink they just try and force me and then make fun of me and call me boring. well it really annoys me! why do they care what i do!! i have three very good friends who don't drink either, but it feels like i can only be mates with students who don't drink, cos the ones who do drink take the michael out of me and call me boring!!!

i want to know people's opinions.

would you care if your flatmate didn't drink and would you try and force them to and make them feel stupid?!

hhmmm just posted this cos it just happened ten minutes ago. mood: REALLY HACKED OFF. lol

please tell me i'm not alone in this opinion!!!!
Re: University Drinking Culture by kazzzz on 12 October 2006 12:27am
No, you're not. I like a drink socially, but can't stand the way society revolves around alcohol. Where I live it is normal to drink alcohol like you would drink water (or in my case coffee.) People here never seen to egt out of the mindset that you HAVE to drink in any social occasion, whether you really want to or not. Tis utterly ridiculous. Men here especially are made to feel inferior if they choose not to drink copious amounts.
In saying this, I DO enjoy the odd black russian!

Yer well Soph , you can take the michael out of you but you CAN'T take the Palinitis out of you!!!
Re: University Drinking Culture by perfectbitch on 12 October 2006 9:09am
I have to say well done for resisting the peer pressure to join in with them. It makes me wonder how many of these drinkers are there because of peer pressure. Alcohol is socially acceptable and I think many people are blind to the dangers because they secretly worry about their own drinking habits. Safety in numbers maybe.

I recently read that your mother is an alcoholic. Snap. Even though she is now old and terminally ill, and I visit her every 3-4 weeks (she lives on the Isle of Wight) I cannot feel very much for her. She stopped drinking but the behaviour (tendency to emotionally abuse) never dimimished. It had to be accepted that there is never going to be any resolution between us as she, by her own recent admission is "full of self deceit."
There is an organisation called "Adult Children of Alcoholics and Dysfunctional Fanilies" should you need it. I'm sorry but I do not have their contact details to hand.

All the luck in the world with your studies.

Re: University Drinking Culture by peripatetically on 13 October 2006 1:19am
Don't worry Sophie. You aren't alone in not drinking. Some of my best frineds drank long before they were of legal age and it disturbed me more than my NOT drinking disturbed them. Once I turned 21, I bean to srink a little ... wine for dinner etc. By 26, it was party time with frineds on ski trips and at dances and other social functions. I never really ENJOYED it that much but went along with the crowd. Now I almost never touch a drop., and nobody says a word. I hope your collegues leave you alone. If not,s tick to your guns anyway. Love ya!
Re: University Drinking Culture by andreweduk on 13 October 2006 1:39am
It seems to vary from place to place too. I went to Uni in Lancaster and yes people drank a lot, but not stupidly. Im living in Sheffield now, and I dont know what it is, but everywhere you go there are drunk students! 2 people got hit by buses in freshers week, in the daytime!! Its disgusting, yes drink, but this is out of hand!!
Re: University Drinking Culture by suzulu on 13 October 2006 1:51pm
Sophie, if people don't want to drink, it is up to them and NO-ONE should force anyone to drink or call them boring because they don't. I used to work with someone who was always the life and soul of the party and she never touched a drop of alcohol!

I like a glass of wine or two or a lager myself but cannot drink too much, otherwise I am sick and get a terrific hangover next day.
Re: University Drinking Culture by intrepid on 13 October 2006 5:24pm
Good on you for being disgusted with the excessiveness of it. I went to a college with a no-alchohol-on-campus policy, and my friends and I were very proud (not to mention, pretty darn self-righteous) about not drinking alcohol. I had a blast in college, and ALL of it came from not having my brain impaired, and none of it came from alcohol.

When I went to the Czech Republic in my last year of college, I was really irritated at the students for who being able to have alchohol was a big deal. It was stupid. It was 18 to 22 year olds trying pathetically to feel grown up. That's what it was, mostly, pretending that they were older because they were drinking and getting drunk, and, tee-hee, Mommy and Daddy weren't there to stop them!

You could see that some of the stuff they were trying tasted extremely nasty, and I'd ask why, if it didsn't make them less thirsty AND they didn't like how it tasted, what exactly is the reason for drinking it. I told them that, heck yes, if they wanted to get drunk they could, but I reserved the right to take advantage, photos and/or humiliate them in their state.
Re: University Drinking Culture by Sophie-Louise on 13 October 2006 10:33pm
thanks for all your opinions on this matter! it's good to see that i'm not alone in this! i have a few friends that don't drink but there aren't many of us out there!!!

Re: University Drinking Culture by kazzzz on 14 October 2006 2:19pm
Re: University Drinking Culture by Lounge Trekker on 15 October 2006 5:43am
Hey Sophie;

You don't have to drink - it's your choice, but I wouldn't broadcast that you object to drinking amongst the crowd of young drinking-types. It's a shame, but you may find yourself ostracized by a bunch of people, who, if they ever grow up, you may fit right in with.

Really, it's a plus not drinking. For you - your health, economy, and personal performance...and for them - you are the level head in the crowd, able to drive legally and to communicate with the 'sober, outside-world'.

Hey, I like my beer and wine more than most, but it is your choice and you should never feel it is any other way. Anyone that pressures you into anything is not a real freind.

Try not to let it bother you...and be true to yourself.

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