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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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A medical scare by bandgeek512 on 12 October 2006 1:13am
Your prayers will be greatly appreciated.

If you havenít read the Tell Me about Your Day thread, then Iíll fill you inÖ

About two or three weeks ago, I started getting these intense, terrible headaches. They would take me down hard: I couldnít walk and either had double-vision or saw blacked-out spots in my eyes. Thinking they were only migraines, I treated them as such. I would lie in a dark room for hours until the pain subsided.

After that, the headaches would just persist without any relief whatsoever. But, it was when I woke up with a metallic taste in my mouth that I decided to go to the doctorís office. One of the doctors at the office I go to prescribed me some migraine medicine and sent me to a lab to get some blood work done.

When the migraine medicine didnít work, I went back to the doctor and saw the other doctor that works there. He asked me a whole bunch of questions and seemed really concerned about the persistent debilitating headaches and the metallic taste in my mouth.

He then did something that I always dread when I go to the doctorís office: the basic neurological test. (Testing my vision, reflexes, and speech). I had thought I was done with that since I was cleared for not having seizures. It really freaked me out. I was sure he was going to have me admitted to Childrenís Healthcare of Atlanta (the hospital I went to about a year and a half ago for my heart).

I wasnít admitted but the information he gave me is just as concerningÖ

He told me that I was showing symptoms of multiple sclerosis. Multiple sclerosis is a chronic neurological disease that involves the central nervous system. Iím having an MRI scan to see if I have signs of MS. There is another worst case scenario is that it could be a brain tumor.

My doctors are at a loss for a diagnosis so far. I have been diagnosed with low blood pressure, but it has been dangerously high recently. It isnít consistently low. So, we still donít definitely know what is causing my passing out and, recently, my horrible headaches. The migraine medicine doesnít work at allóand my doctor said that itís not looking like migraines are the cause.

So, weíre back to square one. We first thought it was seizures, then my blood pressure, and now weíre not sure againÖMS is a catch-all diagnosis. The symptoms are vague and are often mistaken for something else. But, the thing is, itís been proved that I donít have a lot of the likely choices. A neurologist has to prove at least two episodes of MS that lasted longer than 24 hours and maybe a spinal tap to see if I have it.

So, after that long, long post, I really just need to say that I need my friends now more than ever. It did make me feel better to talk openly about whatís going on. My college experience was ruined by my medical problems and I donít have many friends left here at home (theyíre all in college now). So, itís nice to have somewhere to goÖ

Thanks, everyone.
Re: A medical scare by kazzzz on 12 October 2006 3:38am
I'm so sorry to hear that, it must be very worrying for you. I don't know wot to say other than I sincerely hope you find out the cause soon and that things are all ok, and that we're all here for you if you need a chat :)
Kazz xxxxx
Re: A medical scare by Miss-M on 12 October 2006 6:18am
My thoughts are with you. As Kazzzz said, we're always here if you feel the need to get things off your chest.
Re: A medical scare by canaveralgumby on 12 October 2006 7:16am
Nope, I haven't kept up with that thread. Geez, bandgeek, what are we gonna do with you?!?!

I have MS, which I've written about here a little. BUT I'm NOT aware of chronic headaches or metallic taste in the mouth as indicators or symptoms of MS. I know that people who get migraines often have a metallic taste, or see "flashes" in their vision, before a migraine comes.

Your blood pressure problems and loss of consciousness always concern me. Like I said, not all your symptoms are indicative of MS. I'm NOT sure that these 2 are. But a neurologist, or better yet a GROUP of neurologists, or best of all an INTERNAL MEDICINE GROUP with ALL the specialists working together, ought to be able to tell.

Most common MS "stuff":

* VERTIGO - sense of being in motion or falling when you're not, sometimes really intense. Can feel like balance / inner ear problem but they usually test and rule that out.

* vision problems - partial sight loss due to inflammation of optic nerve. Comes and goes. For some, permanent sight loss.

* For some, permanent bodily paralysis

* serious fatigue, like fighting to come out of anesthesia

* "Spasticity" especially in extremities, but some feel "tremors" in the torso as well

* "Gait" problems

* problems getting the hands to work

* general body aches, sometimes chronic, in some cases constant

* incontinence OR loss of ability to urinate

All of the symptoms are exacerbated by stress (duh, everything is!) and by hot temperatures or a rise in body temp.

I hope they make some progress in solving your conundrum. The first steps may be to rule out what you don't have. You've got to have patience through it all. They have wonderful technologies to figure things out, but they don't have magic wands, or tricorders! They need to work on that...

Email me privately if you'd like:
[email protected]

-- Cori
Re: A medical scare by bandgeek512 on 12 October 2006 10:16pm
Thanks for the info, Cori! I'm saving it in my computer for further reference.

Oh, yeah, you have to have patience. They've been ruling out what I don't have for several years now. It gets annoying and disappointing sometimes, but I've been learning how to deal with it. I relieve the stress, funnily enough, by going here. :) :P

Headaches are a much less common symptom. Basically, my doctors are out of choices, so they're checking for MS. The main reason for the MS tests, I just found out, is for the extreme fatigue I'm experiencing.

I think I may go to the emergency room tonight, though. I'm having nosebleeds, trouble walking, and trouble seeing. If that continues, I'm going to the ER. Feh. I think my main doctor wants my MRI scan rescheduled for tomorrow instead of next week.
Re: A medical scare by Helen on 12 October 2006 10:34pm
bandgeek, my thoughts are with you. And even though you don't know me-- I'm just some loony on that loony Palin's chatterbox-- I am sending you one of these:


I'm not that creepy, I promise. Ask Cori. :)

sending comfort your way,
Re: A medical scare by canaveralgumby on 13 October 2006 12:06am
She's totally creepy. Don't believe a word she says.

Just kidding. Love ya, Helen!

What specialists have you been to? There are so many, and sometimes we don't think about it. There are
endochrinologists - glands
ear, nose & throat drs.
neurologists - nervous system
GI gastroenterolgists - digestive system
hematologists - blood disorders
just off the top of my head. One of these groups might hear your specific set of symptoms and say, "We know just what that is."
Re: A medical scare by peripatetically on 13 October 2006 1:15am
Aw, I'm so sorry to ehar about your illness. I hope a diagnosis is made soon so the ebst medical hep can be started for you. Try to stay optimistic, ok?

Re: A medical scare by suzulu on 13 October 2006 1:28am
Sorry to hear about your health problems, Layne. Let's hope that they will find out what's wrong soon and get you better.

My thoughts are with you. Sue
Re: A medical scare by tucsonmike on 13 October 2006 1:39am
Layne, I just saw this. Good grief! My thoughts are with you kid.
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