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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
4 Weddings and a funeral part 2 by arty_farty on 20 January 2007 1:24am
this is basicly some random filler stuff before the next wedding.

Arty went to answer the door and found Heather and Michael standing there, her hand in his, making no effort to conceal the sparkling mass on her finger. This was the first time she'd seen them since the wedding. Arty noticed that her friend still had that happily dazed look on her face and grinned.

"aww congrats you two" Arty hugged them and let them in. she really should have tried to tidy up but John had been keeping her busy. "Mike will be over soon, and John" Heather gave her a small wink and Arty's face went red.
Heather shook her head with mock disdain. "And you tease me about fancying someone for years." "Leave her alone, love," said Michael gently. "She's nervous enough already." He raised one eyebrow at Arty. "Word has it that John's looking forward to seeing you."

"heh heh heh, really?" Arty felt shocked, it wasn't often that a guy looked forward to seeing her. changing the subject she pulled out some takeaway menus "pizza, Indian, Chinese or Thai?" Heather gave her a funny look "what? food is important"
"It is, but shouldn't you be making sure you look as good as is possible? I root for Chinese. Mikey?" He began to sing. "I like Chinese, I like Chinese, they only come up to your knees..." "Thank you, Mr. Idle." "Welcome."

Arty slapped her forehead in mock annoyance "well I壇 better go change, you two try and keep your hands off each other while I知 out" she quickly changed outfits and picked up the Chinese menu. the door bell buzzed and she let Mike in who had the DVDs and popcorn.
Michael picked Heather up a few inches off the ground and kissed her on both cheeks. "We'll try," he said with a fully dimpled grin. "Hi Mike." called Heather from her husband's arms. "My lady," said Mike, bowing to her. "Where's the third denizen of this humble abode?" "Makeup and Chinese food detail."
Arty came out of her bathroom with her hand over her eye "bloody mascara, hey Mike" "what did you do this time you daft plum?" he asked " word to the wise, never blink and had a funny twitch when putting mascara on"
He nodded. "Wise words indeed. Where's John?" Arty went red once again. "Who knows?" "Don't worry," said Michael, "if he doesn't show I'll ring him. The more, the merrier."
"exactly, lets give him 10 more minutes before putting the film on. I値l order the food and see who gets here first." said Arty "ha, I bet £10 that the food gets here 1st"
"Ten quid? You're on," said Heather, holding out the note for Arty to see. Michael shook his head. "Never can resist a challenge, can you?"

"aww come on, it just a bit of fun" Heather poked him in the ribs "its just a tenner". Arty rolled her eyes "let me get the food ordered and..." she was cut off by the buzzer going
"It's a tie", Michael proclaimed. "As you didn't order the food yet." Arty scrambled for the door. Her hands shook as she turned the knob.

"ever so sorry, my car broke down can i use you phone?" Arty gave a loud gasp "oh my god! Hugh Grant?" she thought that she could hear the other three's jaws dropping

"You're bloody kidding," whispered Heather. Mike looked up from his post on Arty's couch, amused at this strange turn of events. Michael fished his mobile out of his pocket and handed it over. "Good to meet you. I'm Michael Palin." A smile of recognition passed over Hugh's face. "I've seen you on BBC1. Didn't think sweating your arse off in the desert could make for entertaining TV."

Arty gave a mad laugh, which made everyone look at her. "sorry, but i had a dream about this.... I値l go get that food." she placed an order with the local restaurant and told herself off. thankfully when she
went back into the room everyone was laughing about something Hugh Grant said.

Heather raised her eyebrows in Arty's direction when she walked by. "A dream about this?" she asked quietly. "Exactly like this?"

"almost, there was some dancing carrots in it for some reason" heather gave her an odd look "well what do you expect from me? I知 hardly normal"
Heather laughed and got that peculiar twinkle in her eyes that always happened when she was about to quote someone. "That's true, I know." "Who said it?" "Davy Jones as Little Red Riding Hood. The Monkees TV show."

ten minutes later Hugh grant had left, the food had arrived and Arty was ten pounds richer. they'd just put the film on and started eating when john arrived with a rose and some chocolates "sorry I知 late, a mad female fan wouldn't leave me alone." he kissed Arty and stole some duck off her plate.

Mike threw Arty an "ah, I see how it is with you two" look. Arty pretended to fling a piece of broccoli at him.

Re: 4 Weddings and a funeral part 2 by johnnythemonkey on 20 January 2007 2:37am
just got up at 6 am for work!
Re: 4 Weddings and a funeral part 2 by fairygirl48 on 20 January 2007 3:50am
Hee hee, you must remember that this was written by two somewhat daft teenagers with wild imaginations.

And yes, you are part of the lunacy.

Welcome to the dark side. We have cookies.
Re: 4 Weddings and a funeral part 2 by johnnythemonkey on 20 January 2007 5:09am
You two girls are doing a great job giving us all a laugh,which I think we could all do with!
I have had to edit this post,as I had a couple of "cheeky" wee gin and tonics when I first posted!
ssshh,I know that is not a drink for a Scotsman but don't tell anyone!
Re: 4 Weddings and a funeral part 2 by arty_farty on 21 January 2007 10:48pm
*hands you some brown food colouring* voila fizzy whiskey!

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