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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: name your dogs by Layla on 7 April 2003 9:29am
our 1 year old labrador had the very original name of Max - he's so cute...
Re: name your dogs by Katie on 7 April 2003 9:55am
I have two dogs, Chuckie (a Westie) and Willie (a dachshund). I have a cat named Cookie, a bird named Smoochie and a fish named Sir Henry Swimmington, aka Hankie. (My previous, deceased, fish was Sir Edward Swimmingon, or "Swimmie")

Notice a trend? My mom likes animals with "ie" at the end of their names. And apparently she likes to name her children like that too. <sigh>


ps) I have to take responsibility for naming the fish.
Re: name your dogs by peripatetically on 7 April 2003 4:59pm
Oh, my goodness, Katie!!!! We have a Dachsie named Willy, too!!!! He's our third one. The others were named Max and Doc. Have you ever had better pups!???? I love them to death and they are so affectionate. The sun rises and sets with Willy. I'm sure you feel the same with yours too.

Have also had a Great Dane , ....er Spaniel and Airdale in the past as well as a mixed breed. The Great Dane was wondeful, but the Dachsies are truly the best of all!!!!

Re: name your dogs by castleaargh5 on 8 April 2003 3:50am
I have one dog. Her name is Jade, she is a great Perinese mixed golden Lab, and very friendly.
Re: name your dogs by Rusted on 8 April 2003 8:41am
I hope you don't plan on flushing your budgie down the loo, Karen... ;O)

Oh, heck...I'll join in as long as I'm here.

I've got a miniature schnauzer (11 yrs, old geezer) named Mandy. She's the most adorable thing. I can even connect my post to this website - I keep her up all night with my typing, writing posts here! LOL!

~Mary (15 min to midnight)

Re: name your dogs by Quaylemonster on 10 April 2003 11:20pm
I have a Rotweiler-Shepherd named Odie and a Dalmation-God Knows What (she has absolutely NO physical characteristics of a dalmation) named Dixie.
Re: name your dogs by Sophie-Louise on 10 April 2003 11:45pm

i love doggies too!! I have a Jack Russel Terrier called Toby but i call him smell cause he farts all the time.
I also have a goldfish called Freak, who looks a bit like a dog and keeps changing colour, hence the name Freak. There's also my brother who's a bit like an animal and smells more than the dog.

That's all folks......

Re: name your dogs by pandk2 on 11 April 2003 5:25am
Fierce Creature problem....
My husband has acquired a reptile tank, into which he would very much like to place a repitle with no legs...a snake!
I am petrified of the horrid things, and don't know why he can't have something harmless like a Water Dragon or a Chameleon!
He plans to keep it in the house, to make matters even worse...

What am I gonna do??????

Re: name your dogs by peripatetically on 11 April 2003 4:23pm
Oh Karen, there's no way in God's creation that I would want a snake. Honey, you just absolutely have to talk him out of it. What's the atttraction with those ugly things anyway? Have never understood it.

Maybe you could plant a terrarium with expensive plants and fragile items so a snake living there is not feasible. All I know, is that I would have a seizure if Larry brought one home, which he wouldn't.
Good luck trying to talk some common sense into this man of yours!!

Re: name your dogs by my dear on 11 April 2003 5:32pm
Here's a joke.

Why do men name their willies?

Because they don't want a stranger making ninety-five percent of their decisions for them.

Now why males name their dogs is an entirely different matter. My dog's name - and I'm not kidding you about this - is Willie.

He was named after the soccer player, Willie Johnston, who used to play for The Vancouver Whitecaps.
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