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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: *SCREAM!!!!* by Spursfan on 26 July 2008 1:55pm
Hi Judy (or if you prefer "Hey Jude"!!)!

I don't like the fluttering; I don't like butterflies for the same reason and as for moths!!! Forget it !

In the case of both birds and butterflies I admire from afar.

Re: *SCREAM!!!!* by Spursfan on 26 July 2008 2:57pm
No they dont as you know very well V = doesn't make them less scary though hahaha

Re: *SCREAM!!!!* by Ken Dunn on 26 July 2008 4:27pm
Having found the bird on your computer, you'll have to watch it doesn't stun itself against the window trying to get back to the same place. Keep an eye on your window ledge or the ground below over the next few days just in case.
Robins are very territorial and having found a new bit of 'territory' it may try to get back there quickly.
We had a visit from a robin which was very upset outside our front window when we got a new loud singing canary some months ago.
Re: *SCREAM!!!!* by sighthound on 26 July 2008 7:32pm
Now I can understand how fluttering could cause visual distress in some people but you're scared of cows too, Anne? Lovely, gentle, quiet beasts for the most part. And you have a dog, another lovely, gentle beast (and with a great blog) that half the world is scared of.... (One of my projects is fighting all the hysterical breed specific legislation that is sweeping the country. Unfortunately, in many places, Tosun would now be illegal and, in some places like Denver, he could be confiscated and killed just for what he looks like.)
Re: *SCREAM!!!!* by Spursfan on 26 July 2008 11:05pm
I was chased, with some friends, by a herd of cows when I was about 10 - though they were probably bullocks to be fair.

I just don't like them and if we walk Tosun round where we live I am always keeping an eye open for any sign of cows.

When I was still living with my parents (who had this house before us) there was a herd of cows in the field next door, which there often is even now. One day the farmer put in a Hereford bull - and it escaped into our back garden!!! Luckily I was at work but poor Mum had to ring the farmer to get him to get the bull off our land!! [He also put up a wall!!]

Oh and cows have been known to kill people you know!! [Am I being as bad as people who say that about Staffies??!]

How upsetting that a dog just as gentle and loving as Tosun could be killed for nothing in Denver!!!

(Tosun says 'thank you, lick lick' for your lovely comment about his blog, by the way!!)
Re: *SCREAM!!!!* by mrsthing on 26 July 2008 11:16pm
We had a young hawk sitting in a tree outside the window of the room where we keep our parakeets. They were very upset! I closed the window; the hawk was definitely sizing up the strength of the screen v. his talons.

And for the record, I HAAAAAAAATE being addressed, "Hey Jude"! It's SOOOO been done!
Re: *SCREAM!!!!* by johnnythemonkey on 27 July 2008 12:18am
Hay Jude ?
Re: *SCREAM!!!!* by sighthound on 27 July 2008 12:34am
I really do love cows. Used to milk them in the summers at family farms when I was a kid. Lovely animals. But yes, Anne, bulls are a definitely a different story. Once, in my youth, I had to help out a vet with a semen collection from a bull for artificial insemination. It was a very dramatic experience and not one I'll ever volunteer for again. I've helped out with AI in horses and that's scary enough but is nothing like dealing with with a ton of snorting bovine muscle, bone and horn. (I do like watching good rodeo bull riding events, though. Those bulls really love what they do and relish it when they score a win against the cowboy.)
Re: *SCREAM!!!!* by Spursfan on 27 July 2008 9:34am
Hahahaha sorry Judy, it just popped into my head when I wrote Hi Judy and couldn't resist! I shall consider myself well and truly reprimanded. :(

Here's an example of cows attacking!


Admittedly the walker had his dog with him which can cause cattle to panic. When we were first married we walked my parents' Jack Russell Terrier over some fields and ended up having to run for it as the cows in one field stampeded towards us!

When we walk Tosun (and I make SURE no cattle are in the fields we enter (and we always have permission by the way)) I cling on to the idea that if I WAS attacked by a bull, Tosun would bring him down; that he would do what the breed was bred for enabling him to save me!! However, I make sure that this situation never happens.
Re: *SCREAM!!!!* by kazzzz on 27 July 2008 2:20pm
Ooh Anne my Kathryn is afraid of moths but will out a live snake around her neck (and has done AND chased me with it)...weird child she is. If a moth is in the hose she goes berserk until I catch it. But uses snakes as scarves. Hmm.....

Hey Jude, Don't be afraid,
Take a bird song
And make it flutter :)

Sorry...really I am ;)
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