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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Splitters!! by kazzzz on 2 August 2008 3:18pm
Haaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! Aaaah you made me spit my tea then!!!!!! Oh that's such a good shop, Bert and I went there and we were taking photos of everything and CRYING with laughter, the shopkeeper was joining in too! it was Pitlochry , wasn't it?
Re: Splitters!! by bIG bLOGGER on 2 August 2008 3:24pm
kazzzz:a bunch of lupins????....How loopy ARE you?...You really are much madder than I ever imagined.
Re: Splitters!! by kazzzz on 2 August 2008 3:31pm
Haven't you seen that Python sketch??
Re: Splitters!! by mrsthing on 2 August 2008 4:01pm
I'm passed the lupin stage. Now all I want is gold, silver, jewelry, snuff boxes, pussy cats, ornaments, etc., etc. But I wouldn't give them to a bunch of tight-asses like the people of Aberystwyth! (Even if I could spell it.)
Re: Splitters!! by peripatetically on 3 August 2008 12:38am
Yes, Pitlochry is was. She took us there too. I bought some lovely clothes in a shop there and we had tea someplace. That's also were Larry left his camera behind. We didn't discover it was missing until we were more than halfway back to our hotel in Edinburgh-waaaaay too far to turn around. We could have died. But Pete phoned them immediately , from his car, and yes, it was found. The next day we flew home early for the USA but Pete took his motorcycle and rode back to Pitlochry to retrieve the camera. He then mailed it to us , safe and sound, in good working order. Bless that man! ( And they say Scots are sh'theads. ; )
Re: Splitters!! by johnnythemonkey on 3 August 2008 1:10am
"( And they say Scots are sh'theads. ; ) "

I sure hope it's not Americans that are saying it. You're country would've been nothing without Scots. Anyway, I think the most hated country on the planet should refrain from disparaging any other nation. Your bombs say enough.
Re: Splitters!! by tucsonmike on 3 August 2008 6:36am
Yes, the Scots are a major part of America. Well both the United States and Canada, as the book How the Scots Invented the Modern World will tell you. The Scots-Irish were sent to settle the frontier.
They are still a good chunk of the U.S. military.
I will not pick on them. I admire them greatly as friends and family.
Johnny, you are the one who brought this up. We have our own issues with the economy and an insane Presidential election @ the moment. If we are so hated, why do so many still want to come here to live among us.
More and more though, I am hunkering down. My "patriotism" is more toward the region and wanting to be left alone. In other words, a Libertarian.
Johnny, you are just spoiling to make trouble anyway.
Re: Splitters!! by johnnythemonkey on 3 August 2008 9:29am
Spoiling to make trouble Mike ? Me ? I don't think so. As for so many people wanting to 'come here to live among us '. Your capitalist machine has kept so many countries impoverished and supported corrupt and oppressive regimes where it suited your purpose, that of course, many people want to escape to your 'streets paved with gold' land. The majority of them become 'slaves' in the service economy or eke a living in the 'black economy'. Slavery may be gone but the U.S imports new 'blacks' all the time.
I'd love to see the natural beauty of America and the Americans I have met here in Scotland have mostly been polite and nice folk but I class the States as one of the countries that I would never visit.
Re: Splitters!! by Spursfan on 3 August 2008 9:36am
It is one of my fave countries to visit. The people are friendly, the food is great ! and the scenery stunning.

Haven't seen that much of it yet - just Florida, California, Nevada, Utah and Arizona - but I hope to see more.

Re: Splitters!! by johnnythemonkey on 3 August 2008 9:56am
England is on my list too. :)
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