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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Splitters!! by Spursfan on 3 August 2008 11:14am
"England is on my list too" - your list not to visit you mean? LIES!!! How come you were in the Lake District last month then? Eh? Eh?!! :p


And I intend NEVER to visit Scotland - well ok I went to St Abbs about 12 years ago but that was only a scuba trip - there are just TOO MANY scotsmen...

Re: Splitters!! by peripatetically on 3 August 2008 1:36pm
Anne, you've seen such a small segment of the country here. Do return and see parts that are completely different. head east but not Florida again. Geesh, why do people head there so much? lol. I know---it's got to be the sunshine and heat for the Brits. {It's a standing joke with my Scottish friends who I've visited and spent time with there(Fla.) AND in Scotland.}

We are a diverse country made up of many different ethniticities that have contributed in many ways to make us as great as most of the world perceives us. We can't point to any one group to say they were more important than another, very unlike what Johnny is saying. And don't let him try to convince anyone that immigrants are simply "slaves" to us. People across the country from abroad hold high jobs and living high off the hog because they have worked their way up or were smart from the beginning when they arrived. Those that haven't, are still better off than from whence they came, else they'd have run right back home.

Johnny , it's sad you are so jealous. Appreciate what you have and be patriotic, but stop putting others down. This is a forum to bring people together, not divide us.
Re: Splitters!! by peripatetically on 3 August 2008 1:38pm
JOHNNY, it was a JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good grief!! Didn't you see the "lol" that's a joke if ever I knew one. Geesh, I've een there and I know how nice the people are, except for you! lol ;)

Oh, and BTW, I don't drop the bombs. That was a real nasty thing to say, Johnny. Shame on you
Re: Splitters!! by johnnythemonkey on 3 August 2008 2:47pm
As Corporal Jones would say, " They don't like it up 'em. "
Re: Splitters!! by Spursfan on 3 August 2008 3:18pm
I know Pats, but considering it was only 3 holidays and 2 of those were Florida we didnt do badly!! We go to Turkey mostly (4 times this year alone). I'd like to go to Dakota and the Carolinas.

I love Florida - not for the Parks (though I love Sea World).
Re: Splitters!! by mrsthing on 3 August 2008 9:39pm
"I sure hope it's not Americans that are saying it. You're country would've been nothing without Scots. Anyway, I think the most hated country on the planet should refrain from disparaging any other nation. Your bombs say enough."

Just proves that shitheadedness is universal... (LOL!)
Re: Splitters!! by tucsonmike on 4 August 2008 12:45am
OH Judy, LOL! Mr. Palin must be reading this and having a fit, because Patty is right. Much of the purpose of this forum is to unite, not divide us.
Our government and we, the American people are not the same (and growing farther apart as I type):-(\
Re: Splitters!! by peripatetically on 4 August 2008 4:00am
I love Sea World too, Anne, but that's really not Florida, per se. lol. I call Florida "Swampland, USA"! HAHAHAHA. No hard feelings for anyone here who lives there. To each, his own. And I say for any foreigner who's been to Florida ONLY and thinks he's seen the USA, I say, "No you haven't".

The Carolinas are very nice in spots. Try the Outer Banks of N. Carolina. It's marvelous there, so wild and open. These are a series of barrier islands that are so narrow in spots that you can see the ocean on one side of you and the other bodies of water separating you from the mainland on the other, and they are just yards away from each other. There are only a couple roads to the mainland so in case of storms and hurricanes, which are many, you gotta have a miracle in your pocket to survive. Sand blows across the roads in areas from the beach on a daily basis . Some areas have ggrgeous high d sand dunes with wild undeveloped areas. There are hundreds of shipwrecks at the bottom of the seas along the coast too. It's a gorgeous place. Lots of lighthouses along the coast too. Small fishing towns and beach areas are scattered here and there and villages that encourage bicycle ridding rather than cars.

Charleston is also fabulous with it's history, plantations and southern charm, food, old homes/mansions, crafts and gorgeous gardens. Savannah, Ga. is lovely as well. If you play golf, by all means go directly to Hilton Head!!!!

The Biltmore is America's biggest castle, situated in the Smokey Mountains and belonging to the Vanderbilt family. It's worth a full day or more just to see it all and it's surrounding acreage. It's a gorgeous place, set alone in the mountains.

Never been to the Dakotas.

If you like history arts, music and, other culture head to Boston, Washington, NY or ANYPLACE on the east coast, really. The NE and mid-Atlantic part of the country is rich in American history as far as the beginnings of the country are concerned. Your being British, I'm sure you are aware of that. lol.The deep south is fascinating too. There are also many wonderful National Parks. ACADIA IS ONE NOT TO BE MISSED, located in Maine! But ask first--- Judy, Mike and I and other USA people can help direct you to places you might enjoy more than others and steer you away from the least exciting. Yep, a big big country and vastly different everywhere you travel. In fact, it's time I saw more of it myself!
Re: Splitters!! by Spursfan on 4 August 2008 9:02am
I want to see Deadwood and the Black Hills (yes I love Annie Get Your Gun!!).

And we didn't get to Tombstone in Arizona when we went (we basically went from National Park to National Park - Joshua Tree NP (well I am a U2 fan lol); Yosemite NP; Death Valley NP; Bryce Canyon NP; Zion NP; Grand Canyon NP - though I may have missed one or two off the list! We also visited Las Vegas and SF and went whale watching from Monterey amongst loads of things we did that wonderful holiday).

So yes, I would love to visit most of the US, but it is places like Deadwood and Tombstone that I REALLY want to see!!
Re: Splitters!! by kazzzz on 4 August 2008 12:42pm
I've seen a lot of pictures of atty's town and back yard and it always looks like a postcard, just so pretty, especially the ones with snow and deer right ner her back door:)

Kathryn wants to go to Venice beach, it's her alltime dream destination!!!
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