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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Bored of the Rings by MissTrixiB on 2 March 2004 12:47am
I must say something here....
Peter jackson and his crew devoted the last 7 - 8 years of their lives to this trilogy. Peter Jackson as best director was overlooked for the last two years. This was HIS year. This Oscar sweep, in my opinion, was very well deserved. We hear so much of this project beacause of grand scale and time devoted to it (did I mention that this has been 7 or 8 years in the making?) In due time, we won't hear so very much about it, but this was a biggy. The last time a film had this much of an accomplishment at Oscar time was Titanic......and that was a load of drivel! Be patient, but understand that in pop culture, this is the stuff that is very historic. We still hear of how Gone With the Wind was the biggest Oscar sweep of all time. We have seen Vivian Leigh and Hattie McDaniel accepting their trophies in the Oscar archives from days gone by. Now we've had a chance to witness such an event for ourselves live (well, thanks to Miss Jackson and Mr. Timberlake, five minutes after the fact ;-)) I'm not attacking anyone, just wanted to say that I feel strongly about this and for the reasons that I mentioned.
Oop's.....pardon me.....I just tripped on my soap box!
Re: Bored of the Rings by peripatetically on 2 March 2004 1:05am
I totally agree. It WAS their time and it WAS well-deserved and it was 7-8 years in the making. All I wanted to say was that I'm sick of it and am glad we'll be moving on soon. A simple statement but I recognize the accomplishments, etc. I am NOT disagreeing with it, just tired of the fuss. LOL!
Re: Bored of the Rings by sminobe on 2 March 2004 3:26am
Actually, it was a 5 *second* delay & it was never used -- even for Sean Penn's jab at WMDs (or lack thereof).

Interesting comment re:pacing. As an ardent fan of the books & the movie it's impossible for me to be objective at all. Still, I'll have a go at it...

I thought all 3 films had a nice balance between the chase/tension-inducing scenes & the necessary calmer scenes that were needed to develop characters &, more importantly, to try & get the convoluted plot across to those who hadn't read the book at all (or had forgotten the plot long ago!).
I hate movies where the entire plot exposition happens in a car going at 100mph being shot at by someone with anti-tank missles! But that's just me...

Anyway, since this is the "Blathering On" section of PalinsTravels it is the obvious place for discussions of non-Palin, non-series & non-travel related topics. Like LOTR.

For those who do wish to discuss this subject, please put something in the subject header that is fairly identifiable as LOTR-related. Or, head over to theonering.net.

I'd recommend that those who do not wish to discuss it any more by-pass those threads containing "The Lord of the Rings" or "The Hobbit" or "Tolkien" or the acronyms: LOTR, FOTK, TT & ROTK.

Frodo Lives!
Re: Bored of the Rings by MissTrixiB on 2 March 2004 4:57am
**Second....second....I MEANT to say 'second'**
sorry....I REALLY did mean to say 'second' there.

NOW I'm finished.

Re: Bored of the Rings by Martin99 on 2 March 2004 11:17am
From what I've read, I'm still not sure whether to or not see this movie(s). I don't think the 'Titanic' comparisons are a good idea. This movie is now pretty well hammered now by people. When this movie came out, everyone seemed to love it, now it's seen as the norm to slate it. Personally I think it's a good movie.
LOTR may have the same fate one day. People move on, and dismiss things they once liked very quickly( look at the pop charts).
Then again what is the Oscars? A lot of overpaid luvvies who are getting their already massive ego's stroked...It's just an overblown American thing really. I was in LA on Oscar night (a few years ago), and it was sad to see the homeless people around the venue, whilst all these massive stretch limo's were whizzing past...

Re: Bored of the Rings by cutiepie22 on 2 March 2004 12:12pm
very true martin couldn't agree wiv u more :-)but id do think u should see the films atleast u can have a real view onit,,,who knows u may love them and rant like the rest of us!!
Re: Bored of the Rings by Martin99 on 2 March 2004 1:03pm
What are they about?
I think maybe girls only like these films because of the 'guys' in them!!
Go on admit it, you're as shallow as us men!!
I hope Peter Jackson does not end up like 'George Lucas'. Hopefully Jackson will move on, and not be always remembered as the LOTR guy..
If anyone is looking for a deep and moving film, I would say go see "Sex lives of the potato men"...
Hopefully the word sex has not been censored..

Have a nice day yawl...

Re: Bored of the Rings by watercub on 2 March 2004 4:05pm
OHHH goody, 2nd after Titanic....sort of a dubious honor, isn't it?

Re: Bored of the Rings by watercub on 2 March 2004 4:12pm
I do think they had to reward the trilogy, it being their last year and all, and Jackson admittedly did do a wonderful job on the films ( the screenwriters as well...adapting Tolkien to screen must have been a task).

However, I think there were a couple films sorely overlooked in the winners this year. Honestly, I wanted Eastwood to win for Best Director...Mystic River was wonderful, and snagged 2 best actor awards, while no performances from LOTR were even nominated. Isn't part of the director's job to inspire their actors to stellar performances?

Lost in Translation was also very good....those Coppolas are a talented bunch, aren't they...

Re: Bored of the Rings by risible-phyll on 2 March 2004 4:46pm
Awww patty cudles(())), I have never read the book or saw the films and am still living and breathing(just)lol...

don't feel like I've missed out on anything either??
Phyll bert
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