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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: MORE introductions (for everyone) by peripatetically on 10 February 2003 4:14am
USA: To Caitanja, welcome to our site! Where in Germany do you live?? I have been to Germany many many times!

Re: MORE introductions (for everyone) by Rusted on 10 February 2003 6:43am
Ahem...there's a lot of newbies, so I'll just say...WELCOME to you all. :O)

I'm Mary, The Big Cheese at the IDLS (I Don't Like Spam!) Club. You may also come across me in reference to "The Mary Disease"; the symptoms of said disease is the severe compulsion to ask "Is it April yet?" all the time. I am also the "I am NOT a loony!" loony. Other than that, you just may know me as the one who posts all the time. ;O)

Hope you all enjoy your stay!

Dianne! I'm sorry I couldn't help you while I was gone! Phyll, you grossed me out with that detailed Spam bit there.

I DON'T LIKE SPAM!!!!!!!!!!!

Take that! Newbies, don't join the dark side! We are kind and comforting in the IDLS Club®, and welcome newbies with open arms. We may be a bit odd, but we're sane compared to the pro-Spamers. :O)

~Mary ("Globs of Spam"?? Nasty!)
"The Big Cheese"
The IDLS Club®
"Follow the Gourd!"

Re: MORE introductions (for everyone) by Rusted on 10 February 2003 6:55am
Caitanja, that was so cute! I'm glad your post worked, and welcome!

Re: MORE introductions (for everyone) by Dianne on 10 February 2003 7:29am
Ello – Ellen couldn’t leave home without her Spam and took a tin to Michael’s talk! I’m sure I saw her taking a bite or two while Michael was talking about eating camel meat. Do you think Michael’s mention of meat made her hungry?

Welcome to the loony bin caitanja! Be sure to step over the pieces of Spam and Marmite sandwiches left on the floor by certain people.

There is a warning that goes with our messages. ‘Please do not take the messages on ‘Blathering On’ seriously’. Only about 5% are serious the rest are downright insane. :-)

Mary – are you telling me I’m sane compared to the members of ILS? I find that thought so comforting. And if you're the big cheese, does that make me the cheddar?

Re: MORE introductions (for everyone) by Miss-M on 10 February 2003 8:35am
Guten tag und willkommen, Caitanja! Ich bin Auslander und ich spreche nicht gut Deutsch! *LOL* As you can see, my German isn't too great, but welcome to the site! Hope you have as much fun here as the rest of us Palinites!

Michelle :)
Re: MORE introductions (for everyone) by caitanja on 10 February 2003 3:25pm
Hi and THANKS for your warm welcome!!!
I'm from Heidelberg - ever been there, Patty? Wow, you know some German, Michelle, that's great...I feel home :-)
(I feel home in this "loony bin" anyway, cause there are no Python lovers amongst my friends; most of them have not the slightest idea about Python not to speak of Michael Palin. Shocking, isn't it??? *lol* So here I found some "soulmates".)"Ich bin ein Holzfäller und fühl mich stark...!" - recognize that? (a little hint: it's sung by someone who "never wanted to be a barber anyway" *lol*)But actually the English version sounds much better to me!
Re: MORE introductions (for everyone) by Quaylemonster on 11 February 2003 2:54am
I may still be the new guy, so I'm not sure if I can welcome people yet or not, but I'm going to do it anyway. Welcome!

Re: MORE introductions (for everyone) by Rusted on 11 February 2003 8:50am
Indeed - I cracked up when I saw that picture of Ellen with her can o' Spam.

Speaking of Spam, I was at the theatre auditioning today and one of my fellow thespians had a knit cap with "SPAM" embroidered on it. Seriously! I laughed SOO hard, I think he thought I was nuts. (But he already knows I'm a bit crazy!) SPAM hats. What is the world coming to??? :O\

I'm glad you find it comforting, Dianne. :O) You can be the cheddar or whatever you want to be...I'm leaving your level of responsibility up to you. Hee hee.

Sheep. LOL.

Michael made a cute German barber. ;O)

Re: MORE introductions (for everyone) by Dianne on 11 February 2003 9:36am
Mary - you seem to find the word 'sheep' funny. Any reason?

Mmm . . . I suddenly had a vision of flying sheep and John Cleese and Michael jumping around flapping their arms. :-)
Re: MORE introductions (for everyone) by Miss-M on 11 February 2003 9:44am
LOL Dianne! I saw that sketch again last night when I watched 'Parrot Sketch Not Included?'

Michelle :)
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