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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: MORE introductions (for everyone) by MissTrixiB on 18 February 2003 4:43am
Dianne....I don't think that sounds like twaddle at all. We would be a very happy society in the desert (or dessert)!
Mary....I'll see if I can find an old Volkswagon van to take us on our journey (only kidding). Wouldn't it be fun to go by train though!?! When we know the dates, I'll look into it (we can travel by rail easily enough in Chicago). We'll see when the time gets closer.
Kelly....Ha ha! Good old Quest! My husband does graphics for 'Plush' every once in a while. We used to run Beatopia in the VIP Lounge at First Avenue (for about 4 years), but the guy that booked the DJ's was starting to get a bit out of touch. He quit booking Natasha (BIG mistake) and a bunch of other really great people. We got bored and quit, than started an Electroclash night at 'Jitters' for a while (we may start that up again in the Spring). Oh....and I'm a BIG Tim Burton fan as well. My husband read the lyrics of 'Finale/Reprise' from 'Nightmare Before Christmas' as his toast to me at our wedding. **sigh** Very romantic. Still brings a tear to my eye! "We're clearly meant to be". Can't get through that part of the movie without crying like a baby now.
Re: MORE introductions (for everyone) by Dianne on 18 February 2003 8:22am
Trixi – you are right, what I wrote was not a load of twaddle, it was a brilliant idea!

I’m another who enjoyed reading ‘Hemingway’s Chair’ and my enjoyment had nothing to do with Michael Palin being the writer. Well, it did since he wrote it and I enjoyed it, but what I mean is I would not say I enjoyed it if I didn’t.

More Palinites turning up. How much more can ‘Palin’s Travels’ hold? Will it become overcrowded and we will have to ban people under 5 years of age? Or like ‘Logan’s Run’ kill everyone off when they turn 30? That would be the end of me then. :-(
Re: MORE introductions (for everyone) by Megan Laura on 18 February 2003 11:13am
Hello everyone, I feel I should confess I have a new addiction to this site and thought I'd better introduce myself to you all!~ Im a 16 year old from Melbourne Australia and have great ambitions to travel, (where else but Europe!) I have also just returned from a short trip to Mexico and California. You all seem wonderful from all of the messages I've read, and i would be proud to call myself a Palinite alongside you 80P!
But i do have an alterior motive for this message......I have no idea what to ask Michael!! I'm positively stumped! I know I'm going to kick myself afterwards for not asking a question, and was hoping someone could help me along......:S

And Dianne, I really like you idea of the Palinite city in the desert! I shall be at this festival with bells on!
:0) ~~Megs~~ :0P
Re: MORE introductions (for everyone) by Miss-M on 18 February 2003 12:08pm
Welcome to the site, Megs! I'm from Melbourne also, and I'm certainly going to try to make it to the live chat. Don't forget, it will be 4.30 Thursday morning for us!

Michelle :)
Re: MORE introductions (for everyone) by Megan Laura on 18 February 2003 1:04pm
Ta for the welcome Michelle, i know.... 4:30...:( I'll be falling asleep for the rest of the day! i dont think my maths teacher will be happy...:) Whereabouts in Melbourne are you from?
:0) ~~Megs~~ :0P
Re: MORE introductions (for everyone) by Eloise on 18 February 2003 1:21pm
I have a confession. I didn't read "Hemingway's cahir". I could only find the tapes, as in listening, ones in the library. That was good enough for me, so I took them home and listened to them. (Duh). HE read them. His immpression of an American voice for Ruthy was *strange*, but very cool. I think it was better suited than a proper American accent. He read it wonderfully. By gum, it were good!
Re: MORE introductions (for everyone) by Miss-M on 18 February 2003 1:41pm
Megs, I'm from the northern suburbs, about 30 minutes from the city. How about you?

Michelle :)
Re: MORE introductions (for everyone) by Megan Laura on 18 February 2003 3:17pm
Michelle; I'm about 30-40 mins to the east of melb, (near Narre Warren, berwick area if you know it) not too far. We should organise for all of us Melbourne Palinites to meet up in the City on day! ah yes i can see it now.....a group of us causing havok in Melbourne....:)

:0) ~~Megs~~ :0P
Re: MORE introductions (for everyone) by Rusted on 18 February 2003 11:07pm
Dianne,whether it be twaddle or not, it's still amusing. 8O)

Kelly, I'm in Oshkosh, right off of Lake Winnebago. :O) So kinda on the far side of the state from you Minnesoteans, but...but...

Van, train, I don't care, Trixi - anyway to get me to Chicago to meet Michael!! :O)

Welcome Megan! I see you have a similar smiley face... :O) Big-nosed smiley faces rock. LOL!


Re: MORE introductions (for everyone) by Dianne on 19 February 2003 9:26am
Megs – welcome to Palin’s Travels. I’m glad you will be at the festival at Palinite City. That is me, you, perhaps Trixi and Michael once a year. Hmm, okay, so far it is a very small village. :-)

Mary – Happy my ‘twaddle’ amused you. :-)
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