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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: MORE introductions (for everyone) by MissTrixiB on 23 March 2003 7:14pm
My layalties lie WITH Spam....being close to the Hormel plant and the Spam Museum has quite a bit to do with it.
Now, to share with the ILS members. I hooked up with an old friend on St. Patricks day....would you believe that this old pal o mine actually worked on The Spam Museum?!? I took issue with him on one very grave mistake that they made. The narrator through the museum is NOT Terry G, but Al Franken (another Minnesota native, yes.....but would Spam be what it is today without the Pythons?!?). He plead no contest and got himself off the hook by explaining that it was not his choice. Then paid homage to our anscestors by drinking mass quantities of Guinness and I don't recall much after that.
Re: MORE introductions (for everyone) by Rusted on 24 March 2003 8:27am

Di, how DARE you say such a thing!!!!!

I will never eat Spam!

Never never!

The IDLS is still going strong! :O)

"The Big Cheese"
The IDLS Club®
"Follow the Gourd!"

BTW: Good to hear from you again, Bruce!
Re: MORE introductions (for everyone) by Dianne on 24 March 2003 8:45am
I'm naughty and I dare!

Ellen - why did you tell me those four things? Was it to remind me of your can of Spam? I didn't see you eating it did I? [Dianne grins] Perhaps you did eat the can and left the Spam.
Re: MORE introductions (for everyone) by ellenpc on 24 March 2003 12:50pm
Yes, yes, to jog your memory of our wait for Michael to arrive and the homage paid to the spam can by me and the avoidance of it by you! :^}}

We 'ad some fun eh. :^} xxx
Re: MORE introductions (for everyone) by Diamond on 25 March 2003 12:17pm
If we get a seperate thread section for favourites such as introductions - vitals and welcome - can we start this thread from new to give new people a chance just to read a little bit about us and then we can chatter as much as we like within blathering on - I hope that is Ok Trixi - you may be the first to post and add a few bits to keep us up to date - see my new thread for explanation - hope it doesnt offend it isnt meant to!


Re: MORE introductions (for everyone) by MissTrixiB on 26 March 2003 4:37am
No offense taken.....I reposted the list of questions (in a much shorter format) back a page. Whenever someone actually answers the list from the first page, it brings it back again anyway (did that make ANY sense? I'm not a prolific as I like to be today....to much sugar substitute). I think this is yet another reason to support breaking up 'Blathering On' into sub-catagories....but what a chore that would be! The chatter is O.K. in this thread.....I kinda like how it goes off into strange directions at times. Most of the Newbies check out the beginning of threads before they post anyway. But a further breakdown of 'Blathering On' IS a good idea....the question is, what would the catagories be? We tend to be a bit eclectic with our subject choices....silly people ;-) Oh, wait....I'M ONE OF THEM!!!! ;-o

Re: MORE introductions (for everyone) by Dianne on 26 March 2003 6:23am
On some message boards on the Net certain threads are pinned or tagged, which keeps them at the top all the time. These are ones like 'introductions' and 'Patty's Vital List' we would want to keep at the top.

Having sub-categories is not a bad idea Trixi. How about a category for serious messages, one for silly and another, "you enter at your own risk . . . . looniness is contagious".

Just a thought, [Dianne gives a cheeky grin].
Re: MORE introductions (for everyone) by MissTrixiB on 30 March 2003 9:20pm
Hmmmm.....I think that last catagory would be the 'fullest' ;-)
I've seen what you're talking about too....on one of the other sites I frequent, they call them 'stickies'. (Unfortunatley, there's some one there that figured a way to 'sticky' all of their own threads and that's just plain annoying). I think that's a grand idea Dianne (no-one here would 'sticky' their own threads anyway).
Re: MORE introductions (for everyone) by Diamond on 30 March 2003 10:56pm
Any new people out there who would like to introduce themselves?? dont be shy!

Re: MORE introductions (for everyone) by pandk2 on 31 March 2003 6:46am
Yes...I'm new....
my name is Karen and I've never done anything like this before....its all a bit new and overwhelming to me.
I have aspirations for this site and myself...
1. I hope to make new friends.
2. I am far too sensible and serious and hope that this can be rectified.
3. I have far too much spare time and hope to fill it in in a chatroom talking rubbish for hours on end.
4. I want to find people with common interests...you know, normal things really, like ex lepers, creme eggs, tractors...nothing out of the ordinary.

Can anyone advise if I am in the right place?
:)Karen (who's extremely shy...blush blush)
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