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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: MORE introductions (for everyone) by notquitenglish on 14 April 2003 1:03am
Okay, buckle down to it....

Introducing Myself....

1: my name, oddly enough, is Felicity. Been trying to change it for a number of years but my parents won't play ball... went through some seriously odd alter-egos when I was little. My screen name, notquitenglish, is because I'm not. Quite. English. But wish I was as they talk so pretty and then I'd be sharing a country with Palin, Douglas Adams, and many of my favourite people. Also I do accents a lot, and tend to slip in to an english one on accident quite often.

2:How long have I been a Palin fan? Since I was born. Can remember seeing "Flying Circus" and "Hollywood Bowl" when I was not more than two.... so he's been very much an integral part of my personality development, especially as far as my sense of humour. Of course, I didn't really find out who he was till about two years ago, when I first saw "Holy Grail" and learnt to tell them apart... fixated on Palin because of the brilliance of his smile and I loved his haircut... plus "Dennis" is my favourite character, I think.

3: Age. I am seventeen. Though I may not be.

4: Love traveling. Love it.

5: Going to Canada in June... can't wait. Been there a few times. Victoria is the most beautiful city I've ever seen.

6: I was born in Redding, CA.... moved up to the mountains surrounding it when I was four. We live kind of out of the way, which is rather nice, except we live next to some nasty people who just happen to be relatives... which is not so nice.

7: Unfortunately, have not seen any of Palin's travels as am unable to locate them anywhere. But I'll continue looking.....

and just for the record, I love Billy Boyd too!!!
Re: MORE introductions (for everyone) by Dianne on 14 April 2003 3:57am
Another one fixated on Michael's haircut in 'Holy Grail'. I just cannot see why? Ah, well different folks, different strokes . . ..

Felicity unfortunately you cannot choose your relatives, but you can ignore them . . . ., are they neighbours from hell?
Re: MORE introductions (for everyone) by notquitenglish on 14 April 2003 7:46am
Let me tell you.
Right after we moved here, we had a concentrated session of dog-napping. They locked my mom's dog in their barn and called the pound to come pick her up.
And my great-uncle creeping around the place in the dark, looking in the windows.
And we got the cops called on us at least ten times because of our dogs barking (which is only natural, and they weren't very loud, and we're out in the country)
AND they have an easement to our road and speed down it all the time. I mean, my little sister and my neice and nephew play in our drive all the time, and I personally avoided getting run over by about half a foot once when I was riding my bike.
I am not making any of this stuff up. Sadly, my great-uncle has somehow managed to avoid jail.
Re: MORE introductions (for everyone) by MissTrixiB on 21 April 2003 6:56am
OI!!! Another Boyd fan!

Crazy relatives, eh? Try making a speed bump in the road, that'll slow the buggers down. As for the dogs barking, one of our neighbors had to have their dog 'de-barked' (they really do that). I thought it was horrible, but the people on the other side of them complained so much. Poor dog sounded like it had a cold for the rest of it's life. I hope you never have to do that. good luck with the lunacy!
Re: MORE introductions (for everyone) by Diamond on 24 April 2003 2:44am
trixi - you digressed!! tsk tsk! typical palilnite behaviour though!!

anyone else new who would like to leave their introduction and be 250 at the same time?
Re: MORE introductions (for everyone) by Kristine on 24 April 2003 3:01am
I'll take 250 thank you very much. :)

1)Name ('on-line' or 'real' and an explanation of how you came by your alter ego). The real names Kristine, but I also go by Krissy, Kris, Cookie, K, and the strange Canadian girl.

2)How long have you had this admiration for Palin and how did it come about?- Unlike alot of people here, I'm a relitivley new Python/Palin fan. I've known and watched Python from time to time for the past few years, but It wasn't till about a year ago where I revisited it, and became a hardcore fan. I've been obbsessed since.

3)How old are you?- 14, even though Karen doesn't beleive me.

4)Do you have a travel bug too? Trust me! Ever since I've began reading Palin's travelouges back on September 4th/2002 (YES! I know the exact date when I truly became a Palin fan.) I've been trying my hardest to catch it.
5)Where is your next trip planned for?- Montreal, Quebec in July for the Just for Laughs Comedy Festival.

6)What city, country are you from (and tell us a bit about it)? - Toronto: It's big, vaired in tempreture and filled with depressed hockey fans.

7)What's your favorite Palin travellogue? - Oh man! This is one of the hardest questions to answer ever... Umm... For TV It's Full Circle and for Books it's Pole to Pole.

Re: MORE introductions (for everyone) by notquitenglish on 24 April 2003 9:03am
Oh lemme tell ya, Trixi (sorry, lapsed into American a minute there) We put speed bumps in... he took pictures and sued us for defamation (if that's the word I want, probably isn't) of property. Lovely man. We won, I guess, cause it's OUR ROAD, which thought obviously never crossed his mind. Ohh!! (Grr)
Re: MORE introductions (for everyone) by Rusted on 26 April 2003 9:17am
ROFL...sorry I'm digressing...you killed me with your "depressed hockey fans" line, Krissy. ;O)

Re: MORE introductions (for everyone) by MissTrixiB on 26 April 2003 5:56pm
As I said before, I LIKE it when this thread goes all willy nilly. As long as new people feel welcome to come in and introduce themselves (I think I'll add a little PS to the first post).
Now-what I find interesting is that 'my dear' has yet to post here. I invited them to, but it appears that they are only interested in causing friction and won't accept the invitation. Ah well, perhaps I'll be proven wrong (or right ;-) )
Now....any more Newbies care to intrduce themselves? Just go to the first post and answer from there. There's a lot to read through here....do it at your liesure!
Re: MORE introductions (for everyone) by BB-Scala on 29 April 2003 10:37pm

I guess I should introduce myself... I've been so busy reading things and looking at the Sahara Book, etc. since I stumbled on to this site that I rudely forgot to say, "Hello," to the people who have been here since the site's inception! I apologize and, "Hello!" Nice site -- this is an excellent way to travel without a vehicle! It's painless and I can speed through the 3 to 8 hour waits!

Here is my contribution to the Intro Message section:

1)Name: BB-Scala (explanation of how I came by my alter ego)? It is my real or "true" ego. My real name is Beki Brindle (ok, it's really Rebecca) and since I married Ralph, in 2001, I added Scala to the end of my name. Not very creative but my alter-ego has never had much of a chance in this life! My alter ego is a quiet, librarian who reads and reads and reads to her heart's content. She only stops for tea and to feed her zoo of animals, none of which she is allergic to.

2)How long have you had this admiration for Palin and how did it come about? - Palin is a very funny man. He seems to have an admirably adventurous, inventive and pioneering spirit. These travelogues are entertaining as well as informative. I've learned a lot just reading about these adventures. Right now, I have enough time to relax and travel through this site but not enough time to take these trips myself -- it's a great way to travel at my own pace in my own space! Oh, as I mentioned in my first post since joining this site -- I saw the film, Jabberwocky many times when I was pregnant with my son -- that is how I stumbled upon this site, by the way. The kid has never seen the movie and I haven't seen it in many years. I don't know why I chose to watch that movie when I was pregnant -- I was a young mother but I don't think immaturity had anything to do with it! The other movie that fascinated me at the time was a HORRIBLE Horror film from the early 60's called, "The Frozen Dead" -- I think that's the title. Don't worry -- I still think Jabberwocky is one of the funniest films ever made -- It has nothing to do with why I thought The Frozen Dead was so fascinating!

3)How old are you? I'm 41 (Forty-One)!

4)Do you have a travel bug too? - I USED to have the travel bug and I've been all over the world playing music since the mid 1980's! Most of my travels have been in the form of "paid vacation" but I have been to Israel, Switzerland, Ireland, England, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Canada and Kokomo! (everyone should go to Kokomo, at least once). I Live in New York but was born in the midwest and have traveled to many parts of the US. The first "real" vacation I took as a semi-adult was in the summer of 1980 - I stayed in a friend's cabin in Alstead, New Hampshire for 2 months all by myself. (All grown up aren't we)?! I had to fetch water from a stream, drive 30 minutes in any direction to go to a store and the front door was made of bear-skin. The cabin *did* have a state-of-the-art stereo system, though and next to it, a great record collection. I spent half of the summer swinging in a hammock, reading and blasting music through the mountains. After that summer, I traveled constantly because I am a musician. It got to the point where I would often, literally wake up not knowing where I was! (no drugs or drink involved)! What country or state are we in?? What time zone?? It just became toooo much for me after nearly 20 years of it and I had to slow down. Again, It is nice to have found this site -- I can read about Michael's travels and all of yours and it is helping to jar my memory so I can finish my book! A-ha, ulterior motive! The Alter-Ego still has no chance! Just don't call me Hillary....

5)Where is your next trip planned for? -Indianapolis and Chicago to visit family next month.

6)What city, country are you from (and tell us a bit about it)? I'm a Hoosier - born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana - USA -- I just discovered that is where Connie Booth was born. *Some* great people hail from Indy; Kurt Vonnegut, David Letterman, Cole Porter, etc.

Indy, as we call it, is the home of the Indianapolis 500 mile race. The people are (well, used to be) laid back and speak with "an attractive drawl," I have been told. Well -- I don't know --

7)What's your favorite Palin travelogue? - the only one I've seen in its entirety is Around the World in 80 Days but I saw most of Pole to Pole and have viewed and read some of Sahara, Hemingway and Full Circle on this site. I can't really say which one I like best -- they are gripping!

Happy trails!


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