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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: MORE introductions (for everyone) by Miss-M on 14 January 2003 7:31am
Absolutely, Trixi! The Rat Pack always looked like they were having a good time in their films. And the original Ocean's 11 is so much better than the remake. If you haven't seen the new one, don't bother. And if you have, re-watch the original and appreciate how great it is, especially the ending. Way cool! *LOL*

Michelle :)

P.S. Only two weeks until Michael comes to Melbourne! Yay!
Re: MORE introductions (for everyone) by SingDino on 14 January 2003 7:22pm
I LOVE both of those movies.. there's 2 other movies considered to be Rat Pack movies... one is 'Some Came Running' with Dean, Frank, and Shirley Maclaine, and the other is 'Sergeants 3' with Dean, Frank, Peter, and Joey Bishop. :) I can't find the last one.

When my friends came over to my house to watch the original Oceans 11, they had already seen the new one. Right after the old one finished both of them said, "That one was SO much better than the remake!"... then they went out and bought their own copy.

Re: MORE introductions (for everyone) by nottlob on 15 January 2003 6:22am
ahaha! Really Ellen??? It's okay, who's to know! Now that I think about it, I mostly think of people on this site as girls! I don't know why, I think it's like a reflex thing. Anyways, thanks for sharing everyone! I enjoyed reading about other people. I've never seen a rat pack movie, I never knew there were rat pack movies! I'm a fan of them though! Especially Sinatra. My fav, lol.
Re: MORE introductions (for everyone) by Layla on 15 January 2003 12:02pm
Hi, I thought I'd take the opportunity to introduce myself properly ( as opposed to that badly written attempt last October...)

My real name is Anna, but for some reason I cannot explain I decided to go for Layla here as I find Anna too boring - nothing else to it!

I've been a fan of Monty Python since I was a young child but like most of yous I didn't fully understand it, it was a few years back that I started to get the jokes ( well most of them - some I still don't!!!) and like Michael Palin.( I think I can pinpoint it to the custard throwing sketch/ Little Red Riding Hood + Dead Bishop sketch from Live at Hollywood Bowl that I got my adult interest in Monty Python in) I would constantly annoy my friends with quotes and try and get every video/book I could get my hands on.

Age: 20 and 2/3

I love travelling, I am currently in Germany for a year although that doesn't count for much as I am half German anyway. I've really only been around central Europe - France, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland - eh that's it really, and of course England a couple of times and Wales.
Last year though I finally ventured out of Europe on my own as my parents promises to head out to America never amounted to anything. I couldn't wait any longer so I went to San Francisco + San Jose for 3 months - had a fab time.
I would like to travel to Australia and Asia too sometime but I'm too much of a coward to go to Africa although I'm sure it has a lot to offer.
I really enjoy Michaels travel series - they're unique and the closest thing anyone could get to travelling without actually getting up of their chair.

My next trip will probably be to Berlin here in Germany - it's meant to be a great city - I'm also planning to return to CA next after my finals to meet up with some friends I made there last year...

I'm a bit of a mongrel actually - my father is German, and my mother is Irish. I was born in Germany and lived here till I was 7. Then we moved back to my mothers native Dublin and lived there until last year. Then we moved to Trim Co. Meath - just outside of Dublin.( I live beside the castle were Braveheart was shot!!!) I would consider myself more Irish now as my English is considerably better than my German and I've really grown up there. I also LOVE learning languages - I was the only one in my class who loved Irish and French. I would also love to learn Italian, Spanish, Japanese( v. far fetched) and sign language. I think because I had to learn a new language at a young age, it's made it easier for me to pick up new ones. I found it so exciting in France - using my limited knowledge to communicate with locals - I just love it.
Viv: I knew you were Irish before you said - could tell by your terminology... My family and I have been to Cork many times, we just can't get enough of it!
The last time we were there we were in a little island called Inchydony - it was beautiful and sunny the whole week - and George Clooney landed there in a helicopter the same time we were there. But of course I was too much of a day dreamer to notice a Hollywood star on a teeny tiny Island. The only other town I remembe being in is Roscabery, near Clonakilty - do you know it?
You're right about the towns in the country having great character - I have to say I've been pleasantly surprised when I moved as before I was a typical Dub who couldn't foresee myself being able to survive in the country ( where did all the shops go??!!) - but I've been proven wrong.

My favourite show is Around the World but that may change as I have yet to see Sahara ( damn this internship in Germany) and Pole to Pole( which I'm dying to get my hands on...) I just love the excitement of Michael trying to make it in time - brilliant television....

Right that's my exciting life story - it was fun reading everyone else's and seeing how much we all have in common.

Talk soon...
Re: MORE introductions (for everyone) by JenJen on 15 January 2003 7:00pm
Hiya all. Been away for a few days so just trying to catch up on all the threads and the new peeps.

Yeah Nottlob, I dunno why, but I also thought you were a chappie rather than a chappess. Funny, now you mention it, I think MOST of the people who post on this site ARE female. I might start a topic to try and find some MALE palinites. Maybe it's because we all think M's soo squidgily gorgious (I want to hug him and pat him and squeeze him and call him george... and hug him and pat him.....). Damn I need those pills again!

Layla, nice to hear you are a hybrid like myself. I'm half Singaporean and half English. My mum met my dad while he was stationed in Singapore while doing his national service in the army. Aw it was sweet. Twoo luv.

Nice to hear someone else likes languages. Was it hard learning sign language? That's something that has always appealed to me.

Rat pack? Yeah the olduns are the bestuns. Whether you can say Frank was a better crooner than Dean Martin though..... hmmmm.... I'm not a particular rat pack fan so perhaps I'll reserve judgement from those who have seen/heard more of it than I!

On another turn, I must admit I was surprised (when reading Full Circle) to read that when M was in China, at one point he passed a group of Chinese who were dancing to what they thought was modern music - our 50s and 60s rock and roll - and he mentioned Billy Fury (who I think was the best british singer of our time). Not many people have heard of him - I guess the younguns won't have - especially those from across the water! Ah well, at least I know MP has heard of him which made my day! Am I sad? Probably. An incurable romantic? I hope so!

Keep rolling those introductions. Its great to hear from everyone.
Re: MORE introductions (for everyone) by Dianne on 16 January 2003 12:54am
Mary Since I bought the last series of Monty Python from Amazon.com I thought Id go and see if they were still selling it. They are! Go check it out.
Re: MORE introductions (for everyone) by Piglet2 on 16 January 2003 1:50am
Well I had better introduce myself

My name is Lyn and I used to be Piglet but since I had this new computer I could not log on so I had to re register and now I am Piglet2 oh Help I shant know who I am myself soon! and I shall be swamped with e mails from michael when they are sent to everyone - as I am registered more than once in the first place [email protected]@

Well I am now a single parent and have been for quite some time, which doesnt worry me - always look on the bright side of life - (cant whistle sorry) _ I have three offspring - one is 21 and has left home (on a bungee rope and says feed me when she comes through the door) the middle one is 19 and at Durham University but comes home in the hols and has just written of his car so that is why I have been off the chatterbox recently, the 'baby' is 15 and in the middle of exams - he along with the eldest love monty python and think the HOly Grail perfection, sorry I just lOve mIchael - that started with around the world and hasnt stopped.

I love music - Neil Diamond is my No 1 _ John Denver - Beach Boys - Status Quo - Russell Watson and so on!

Sport is a great fave of mine - Tennis playing and watching - especially Mark Phillipoussis and Pat Rafter - and Jean Michael Gambill who is lovely to talk to- met him at Wimbledon - Rugby Union - I support England and have been to TWickenham on my own - 74,999 people and me! great fun - saw England beat the ALL Blacks whom I admire greatly.

Love books but never seem to have the chance to read them as I look after my mum full time - bless her she is 81 and loves Michael and listens to the sahara tapes, without her I would never have the internet.

Born in Surrey - apparently in the same nursing home as Tony Blackburn (but not the same year as I am only 48 or as my youngest put it nearly 50!- must be where I caught my awful sense of humour! I now live nr Sudbury the birthplace of Thomas Gainsborough! Suffolk is very picturesque and rural - Essex has to me the London influence and is built up - more modern. I live in a village - they had a vacancy for an idiot and I handed my cv in and got the Job! - our bungalow overlooks fields usually sown with corn -wheat last year.

I hope I can remeber what my new identity is and password or I will disappear alltogether!

Great to be back amongst you - so jealous of all you down under waiting for Michael.

Re: MORE introductions (for everyone) by viv on 16 January 2003 2:07am
Hi Layla, am I that obvious? What gave me away? I was trying to hide it. I bet your Irish is better than mine, I also did German and a bit of french but German was my favourite I even have a german penpal. Her English was nearly better than mine. I would love to go there but I think I need to brush up my grammar first. Auswiedersehen! (I bet that isn't right either!)
Re: MORE introductions (for everyone) by nottlob on 16 January 2003 3:41am
Haha, it's okay! Anyone else that thought I was a man, DON'T tell me okay? I really don't need to know now, lol!
Re: MORE introductions (for everyone) by MissTrixiB on 16 January 2003 4:53am
nottblob-You mean to tell us that you're not a man? ;)
Yay to the Irish! I'm only 1/4, but fiercly proud of it (my grandfather ran with the Irish Mafia of St. Paul MN back in the 30's, but being a single father put a stop to that). Aside from the Irish, I'm a bit of a mut. 8 different nationalities, but most of me is Irish and German.
Thanks for adding to the list - this has been most enjoyable!
Piglet2-you are the same age as my brother that introduced me to Python. It's interesting to think that he was 21 at the time. If nothing else, I'll be forever grateful to him for showing me the way of british television (Dr. Who, Python etc). It's amazing how many people I've connected with in my life by just having a mutual affection for Python. Your youngest is most definately on their way to greatness (as are the other two, I'm sure).
Have fun and keep it up!
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