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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: MORE introductions (for everyone) by Rusted on 16 January 2003 9:00am
Layla, don't feel bad - my real name is actually Michele but "Mary" has been my nickname to both online and offline friends for the past 5 years. I actually refer to myself as "Mary" now! It's a good thing I didn't sign on as Michele, though, as there appears to be an influx of "Michelle"s on this site! LOL!

Dianne, dang it all. I must be blind. I'll go check Amazon ASAP, thanks. :O)

Re: MORE introductions (for everyone) by Layla on 16 January 2003 10:19am
Viv: Can't remember what it was you said but I remember thinking "I didn't know Americans or English said that too"
Then I realised that Americans don't actually say stuff like "ages ago" or "just down the road" etc ( that wasn't a quote just an example!!!)

Trust me it's impossible to hide it - but we should be proud of our nationality or in my case nationalities. Well my passport is Irish so I suppose that's my actual nationality at the moment.
There was another Irish person here before, dunno where she is - but that would make 3 of us - that's good going for a small country!
Oh you spellt that right btw - and don't worry about your German as my friend is here with me and she wasn't too good when we first came last September but now she's having nearly no troubles in communicating.
Yeah I find that most German people can speak at least a little English and a lot are quite fluent. If you went to Ireland you'd be lucky to find someone who could speak a couple of languages...

JenJen: I actually haven't started learing sign language yet so I don't know if it's hard. Some of my uncles learnt it and the use it to communicate in a pub sometimes when one of them's ordering drinks and the other can't hear them - there are just so many advantages to knowing it!!!
Re: MORE introductions (for everyone) by Mr. Anchovy on 16 January 2003 1:38pm
Hi everybody

1)My real name is Patrick under which I have been posting which anticipates that I’m a male fan. Yes, there are men who adore Michael (for some other reasons as all you ladies ;) )
I just changed my username to Mr. Anchovy, which in my mind, is one of the most hilarious characters that Michael ever played. I’m however not an accountant!
Some of you may already know me as the crazy guy from Germany who skipped the lectures of two days just to fly to London for less than 24 hours to meet Michael.
2) I don’t really remember when I first encountered Michael or Python. I must have been 11 or 12. I remember seeing Life of Brian at a friend’s house. It was so hilarious. I remember being completely confused about 6 people playing all the major characters and seeing them come up as different persons just after they left the stage. But I liked it a lot. I would say that I have been a real fan for about 5 years, collecting all movies, the series, books, CDs and all other Python and Palin stuff.
3) My age: 4x + 5 = 89, to make it not too simple!
4) As most of you people I love travelling but haven’t really the time and money at the moment, being a full time student. I have seen a great part of the US, travelled to Scotland, France, Austria, Switzerland and Spain. I very much enjoy hiking in the mountains and I love to discover a country individually by meeting and talking to locals.
5) I have several travel plans. I want to go to Scotland where I’ll participate in a “Holy Grail location tour”, me being the only participant and the guide in one person!
I’d plan to visit the Middle East (Saudi-Arabia where I have a friend, even though the situation is not really appropriate), the Far East (Korea, Japan). Since having seen Sahara I have been thrilled by the idea of exploring the emptiness and silence of the Sahara, especially the sand sea. Must be a unique experience.
6) My real home town is the beautiful city of Stuttgart with a population of almost 600,000 in Southern Germany. Some of you may know it as the home of large and prosperous companies such as Daimler-Chrysler, Porsche or Bosch. We also compete for the Olympic Games 2012! I have been living in a small suburb with some 8,000 loonies. During the weekend I live in Aalen, another small lousy town here.
Stuttgart however is a nice place to see by the way, great architecture, museums, musicals and nature (www.stuttgart-tourist.de)
7) It’s hard to decide which is my favourite. I haven’t seen 80 days, Pole to Pole, Hemmingway’s adventures and Great Railway journeys. I’d say Full Circle wins the race. Sahara is great too.

So much for today. I’m glad to be able to talk to all of you nice and cool people. I love youuuu!
Re: MORE introductions (for everyone) by Layla on 16 January 2003 6:51pm
eh, so you're 21?
what a challenge!
Hey my boss is gone to Daimler Chrysler - Stuttgart today - what a coincidence...!
I really believe it when you say you enjoy travelling as that's another thing I'Ve noticed about lots of Germans that I meet - they are all very adventerous - if I'm ever near mountains in Ireland were there are people hiking in the distance near the summit - I can bet my life that I will see a car with a German registration parked down below...!
Right gotta go to the library now ( yes I'm a swot!), gotta run so sorry about all the spelling mistakes that there may be - see yous...
Re: MORE introductions (for everyone) by JenJen on 16 January 2003 9:00pm
Wahooo. A real man!! Excellent. And I'm impressed by your English. Better than some English people I know!! Makes the Brits (and other English speaking nations) ashamed because we're inherently lazy and think that everyone should speak English/American/Irish etc. Although most people on this site, because they love travel, also love meeting other people and other nationalities, which includes speaking other languages, which gives me a nice warm feeling.

Layla reckons you're 21. OK I'm stupid. 4x what + 5. How does that make 89. Hold on let me get my abacus..... hmm *sound of beads rattling backwards and forwards*. Nope I give up. What's your real age (or tell me off for being thick). Is it 21 like Layla sez?

Jen *with grumpy face for feeling like my candle has run out of wick*
Re: MORE introductions (for everyone) by rumblefish on 17 January 2003 1:27am
My username is rumblefish no particular reason other than it was a cool film with mickey rourke before he od'd on cosmetic surgery. I am male my name is stephen and I live in Cambridge England. I met mp at a book signing before christmas i must say it was a very surreal experience. Im a single parent so over the last ten years i have only managed short weekend trips over to europe my girlfriend loves to travel to so weve been to rome, paris, amsterdam, frankfurt, geneva, venice,naples,milan,nice,monte carlo,barcelona,madrid dublin and various other places im learning french at the moment but its a struggle i had to join a slightly more advanced class than i would have liked and the teacher from nice just gibbers away in french for two hours and i sit there looking stupid. Im 35 by the way i say im 35.
I really want to go to manhattan but i dont think my credit cards can take especially not after christmas.
spoken to nottlob a few times via this site but never pegged her for a woman
I have to say.
Re: MORE introductions (for everyone) by kelly on 17 January 2003 3:31am
hi, my name is Kelly.just plain kelly no fancy nickname.i'm a huge michael fan,have been since a nipper.i'm actually on night shift which is a huge pain in the arse especially when it hits the weekend.it's just after the witching hour and things are quiet giving me achance to check out the site again.it has given me endless fun reading all about you mad lot and made the night go a bit quicker so ithought i would give it a bash.(it has taken me 20 mins just to write that!)
living in dublin ,have been for 4 years but born and bread in bonny scotland (gorgeous place).i am the tender age of 26 and i must say i haven't really travelled as much as i want to.Been to Prague,Amsterdam and Spain for a tacky holiday oh and i nearly forgot about Vegas.Can't speak any other languages except scots slang and english keep saying i'm going to change all that and i will this year.
sorry have to go work is a calling,catch up soon. kelly
Re: MORE introductions (for everyone) by Dianne on 17 January 2003 9:01am
Mary – did you find the last episodes of Monty Python on Amazon.com?

Layla – Americans do not say, “ages ago,” or “down the road”? Really? First time I knew that.

Jen – you called Patrick a real man, (not that I’m saying he isn’t), but does that mean Rich and Rick are not real men? :-D

Oh, poor nottlob! People keep thinking you are a man. However, I always thought you were female. So, why did the others think otherwise?
Re: MORE introductions (for everyone) by canaveralgumby on 17 January 2003 10:00am
1) My name is Cori, a name my parents found on a coffee pot or some sort of kitchen appliance or something. I think "canaveralgumby" explains itself - I live in Cape Canaveral, which is so damn cool. You're all invited for a launch. No kidding, you can stay at Fawlty Towers. No really, look!


2) I found Python & Michael when I began my lifelong bout with insomnia at age 12, and snuck downstairs to see what could be on tv at 1:00 am. I caught the last 10 min. of the episode with the "Spot the Looney" game show. That segued into a documentary about Sir Walter Scott, wherein Michael tries to steal the camera and microphone from John to do a documentary about the lumber industry. I had no idea what in hell I was looking at and my jaw was on the floor to begin with, and THEN Michael walks into frame with his voice and his hair and tries to steal the microphone. I felt like the gods hit me over the head with a frying pan. I thought, if I could construct a Stepford Man, that guy would be it, and I just had no idea who he was!

3) I'm 37, I'm not old, and I can say that til June.

4) When my damn rotten kid - I MEAN - my most wonderful teenage son no longer requires our financial support, we intend to travel a lot. I mean, he can come with us! As of now, I have never been outside my time zone. Which is why I suggest that Michael's next travel show should be "Blighted and Unsanitary Former Foundry Towns of the Eastern Time Zone with Michael Palin." That way, eventually, he'd get to mine. Actually, he DID travel out of Newark/Elizabeth seaport!

5) For our next family vacation we are hoping to go to Scotland. We all want to see the castles. My husband wants to find the naval base at Scapa Flow and also Jimmy Page's former castle. I just want to walk and walk across the green...

6) Originally I was a little newjerseygumby.

7) My favorite travelogue is "Pole to Pole." I loved how often they found themselves really lost and wandering. And I loved how people kept trying to pick him up on ferries.

8) I apologise to everyone in the world for the thread I started about saying the wrong name during sex. That was so wrong.

Well, no, I don't. :^D
- Cori
Re: MORE introductions (for everyone) by Mr. Anchovy on 17 January 2003 2:14pm
Hey Jen Jen,

yeah Layla is right. I'm 21.For you the complete calculation.

4x + 5 = 89
4x = 89 - 5
4x = 84
x = 84:4
x = 21

By the way thanks a lot for being impressed by my English. I mean 9 years of English at High School, several stay to the UK and America have to bring some results, don't they ? ;) I'm communicating regularly with some friends from America and Asia and of course with you people which is a good practice. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
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