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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: MORE introductions (for everyone) by Mr. Anchovy on 17 January 2003 2:19pm
Hey JenJen,

which part of London do you live in ? I have been to many parts, including Camden, Kentish Town, Hampstead,Shepherd's Bush, Ealing, Acton, Teddington and some more.
Re: MORE introductions (for everyone) by JenJen on 17 January 2003 4:30pm
Hiya Rumblefish + Kelly and other users. Nice to hear from new users.

Ellen - I didn't mean that RichB and Rick weren't real men, but ..... oh heck .... *hangs head in shame* .... duh..... um.... unless you KNOW that the person is male/female, their name might mislead u (eh nottlob!) They could be girls using male sounding nicknames (not that I'm saying they ARE .... oooohhhh...... *pause, deep breath* I can tell I'm getting myself into hot water here. Change subject!

Hi Mr Anchovy (aka Patrick). Why Anchovy? Do you have a bit of a fetish with anchovies?

Ahhhhh.. Didn't realise u were a mathematical genius! I haven't done complicated maths like that for aeons. Well... I last did a maths exam around the time u were born! Ew that makes me shudder thinking that I'm old, when I'm just a tad older than Michael's eldest laddie.

I'm from just outside London (although I work in the City) in an area called Sidcup (in Kent). All the areas you mention are accessible by tube. Mine isn't. Need a twain. I can be in London within 20 minutes, so sometimes its quicker for me to get into Central London than someone from, say, Ealing.
What do you think of our tube system.

By the way, don't drive around London (or get a cab) after 17th February cos our glorious Mayor has introduced a wonderful "congestion charge" so anything outside of the Zone 1 (think of tube zone 1) will be charged £5 for crossing the line in any direction. Great huh? Forcing even more people onto our overcrowded buses and tubes. Wonderful. Super idea Ken. *in a whisper* ps that was said with irony chappies!

What's your fave part of London (if there is one?) I like Camden, although I find it a bit OTT with the "weirdy" shops. All these shops stuffed full of clothes trying to make the wearer look different, but they are all the same!!!

I don't find much to like about London (in comparison to other foreign cities I've visited). It's got the buzz of central life with the restaurants/bars/ theatre/ arts stff etc but somehow I don't think London hangs my picture too much. Prefer San Francisco. More cosmopolitan.... and it's by the sea.
Re: MORE introductions (for everyone) by MissTrixiB on 17 January 2003 8:21pm
Mr. Anchovy-
Hamstead Heath,Kentish Town, Sheperds Bush, Ealing, Teddignton?!? Were you on a the guided tour of Pythonland (with a little stop in Michaels neck of the woods?). When we were in London last year, we attempted to find all the landmarks from Michael's guided tour, but we forgot the DVD with Pythonland on it and tried to wing it (needless to say, we didn't do very well). Now if only we could find that Japanese book that he was referring to, then it would've been a breeze!
Jen Jen-I know you were adressing someone else, but I have to have my say about the London Underground. I LOVE IT!!! We have nothing of the sort here and I couldn't get enough of the tube! I even went as the London Underground for Halloween this past year (made a 60'2 style black dress, some iron on's of sections of the map and signs etc...and a conductor style cap with the Union Jack to trim both the cap and the dress). I'd say about 50% of the people who saw the costume understood what it was.
Welcome to the new additions!
Now, who are the 3 Irish people? (I know I don't count because I'm only a 1/4 and live in The States). Just curious, I may need to bombard them with questions when it comes time for my U.K. trip.
Re: MORE introductions (for everyone) by little-peep on 17 January 2003 8:22pm
wow, it's taken me 3, yes, 3 HOURS to read all the mesages since i was last on.
And what a diverse range of topics, I might add! (loved the name/sex one!)
I love London- I don't live there or go very often, but I used to love going round the sites with my grandparents. Anyoneone know the resturant "my old dutch"? pancake place, in posh area (aka around St Pauls, Oxford st...sort of!)Great food, esp dessert.
please! stop the maths/ language torture! Deja-vu of nasty exams!! (lyn-I hope your 15 yr old son lived!)
That reminds me- love the Deja-vu sketch in Python, when Michael starts to jump at things. V funny....
Went into waterstones, and they had loads of "life of michael" bios. Not at 3 quid, but 10! well, it was worth it!
Re: MORE introductions (for everyone) by Rusted on 18 January 2003 9:04am
LOL Patrick. Love your enthusiasm. :O)

As far as nottlob being confused for a man, I can understand where someone might get the impression - after all, Michael *did* play a man called "Mr. Notlob", so it was prolly Palin-association. *mary starts to sing "we're all going to the zoo tomorrow"* Errrr, excuse me...

However, I think I recall nottlob doing a bit of Michael drooling at one point, so I always thought she was a girl. (Although it COULD have been a guy, of course.) Does that make you feel any better, Judy? :O)

Dianne...well, I haven't made my way over to Amazon yet. LOL. I had un MUCHO GRANDE speech for my communications class that I had to do today, so I didn't get online last night. Tonight I was at a restaurant for 3 hours catching up with a friend who's back in town for college break, and then I raced back here to catch up on two days of email, e-list digests, and posts at the Chatterbox!!

Cori, thanks for sharing your Python/Michael discovery - made me chuckle. :O)

Elo, I know what you mean. I only skipped a day and I'm up to my ears. I also love the Deja Vu bit - a much underrated sketch I think. Michael really pulls off some comical genius in his acting. When I showed it to my friend Janna (the one I'm getting into Python), it was one of the scenes during which she really busted a gut laughing. ;O)

~Mary (A bit past midnight...)
Re: MORE introductions (for everyone) by Mr. Anchovy on 18 January 2003 7:57pm
Hey JenJen,

I took the name from the "Vocational Guidance Counsellor Sketch" of the MPFC series. It's the name of the accountant played by Michael who is looking for the ideal job for him and after an interview with the counsellor finds out that the ideal job for him is an accountant!

Miss Trixi,

I did go on a Pythonland tour but by myself. I found Teddington Lock, the Silly walk location and the Hells Grannies locations. I'll give you the directions if you want.
Re: MORE introductions (for everyone) by ellenpc on 19 January 2003 1:10am
Jen, didn't you you mean Dianne??????

Rich and RichB both sound perfectly manly to me!! :-}}
Re: MORE introductions (for everyone) by Dianne on 19 January 2003 1:18am
Yes, she did Ellen. Hmm, do you think she mixed us up because we look so alike? :-)
Re: MORE introductions (for everyone) by ellenpc on 19 January 2003 1:33am
That must be it Di!! :-}}
Re: MORE introductions (for everyone) by jennywood on 19 January 2003 2:03am
hello. this seems the place to introduce yourself soo here it goes!
my name..as my username states is Jenny Wood....but jenny is fine!!. I live in surrey,England. I found michael in python, as many of you did, when my dad made me and my sisters watch life of Brian constantly. I rememeber watching 80 days and at some point in my youth and worked out he was the guy from python. Now I am a huge python and palin nut as he embodies some of my faviourite things..laughter and travel.
I am 19 and a student...so dont have much cash and havnt travelled much, but i have many plans. I love the countryside so I could happily just travel around Britain,but Michaels shows and his books really make me want to see more!!
I was so thrilled to meet him at a book signing for Sahara. I love the photography as well, i really wish i could take photos as good as Basil!
thats enough going on for now, its nice to see so many people from around the Globe who love Michael.
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