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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: MORE introductions (for everyone) by daisyj on 27 January 2003 7:43am
Though not loony, I am periodically bonkers.
Re: MORE introductions (for everyone) by Una Moonstar on 27 January 2003 11:25am
Hello, everyone!

I must admit I just signed up this... um, morning if my clock is right... and figured I'd jump right in, deep end not withstanding. Now let's see... the questions...

1) Una Moonstar - Actually this is the name of one of my favorite Dungeons and Dragons characters, a paladin of Torm from the Forgotten Realms (for anyone who knows and/or cares). It's turned out to be a catchy handle, so I keep using it.
2) How long? Wow, let's think... I was introduced to Monty Python at least 20 years ago... always thought *that* was funny... and I have this thing for following each member of a team, to a greater or lesser degree. Michael's just my favorite. *grin*
3) I would be 29 at the moment - most of my friends are younger than me so they call me old, but we'll just ignore that little fact...
4) Travel bug? I've found that as I get older, the more of a bug I get. I didn't go on a lot of vacations as I was growing up, but ever since the summer before my senior year of high school when I went to Germany for three weeks (while it was still East and West, actually) and then to Washington D.C. for a week a month after I got back, I've been hooked.
5) The next planned trip is Las Vegas - my mom's side of the family is having a reunion out there, and mumsy's paying for the honor, so how could I say no? Besides, I've never been there before.
6) I'm from Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, United States - Wisconsin, and would you believe we haven't seen any real snow this winter? A light dusting a few times, but nothing that stayed. I feel gypped! Anyway, B.D. is the biggest city in Dodge County, which isn't saying much at 15,000 people. Would you believe that we used to have a sign as you would come into town that said "Welcome to Beaver Dam: Home of 15,000 Busy Beavers"? I wish I had a picture - it'd be priceless.
7) My favorite would have to be Pole to Pole - I loved it when Michael was in the bus travelling through Finland staring out the window, and he started singing "Finland, Finland, Finland." Makes me snicker to this very day.

Anyway, I think that about does me for now. Hope to get to the rest of you soon - and maybe get a reason to travel to even more exotic parts of the world in the process. *grin*

Love and Stuff,
Re: MORE introductions (for everyone) by Dianne on 27 January 2003 12:18pm
Tona – there are girls young enough to be Michael’s grandchildren and they have fallen for him too. Age does not matter unless you want it too.

Mary – would that be John Cleese’s quote from the Fish License sketch?

DaisyJ, I'm glad you're not afraid to admit it. :-)

Welcome Una!
Re: MORE introductions (for everyone) by pandk2 on 27 January 2003 2:57pm
I had forgotten about FINLAND!
What an excellent song, I'm going to dig it out and have a listen.
Pony trecking or camping.. or watching TV...sorry!
Looking forward to a bit of blather!
See ya...Karen
Re: MORE introductions (for everyone) by peripatetically on 27 January 2003 3:54pm
I LOVE Russell Watson!!! His voice pierces my soul! Have all three CD's now and am waiting for an appearance somewhere in my region of the USA, besides New York. I could listen to him forever.
Re: MORE introductions (for everyone) by Dreamchild on 27 January 2003 10:25pm
Just wanted to say hello i am new here and to any message board kinda werey of them you see but I have been a fan of Michael (my fav python) for over half of my life and just recently found his books I have read 4 so far pole to pole Full Circle Hemingways Chair and ,Hemingway Adventure.Loved them all I have never been out of the USA would love to but it doesn't seem possible yet on can hope..But Michaels Books have painted such a beutiful picture for me of so many place that I feel that I now have memoys of them (THANK YOU Michael)!!!I am about to start my first Hemingway novel at the Age of 22 A Farewell To Arms because I feel insired to do so will let you know how it goes...
Thanks for readind my rambling,
Re: MORE introductions (for everyone) by little-peep on 28 January 2003 12:00am
Beth, I know what you mean about "weary" of chat boards (is that a real name, or did I make it up?). You get so many storys of nasty things that can happen if you're not careful, and *attracting* certain types of people. But, rest assured, NO ONE here is nasty. Infact, we're the opposite, NICE! Just watch for loony people.
(ps- on BBC2 they've been re-showing 80 days, pole to pole, and now full circle since Sahara was on BBC1. does anyone think it likely that Hem's adventure will be shown soon? I'ts the only one ive not seen)
Re: MORE introductions (for everyone) by Rusted on 28 January 2003 10:05am
*mary's eyes eyes open wide moments before she falls over*
Re: MORE introductions (for everyone) by Rusted on 28 January 2003 10:09am
*mary dusts herself off*

Ahem. Sorry about that, but...this is unreal.

Una, are you really truly from Wisconsin? Really truly??? That's just surreal.

I'm also in Wisconsin - in Oshkosh, actually! I know Python fans abound, but I didn't think I'd ever find another Palinite this close by! Very cool! Welcome! The lack of snow is surprising, isn't it?

Yes, Dianne, it's a quote of John's from the Fish License sketch! I love that bit!

~Mary (At 18, I am indeed a girl young enough to be Michael's grandchild!)

Re: MORE introductions (for everyone) by Quaylemonster on 3 February 2003 3:06am
1) My name is Tim and I come about the moniker "Quaylemonster" from an old Bill Hicks joke in which he envisions looking to his right at a rock concert and seeing Dan Quayle and says, "Hey, the Quaylemonster's here! There's no turning back! We might be out until 11 tonight!"
2) I'm a second-generation Python fan. My mom got me watching them at an early age, maybe 7 or 8. I'm an all-purpose Python fan, so I can't really play favorites, but I love Palin just as much as the rest.
3) I am 19 years old.
4) Nothing makes me happier than traveling. I simply can't stay put. It's a serious medical condition and I'm having it looked into.
5) My next trip is planned for Boulder, Colorado. A friend and I are heading out there for Spring Break.
6) I hail from Birmingham, Alabama, but I now live in Auburn of the same state. There's not much to do here, but today is February 2nd and it was 70 degrees today. 'Nuff said.
7) I haven't had the pleasure yet.
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