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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Michael in Melbourne by ellenpc on 1 February 2003 6:04am
Hiya Lyn, Mary, Michelle and Viv :-}}

Lyn, I'll happily lend you the wig after we've worn it to Wellington!! :-}}

Thanks for the snow Mary :-}}, though I think our Aussie neighbours need it more at the moment. You poor loves, 45oC is no joke!! :-{ Too Bl***y HOT!!!

Yes, three days to go! :-}} Even though Di, John and I will be there, I feel very much that you all will be beside us and I'll tell Michael what a fantastic bunch you all are. Mean it! :-}}

April's closer than ever! :-}}

Love you all :-}, in a platonic, Palinite, comrades and all that kind of way! :-}}}

Ellen x

Suburban Looney Ltd.

Power to the Processed Protein!

It's Normal with Hormel!
Re: Michael in Melbourne by Miss-M on 1 February 2003 6:56am
Hello everyone - I am so excited to announce that I got my pictures back today!!! My dad surprised me with them this morning - he'd gone to collect them without my knowing, how very sweet of him! I'll be scanning them shortly (or rather, asking my brother to help me scan them because I'm rather hopeless in certain areas of information technology!) Unfortunately I don't have a website on which to post them, but if anybody would like to see them, please drop me a line at mamie7@hotmail.com and I would be happy to forward them to you.

Michelle :)
Re: Michael in Melbourne by Rusted on 1 February 2003 9:11am
My, Viv, 2:30? That's later than me. ;O)

45oC?? My. What a weird concept right now! LOL!

Thanks for the kinds words, Ellen, but with the way my lack-of-ride-to-see-Michael situation is going, April may never come for me! But we must wait and see!

I see you're starting to use slogans now too...harrumph. ;O)

Michelle, that's great! Don't worry about not having a website, go to the Kelley's Palinites page and click on "Palinites Gallery". Then click on "Submit Your Photos"! You can be the first Palinite to get your "me and Michael" pics up there. :O)

~Mary (ACK! I never noticed these "additional pics" before! Too cute, Ellen and Helen!)

Re: Michael in Melbourne by pandk2 on 1 February 2003 12:03pm
Sorry for my ignorance but where is Kelley's Palinites page?
I have some photos from the Hemingway tour that I could pop on!!!
See ya...Karen
Re: Michael in Melbourne by pandk2 on 1 February 2003 12:03pm
Re: Michael in Melbourne by Miss-M on 4 February 2003 8:45am
Karen - would love to see your photos from Michael's Hemingway tour. You can post them on Kelley's Palinite page at:


Once you're on the site, click on "Palinite Gallery" and follow the instructions. Pretty simple really - Mary has already explained it to us ignorant folk a dozen times! *LOL*

Angela and I saw 'Life of Brian' at the Royal Botanic Gardens last weekend. It was a very pleasant evening, sprawled out on a picnic rug under the stars (although it was kind of eerie when hundreds of bats began to emerge from their trees and fly about overhead!) There was a good crowd, at least 400-500 people I'd say. Some of them got into the "spiwit" of the event by dressing up as Pontius Pilate, which I thought was just fabulous!

Michelle :)

P.S. Looking forward to hearing about Michael's SAHARA tour from the New Zealanders!!

Re: Michael in Melbourne by Rusted on 4 February 2003 9:29am
Hee hee, thanks Michelle. ;O)

Enjoyed your story, as well! Must've been quite the sight!

(Also anxiously awaiting the NZers' stories...)


Re: Michael in Melbourne by Lindill on 4 February 2003 11:14am
Hi folks,
So many messages. Great to hear that so many people share a passion for Palin, Python, travelling and communicating. Michelle, I don't think it was me you heard. I suspect I was behind you in the queue as I recall seeing someone behind the desk with Michael having their photo taken. I suspect their were several Poms there. Piglet2. Yes I know Sudbury. I actually lived In Colchester for a couple of years when I was commuting to London. My mother still lives in Ipswich so I get back there once a year on average. I heard about the snow. Not sure whether I prefer that or 45 degrees celcius. ellenpc. I always thought Wessex was a fictional place from Thomas Hardy novels, but maybe I'm mistaken. I see you are now in Middle Earth, but that could get us on to a whole new topic. rusted. So great to have someone say Accounting is cool. I recall the Python sketch where a guy goes for career councelling to be told the assessors have decribed him as dull, dull, desperatley dull, spineless,.... irrespressibly drap and awful (or words to that effect -I'm sure someone can quote it verbatim) He is recommended to become a Chartered Accountancy.When he admits to being a CA already he is told "of you go then".
Finally mention of the Life of Brian always reminds me of my favourite line "free woderick". I must get the DVD.

David :)
Re: Michael in Melbourne by Rusted on 5 February 2003 8:06am
I admit, David, I could quote that sketch verbatim, but I'd need to go get my "MPFC: The Complete Words Vol. 1" book. ;O) But I've seen it several times recently and I'd say you did quite well recapturing poor Michael's rant on how "dull" accountancy is. Hee hee.

Re: Michael in Melbourne by Diamond on 31 May 2003 8:30pm
This needs to be archived? say yes someone!!
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