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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Not so hot by Katie on 20 February 2003 8:49am
You know, it was frustrating, but it was kinda cool being one of the many guinea pigs testing out the chat format. For all of you complaining, I understand completely (it was a mere stroke of luck that I got in), but it was more or less a trial run. Give our dear Webbie a break and go with the flow. Who knew there would be so many Palinites fighting to get in? I, for one, will be glad to wait the 40 minutes again to get in to talk to Michael. Maybe next time he'll answer my question. ;) ;) Hope to talk to you all soon!!

My sentiments exactly by Piglet2 on 20 February 2003 12:41pm
If some people are naive enough to think that the next chat will be any better think again!

how could Michael possibly answer over 50 questions in 45 mins and talk and answer live questions, for those who did not see the change of format from the original test chat which was over a week ago

I thought it a total B---s up myself and could cheerfully have boxed the ears of the person who thought that it could work! have they never been to a book signing where the hour allocated for MP to sign - turns into two and half hour marathons and even then people are turned away as there was a cut off point! and that is just one book store in the UK

It was tearfully frustrating not to be able to get the home page to work and not know if this meant that I was the only one to miss out on talking to michael - did anyone individual manage to do that and if so what about those who got left out? Touch the lives of others where possible.

I know I was very irate about Michael being moved from the original chatterbox postings to a read only section - my thought was that a barrier had been put up and that he should never have been in the chatterbox in the first place as those who replied to his post in October had an unfair advantage on those who joined the web site later on - but now I know why Dianne said it would be a double edged sword if Michael were to participate in the chatterbox - for those whom he replies to 'elation' - for those who get left out (not deliberatley) deflation and utter disappointment.

Come on webmaster - get with the real world - we are talking a global audience here with people taking time off work and getting up at all hours of the night to talk - what did you expect - the spanish inquisition!!

I think an e-mail of apology - although I realise it was just sheer naivety (and lunacy) on your part that caused the disorganised chaos! - to all concerned from yourself and Michael would help heal the anger and frustration that now exists.

How can a live chat be called so when we are told to keep quiet - it was in reality a live answer session!
no one told us that in advance - we were told to ask questions live! some one has got the communication wrong and the better the communication the bettter the understanding - at the moment I dont understand why we were put through this at all!

I felt for Michael- waste of time for him as well as us- and all those who put themselves out to talk to him and didnt get there! that is not touching lives!

Bare with us webmaster please!!

Lyn ( who is not afraid to comment on a situation)
Re: My sentiments exactly by Miss-M on 20 February 2003 2:33pm
Hello Lyn, I can understand where you are coming from - believe me, everyone was frustrated at not being able to log in, having windows freeze, etc. - but I have no doubts that the live chat system can, and will, be improved on. Don't worry about it too much, OK? When you think about it, this is a damn good site and we should all feel very privileged to be a part of it! I mean, just the fact that Michael has made his travel books available to be read online just shows what a kind and selfless person he is. That way those who may not be able to afford or otherwise have access to them can also share in the Palin experience. Like you said, Michael has a global audience and I personally feel lucky to have a forum in which to communicate with like-minded people from all around the world! Take care...

Michelle :)
Re: Not so hot by Piglet2 on 20 February 2003 7:57pm
know what you mean but I think we have all been a bit naive and I was very disappointed in what went on but so be it know not to bother again!! wasnt criticising the site just that I felt so let down - doubt if MP got to see the apologies after all

oh well better plod on regardless!!
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