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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Toilets by canaveralgumby on 8 January 2006 3:30am
Don't forget that when MP describes the toilet facilities in any travel program, you drink a shot!
Re: Toilets by Spursfan on 8 January 2006 11:37am
I don't mind the 'elephants feet' ones (as they call them in Turkey) but preferably NOT WHEN WEARING TROUSERS!!!About 15 years ago we were on a 12 hour bus ride into central Turkey which had a comfort stop every hour, with tea included, and of course there were only elephants feet toilets to be had!! Unfortunately on one occasion I managed to pee down my trouser leg so had to walk down the bus with a wet patch down one leg!

They are a way of life to Turks of course, and even modern buildings are built with them in, if they are not aimed at tourists. Our friend has just had some apartment blocks built and when we looked round the partly built shells I noticed that the toilets were elephants feet.

They are more hygienic, of course, and as I said I have used them often - I even been sick in one (in friends' apartment in centreal Turkey)!!

I remember years ago at a Turkish airport I went to the loo (which had 2 normal and 1 elephants foot) and there was a huge queue. The elephants foot one was empty though, as the (English) women were ignoring it! I tutted and went to use the E.F. toilet!!

And if you use a western toilet in Turkley, you have to make sure you put the used paper in the bin provided, NOT down the loo, as the waste pipes are too small to take it. Obviously you sometimes forget, but we have to be careful in our new apartment as we are the ones who would have to pay the bill for plumbing! I am going to do some signs on the computer to stick up so that our friends know what to do. Apparently the bags of paper are regularly collected from outside your building.

Am I rambling on here? Sorry if I am!!!!

Re: Toilets by peripatetically on 8 January 2006 12:42pm
Ya don't want to use Tony's toilet, right Kaz???
Re: Toilets by George on 8 January 2006 9:02pm
What is does an "elephant's foot" toilet look like?

Speaking of toilet talk, I've always been under the impression a "lavatory" is a room containing only a toilet and and a sink, because that's what they call them on trains and airplanes.
Re: Toilets by George on 8 January 2006 9:13pm
Never mind. For anyone else trying to broaden their cultural horizons in this area : www.turkeytravelplanner.com/TravelDetails/Toilets.html

Of course, the grossest thing I've ever seen was on one of David Attenboroughs travels shows in Calcutta, I believe. There was this massive outdoor wooden thing where up to about 50 people could sit at once and crap into holes. On the other side, down below, were these "untouchables" using their hands and pieces of wood to scrape the "waste" into buckets. And, some people don't believe in hell.
Re: Toilets by Spursfan on 8 January 2006 10:08pm
George the turkey site is excellent! Lots of useful info there.

And a wonderful piccy of a typical elephants foot!!

Re: Toilets by Strewth on 8 January 2006 10:21pm
Now this is just sad.
I was expecting about two hits of people telling me how stupid I am, but lo and behold! Crap loads of hits, and you're all quite interested in toilets.
Toilets are VERY interesting, mind you, but Jeezy Chreezy! This is the second top post on Blathering On! There's much more important topics on this board, Tusconmike has one one the possible candidates for the upcoming election, you could be posting your opinion on the new poll on Everest, but instead your talking about peeing in your trousers, french camping sites with their shit holes and...TOILETS.

But y'know what? Good on you people! Toilets are more interesting and humorous than upcoming candidates.
Re: Toilets by George on 8 January 2006 10:35pm
I'm sorry! I'd write something about Bill Richardson, but I just know much about him.
Re: Toilets by perfectbitch on 8 January 2006 11:41pm
There was a simply dreadful toiet in Tunisa. We had to pay a nasty little man outside before we were allowed to climb up a hill and use a loo with no flush, just bottled water to get rid of the waste. Brown water came out of the tap and there was debris and insects all over the place. A rather middle class lady who dared to come with us exclaimed afterwards, "Damn, we should have trashed it." Linz
Re: Toilets by Strewth on 9 January 2006 2:14am
Mexican toilets are lovely, and the plumbling! I jest.
Their moto is "If it's Yellow, Let it Mellow, If it's Brown, FLUSH IT DOWN"
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